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Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Orax

Mentor(s): Bo Iiln

Species: Shard


Master Dragite was head of the Iron Knights on Orax and a Jedi Master in his own regard. He also served as Orax’s lone Watchman, serving as both a protector to the colonies of his people and a source of new Iron Knights in the Jedi Order every few centuries. So it came to pass that when the Shard to be known as Durindfire had completed it’s final cycle of growth atop Dragite’s own Sister-Shard within his former colony and was as sensitive to the presence of the force as Dragite himself was, it was agreed upon with all parties involved to use send the would-be Knight to Yavin.

The process to disconnect a Shard from the group-mind of a colony was a gentle one refined over centuries of trial and error and the procedure went as well as could be expected. The young Shard was disgorged and carried by hand to the nearest spaceport on Orax; a three hundred and seventy five mile walk made effortlessly by the mechanical Knights several times a year.
There the youngling was fitted with it’s first host-body and taught daily in different aspects by the regiment of Knights who lived on the spaceport’s grounds, which also doubled as a small learning facility for fellow Shard entering the galaxy at large. The youngling was only taught basic knowledge; information that would be vital to his and possibly others’ survival: menial mechanical repair teachings given to all Shard. The real training was left to the Yavin Praxeum’s supply of trainers and their methodology. When the six cycles needed to supply all the necessary information on the galaxy-at-large and some of it’s occupants, Dragite personally relayed a message to Yavin and began arranging transport. It was during this time that the youngling Shard was by tradition granted a name of his own: He had of course possessed one during his time in the group-mind, however it was largely impossible to pronounce. As Dragite possessed a lightsaber crystal of his own namesake, another member of the Iron Knight guardians was tasked with presenting the lad with his name: Firkrann, possessing a lightsaber of pure silver. At it’s core was a rare tattooinian pearl Firkrann’s master Aqinos had procured for him long ago. The Knight quickly dismantled his saber and presented the crystal to the youngling and pronounced him Durindfire, returning the crystal to it’s proper place in Firkrann’s hilt.

A full cycle later the Praxeum sent word that they would send transport to Orax to evaluate him, though they had not evaluated nor trained a Shard in over five decades.