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Dymon Quintus

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Corellia

Mentor(s): Spera Elusido

Species: Human


Born on the industrious planet of Corellia, full of very wealthy families; however wherever the rich are the poor follow.

Such as the Quintus family, who have been scavenging around the borders of Cities trying to find whatever worthless items they could.

It was the family dream to some day move off Corellia and start a fresh life wherever they could. Several years later, 7 year old Dymon and his parents got together their last resources and counted the small number of credits they had. Luckily it was just enough to move to Naboo. Having no idea what they would do now , they boarded the shuttle with the little luggage they had.

The shuttle took them to a remote village surrounded by forest and swamp. Seeing no opportunity in this poor village the Quintus family took a big risk to cross the uncharted marshes which would hopefully lead them to Theed. After many weeks of travelling on foot through the damp marshes they finally came to an end of it all and saw the peaceful City on the horizon. Overwhelmed with joy the small family continued walking until they came to the borders of Theed.
Knowing full well that they couldn’t afford the smallest bit of property in the City, they settled down outside the borders.

Dymon’s father still had no clear idea as to how they would make money. So they spent a few months surviving off what they could find, just like on Corellia.

Dymon’s father went to the centre of Theed, determined to find whatever work he could.

Shocked, he slowly walked to a man he recognised.
“Delgado..?” Dymon’s father said hesitantly.

The man turned round laughing.
“Well, well if it isn’t Juan”

The two of them conversed through most of the day, it appeared that Delgado, Dymon’s fathers old friend had no money either. Delgado and Juan decided to set-up a small business, selling land vehicles at a high price.

Two years later and to everyone’s surprise the Quintus family and Delgado were overwhelmed with credits. Wasting no time the family invested in a huge building at the centre of Theed. Dymon, at this time 9 years old, almost 10, never received a proper education so his father, Juan bought a large number of Tutors for Dymon to learn from. Dymon was extremely interested in Nature and the way of life.

6 years had passed and everything seemed perfect, Dymon was eager to take a job researching evolution and how life progresses. Everything was not to be perfect after all, Dymon and his parents were shattered at the news of XenoFungus attacking the outskirts of Theed. Due to the low amount of soldiers in Theeds military, conscription was ordered. Everyone from the ages of 15 to 35 had to join the Theed force or expect 10 years of imprisonment.
Dymon, like most others was forced to join; however because of his family fortune he was brought into the Officer Corps. This made little difference to him.

After months of what seemed like intense training Dymon passed the program and was Lieutenant with around 20 men under his command. Wasting no time at all he and his unit were sent to the frontline, little was known about XenoFungus except that their main attack was to paralyse their prey.
After a long battle that lasted for over 2 days the flanks of the front line collapsed and the only option was to retreat in the opposite direction, and that was the famous Naboo mountains.

Months passed and without any sign of a rescue operation the soldiers under his command became impatient and demanded that they head back to Theed. Dymon refused, saying that they should stay there as it’s high ground.
But they abandoned him on the cold mountains. This was when Dymon Quintus first had his connection with the force, thinking that he was turning insane. He desperately tried to get as far away from the mountains as possible. Running for his life through the uncharted marshes. Weeks later and he arrived at the poor and remote village.

Wanting to get off Naboo he hid in the cargo of one of the Shuttles, he was very pleased to be off Naboo but had little idea that the Shuttle was headed for Yavin 4.

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