JEDI HoloNet

Elensa Jari

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Hapes

Species: Hapan


Born on Hapes itself, as the child of a noble family (a bloodline that has existed for centuries), though the youngest of three daughters, Elensa was never expected to become the head of our household or play anything but a minor part in Hapan politics. That particular lack of prominence was always useful to her, because an older child of such a family is groomed to engage on the battlefields fought in the Royal Court, always jockeying to place our House in a stronger position, close to the throne. A younger child is an irrelevance unless the eldest meets an untimely end, so more vistas were potentially open to her.

Her mother ruled the house, as is appropriate, her father of little interest in the scheme of things. His duty was done, and after that, well, what use was he? Elensa couldn’t be certain as to whether or not my mother had him killed, given that he died when she was four, but if she was responsible for that, who could blame her? Sufficed to say, he wasn’t around much during her childhood, so that was very much one where men were just a minor irritant to be ignored, at best.

Humans would think of fancy schools, private and secluded with sprawling grounds and strict discipline, designed to cater to the elite of society and to produce the best-educated young women in the Galaxy. Such ignorance. Elensa’s education occurred at home, under the auspices of various tutors designed to provide her with a path suitable to her talents. All of them very much a product of their world, in retrospect, considering society to be privileged, built upon rules and subject to the whim of the latest fashions. A carefully sculpted world full of pretension, polite smiles and knives in the back.

The Jedi came before Elensa reached adolescence. Though most of her people still hold a natural distrust of Jedi, they were permitted there nonetheless, to seek out those who might join their ranks. The one who came was good. Very good. He spoke no words of service to a greater good, no rhetoric about the rare gift that Force Sensitivity presented. No, this Jedi spoke of their members as the true elite, living gods among mundane mortals with the potential to do great things, to bring glory and honour to their house. It was sadly something of a vogue among Hapans, in much irony: every true noble house would aspire to have a member in the Order’s ranks, even if they had to drag forth a three-times-removed second cousin from the darkness of wherever they’d hidden them. Elensa’s mother, sensible woman as she was, wasn’t immune. And what better fate for a younger child?

With that in mind, Elensa was shipped off to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, put through a battery of tests to confirm the original ‘diagnosis’ of Force Sensitivity, and then promptly transferred to the Enclave on Yavin IV.