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Eden Zuriel

Eden Zuriel
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Dantooine

Mentor(s): Ber-til Keztor

Species: Human


Eden Zuriel was born and raised on Dantooine. For the better part of his childhood, he lived a normal, healthy and quiet life with his mother and father. His father was a farmer, working the local homestead and providing rich and luxurious wheat whilst attempting to keep the local Kath hounds at bay. His mother, on the other hand, was once an avid explorer and adventurer and had become something of a local hero, from the tales she used to tell amongst the common folk of Dantooine. Eden was often told of his mother’s adventures and he would reenact her stories out towards the golden fields, taking arms with a fake blaster, or playing make-believe with a hydro spanner or any tool that he could commandeer from his father without his knowledge. The boy grew up, full of spirit and never did he have any qualms with any of the neighbors, aside from the one time he tricked one of the local farm boys into parting with his favorite toy. Eden, for the most part, lacked discipline. Perhaps it was the chilled nature of his father or the rebellious streak of his mother that created this side of him.

Such a time would come when Eden and his family’s homestead was attacked by raiders of unknown origins. It was likely that they had sought out his mother as an act of revenge and even to this day, Eden remains unaware of why they took her. The father stood up against the first wave of attackers, failing and falling, he drew his last breath. Eden’s mother cried out for Eden to run and hide, taking arms and unfortunately falling victim and captive to the second wave of raiders. Eden, having often played out in the fields knew exactly the best place to hide, but was forced to watch as his mother was escorted onto a ship, never to be seen again. Eden later returned to his homestead, alone and confused. It was at this moment that two Jedi Knights arrived as they were sent to investigate the commotion and spotted the boy. It was decided that Eden would be taken to safety and perhaps given a new home.