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Eeien Uth

Homeworld: Iridonia

Mentor(s): Mi’a-Kel Jun

Species: Zabrak

Padawan(s): Mik Loofa


Born on Iridonia to a middle class family, Eeien Uth enjoyed a pleasant infancy. He had one older brother, named Ern. Eeien was a well-behaved child, though always wanting to learn new things.

Shortly after Eeien turned four, his father received the option of moving to Bespin, which would also grant him a considerable pay raise. Since neither Eeien nor Ern had begun school yet, and due to Eeien’s mother’s job qualifications, they moved to Bespin. Ffale, Eeien’s father, was the new foreman of a large gas-harvesting plant, and Kit, Eeien’s mother, got a job working in a government office.

Only a short while later, the Uth family had settled in, and life had calmed down a bit. Ern was in Primary School and Eeien in preschool. However, on school holidays, Eeien and Ern would go to their father’s work and spend the day with him. On one such day, delegates from the Galactic Alliance had come to the plant to see how things were going, and to make sure the factory was producing on schedule, due to the steadily inflating prices of fuel. However, something went wrong. As later determined by authorities, a machine on one of the lower levels had overheated and exploded, causing a chain reaction that in minutes had destroyed one of the four wings of the plant. During this chain of events, Eeien was separated from his father and brother, and ended up being picked up by a man and taken out of the plant.

By the time Eeien had woken up, he was on a small transport blasting through hyperspace. He found his way to the cockpit and asked the pilot, the same man who had rescued him, who he was and what was going on.

“My name is Mi’a-Kel Jun, and we are going to Dantooine.”

“What? Where? I’m supposed to be on Bespin! Where’s my daddy?” Eeien cried out.

“Hush, hush, everything’s okay. Your family is gone now; I’m taking you to your new family.” Jun replied. The ride continued, with Eeien sobbing in silence, and Jun trying to come up with a way that he could explain his actions to the Jedi Council.

The next day, after they had gotten some rest, Eeien awoke to find himself in a place he’d never been before. He saw children walking down halls, some of them similar to friends he’d had on Bespin. They were all dressed oddly, though, in baggy, flowing clothes, nothing like what Eeien himself was wearing. “Ah, I see you’re awake,” said a voice. Eeien turned to see Jun standing there smiling. “Come, we have a meeting to go to. Not really sure of what to do, but knowing that all he had was Mi’a-kel, Eeien followed.

The two of them met before the Council on Dantooine, and after much discussion between Council members, Eeien was admitted into the Order as an Initiate. Eeien, of course, had no idea what this meant, but did feel like he was part of something.

For the next few cycles, Eeien attended classes where he learned about the Force, Jedi, and his place in the galaxy. He met many new people, and made a lot of friends. One, though, was closer than the others. Eeien had met him while playing a game of tag outside, when the group that was playing got into a dispute over who was “it.”

“Por-la is it!” one boy shouted.

“No, I’m not, Baroo is!” yelled another.

“Listen, I’ll be it. I’m fast enough to get all of you, anyways” said one boy, taller than the rest, with sandy blonde hair.

“Oh, alright Joey.” Said the boys, and their game resumed. Afterwards, Eeien walked up to the boy that had volunteered to talk to him.

“That sure was nice of you. To volunteer to be it, I mean.”

“Oh, that? *psh* It was nothing. I always volunteer, that’s the only way I get to be it. Nobody else is fast enough to catch me.” Replied the boy.

“Yeah, you’re pretty fast,” Eeien chuckled, “What’s your name? Mine’s Eeien, Eeien Uth.”

“My name’s Josef Timespanner, Joey for short.”

“Nice to meet you, Joey” said Eeien, but before he could talk more, the bell wrung and all the children went back into the Temple.

