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Emma Vilume

Emma Vilume
Jedi Knight - Master Archivist

Homeworld: Naboo

Mentor(s): Xayr'ka Atreus, Caerith Lhot

Species: Human


Emma Arianne Inara Vilume was born in Theed, Naboo on 377.25. She was the third and youngest child in the Vilume family which had the tradition of giving multiple names to its family members. Her mother, Celia Diophine Vilume, was an academic researcher and leader of the Naboo Underwater Geological Survey, a survey into the long term geological effects of plasma harvesting. Her father, Jared Saccarias Vilume (born Jared Flosk), was also an academic researcher in the field of geology and was an elected scientific advisor to the government. Both of her parents had enjoyed success early in their academic careers, and were often informally cited as the Volumes due to their high academic output. Her six year older twin brothers, Silas Andreas and Boris Aurelius Vilume, were recognized from an early age to possess unusual cognitive abilities. They were enrolled at the age of two into Stone Minor Academy for Gifted Children in Theed as the youngest twins since the construction of the academy in 45 ABY. By the time they were five years old, they had graduated to Stone Major and were active participants in local politics.

Following her brothers, Emma Arianne was also enrolled into Stone Minor after her second birthday. Due to her older siblings’ early success, she received a lot of attention at the academy, where she excelled at climbing and music, but was also proficient in mathematics and arts. However, by the age of five, the attention had worn off as her display of abilities did not match those of the older twins. Her parents, in fear of the fact that she would not enjoy early success, began searching for an alternative career path for her. After failing to graduate to the music and arts academies, her parents were contacted by a Jedi master, who had observed Emma during a climbing lesson. The Jedi revealed to Celia and Jared that he believed that their daughter was force sensitive, and suggested that Emma should travel with him back to the Rannon Praxeum.

This was agreed to by Emma’s parents.