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Dorian Reyn

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Duncan Therin

Species: Omwati


Dorian Reyn was born as a first child, in 355.05 ABY, to an aristocratic family on Coruscant. Due to the twenty year long Imperium war, which ended about five years before Dorian’s birth, his parents were not exactly in the years of their prime youth when they had him. His father was a well-known senator in the Republic senate and his mother a famous actress in the theater, on Coruscant. Wealth was never the problem for the Reyn family, Dorian had everything he could have ever wanted, but what he wanted was not material.

From a young age Dorian was haunted with an idea that his father was ashamed of him, even though his mother kept telling him how he still loves him. Maybe he wanted a girl instead of a boy, but that was not the case with Dorian. When he was born, he was naturally run through all sorts of examinations, which lead to a revelation that Dorian Reyn is a Force sensitive. His father was furious, but his mother was not. It lead to a fight between the two, since his mother was very happy to learn of her son’s Force sensitivity, or as she saw it uniqueness. She even decided that when the boy comes of age, he will be sent to the Jedi Temple to learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi Knight. After that the two adults rarely spoke.

He never made peace with those terms, set by his mother. He did not understand why he had to leave his home, he did not understand why he could not stay in school with other kids of his age. At the end he had finally decided, that it was not his father who was ashamed of him, but his mother. Why else would she send her only son off to some planet, where he will learn magic tricks with some old monks. That was at least how Dorian saw it, a boy of eight.