Years passed, and Eeien grew. It wasn’t long before he was placed under Knight Jun’s protection and care, and he learned a great deal from him. He became much better friends with Joey, always enjoying sparring with him, as the two were very competitive in that aspect. Joey and his mentor, Master Vodo Saris, would sometimes go on missions with Eeien and Jun, which brought them even closer.

The time eventually came, however, for Eeien to go on his first solo mission. Although he was only sixteen, he had shown great prowess and skill on previous missions, and the Council agreed unanimously that he was ready to venture out on his own. The Galactic Alliance had received complaints from a chief spaceport orbiting the gas giant Yavin. Apparently the port had been having problems with space raiders harassing and ambushing ships going to and from the station. It was Eeien’s job to find and solve the problem.

Upon approaching the space station, he was suddenly attacked by a small band of ships. Due to Eeien’s talent as a pilot, he was able to evade the ships long enough to shoot two of them down, and disable the third’s weapons. However, just as he was about to land at the spaceport, he was caught in a tractor beam. When he looked through his viewfinder, though, he couldn’t see a ship at all. It wasn’t until the docking bay of the ship opened up, that Eeien could see the ship. It apparently had a large cloaking device enabled, keeping it from common view.

As he was pulled up into the bay of the starship, he found it to be empty, save for one small protocol droid, outfitted with a small blaster pistol. “Disarm yourself and follow me.” Dictated the droid. Not wanting to ruin his chance of interacting with the pirates, he did as the droid said and handed over his lightsaber. He followed the droid down long, empty halls, eventually making it up to the bridge of the ship. What he saw there made him freeze. Sitting in the control chairs were uniformed droids, all whirring and shouting answers to the “Captain” yet, Eeien could see no obvious Captain on the bridge.

“Here’s the prisoner, Commander” said the protocol droid as it shoved Eeien to the middle ring of the bridge. The droid turned and trotted off, leaving Eeien standing there facing no one. The other droids seemed to ignore Eeien, so he took the opportunity to read through the holoscreen, in hopes of learning the purpose of the ship. The controls were an odd shape, built for a non-humanoid set of hands, but Eeien managed to stumble his way to the logs of the ship. He discovered that the ship was actually an old control ship put in orbit above Yavin when the planet’s gas exports and imports were put on lock down during the Hutt Uprising of 150 ABY. Eeien inserted his datapad into the information dock of the computer and began downloading the logs.

“Freeze, Jedi!” Eeien turned to see the protocol droid again, its blaster pointed at Eeien, and its other hand holding Eeien’s lightsaber at its side. Still hoping to learn more about the ship without destroying the crew, Eeien conceded defeat, put his hands up, and followed the droid to a holding cell in the back wall of the bridge room. The droid pressed a few keys on the holopad, turning on the laser field that acted a door, locking Eeien in. The droid promptly turned and walked off again, with Eeien left behind in the cell with nothing to do but think of an escape plan. He didn’t have to think long, though, as when he turned around, he saw the Captain of the ship. In the corner of the cell lay a skeleton dressed in a Huttese Commander’s uniform, gun clenched in bony hand pointing towards a hole in the cranium. He had apparently shot himself, Eeien assumed he had done so after the Hutts were defeated and all members of the Huttese Union were arrested and sentenced to either life in prison or death for treason. Trying to ignore what he was doing, Eeien searched the clothes of the skeleton and found a key card. Pausing for a moment to think, Eeien focused and used the Force to flat the card through an opening in the energy beams, and inserted the card into the holopad, shutting off the gate.

Knowing what was going on now, Eeien sought a non-destructive way to fix the situation. He decided to hijack the droids’ control system and write new coding into their programming to have them fly the ship to Coruscant, for the Galactic Alliance’s use. Upon arriving on Coruscant a couple of days later, he was greeted by the Chief of State herself, Cynd Novi. Eeien went into questioning with the GAID (Galactic Alliance Intelligence Department), telling them what he knew about the ship and its purpose. After he had done this, he traveled back to Dantooine to the Jedi Temple.

