JEDI HoloNet

Elouise-Claire Flynn


Homeworld: Atzerri

Species: Human


Atzerri, home to many, and birth place of a new future Jedi, Elouise-Claire Flynn, taken as a girl by her uncle Odai to a separate sect of Atzerri, Elouise grew up living with her uncle, being home schooled and prepared for the life ahead of her having been saved from a fate of being abandoned and alone without her parents.

As a young girl during her home schooling, Elouise became quickly bored with the simplest of things, the schooling in particular took an amount of time to settle into but regardless, she found parts enjoyable and got on as she had to, if of course, the girl was to do good in life. As a hobby in her spare time, Elouise found Mechanics to great interest, sitting, lying in her room, she couldn’t help but take apart the holographic projection pictures of places she’d been or pictures with her uncle and re-assembling them, branching this skill outwards, she started to often come home with pieces after being outside for a brief amount, she came to build a small holo-communication device. Unaware Odai had been watching her strong amount of focus to such a strange level, she tweaked with the device and turned, spotting her uncle behind her with a smile on his face, she got up and showed him quietly, her red-gold hair pulled back away in a small ponytail, her green eyes peering at him with such… Confidence and triumph. He sighed and rubbed his eyes, Odai taking Elouise to the next room, he had her prepare bags and so forth before taking her to a shuttle, Elouise seemed dumbfound or unable to understand why her uncle was doing this but she followed him regardless, silently, she sat beside him in the cockpit, watching the darkness take over the view port as the shuttle raised out of the atmosphere, the stars stretching out before they’d jettisoned into hyperspace towards… Yavin