When he arrived, however, he learned of Joey’s death. As he took the news very hard, Eeien stayed in his living quarters for a time, contemplating things and his purpose in life and the Force. As fate would have it, though, about one cycle into this reclusive period, Eeien was contacted by a representative of the Galactic Alliance and given a proposal to work for the GAID. Taking this as a sign from the Force, Eeien announced his resignation from the Jedi Order and left for training camp.

Eeien’s adventures during this time are unknown due to the confidential manner of his occupation, and will most likely remain so for the next fifty years. However, it is known that something happened that caused Eeien to again re-contemplate his life and return to the Jedi Order. When Eeien had joined up with the GAID, he was a seventeen year-old boy, full of youth and energy, and optimistic for the most part. When he left, however, that youthful exuberance had been drained from him, and he was now a twenty-seven year-old man full of grave stories of his travels. He was, however, now extremely loyal to the government he had been serving, something the Jedi Council worried about when re-admitting him into the Jedi Order as a self-training Padawan Learner.

Only about a year after joining the Order again, Eeien was granted the title of Jedi Knight, partly due to his heroics performed during that year, but mainly because of his extensive training and learning he had done on his own. He was recognized as one of the most skilled Jedi Knights the Dantooine Temple had seen in decades. Eeien didn’t take on a Padawan Learner initially, nor did he teach classes, as he had a rather harsh view towards children, and could not get along with them very well. He continued going on reconnaissance missions for the Order, as well as serving as one of the chief diplomats between the Jedi Order and the Galactic Alliance. He went on many missions over the next several years, but finally decided to take on a Padawan Learner when he turned thirty-one.

Mik Loofa was a young rodian that had been initiated a few years earlier, whose parents had a similar background to Eeien’s. Although Eeien had heard of Mik’s parents, as they were also special agents for the Galactic Alliance, they had never directly worked together. They had both died during one mission, however, with several others. Due to the similarities between Mik and Eeien, the Council had asked Eeien to train the boy, and Eeien had finally agreed.

The two of them trained quite profusely, with Mik picking up everything Eeien showed him very quickly, and with Eeien learning to cope with the young child’s silly antics and constant pestering. They grew into great friends, both of them adopting traits of each other, and to some extent, mirroring each other.

The day came for Mik’s first off-world mission. They were to go to Jabiim under cover and report on a crime ring’s operations there. However, Mik came down with a bad case of Balmorra Flu the day before, forcing Eeien to go by himself. Everything went well at first; Eeien infiltrated the base and reported many things on the dealings of the Grip, as it was called. But, trouble loomed on the horizon.

Tin’us Dan, a local detective, supposedly working strictly for the Jabiim Police Force, was also spying on the Fist. When he discovered Eeien inside with the Grip, he arrested Eeien and had him put in jail to wait for a death sentence, under charges of spying and treason against the Galactic Alliance. Eeien waited there for a few days, but help soon arrived.

Two Jedi from the Academy on Yavin IV arrived, backed by a small group of Galactic Alliance soldiers. They attempted to move in and rescue Eeien as well as capture the leader of the Fist, Lia Frit’na. Led by Jedi Knight Soh Raun and his Padawan Learner, Utho Astrocan, the Galactic Alliance soldiers moved in and covered Raun and Astrocan’s tracks as they successfully retrieved Eeien from his holding pad. When they attempted to exit the detention room, however, they were ambushed by a large group of Jabiim Guards. Eeien tried to fend off as many as he could, but was continually shot at, and due to his weak condition from being jailed up, he perished in the crossfire.

Eeien’s body was taken aboard the transport by one of the GA Soldiers, and taken to the Dantooine Academy, where a funeral pyre was built for him. Eeien Uth passed on to be one with the Force, leaving behind a legacy there at the Dantooine Academy as well as with the Galactic Alliance for being one of the best secret agents they had ever had. He is greatly missed by his family in the Jedi Order, and will not be forgotten.

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