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Homeworld: Toola

Mentor(s): Dennin Mial

Species: Whiphid


Born in 249.02 ABY on their planet of Toola, the young Whippid Don’roq displayed an early potency in the Force and quickly rose through the ranks of the Jedi Order while the temple at Coruscant was still in use. There, Don’roq was taken under the tutelage of Master Dennin Mial, where he excelled in both study and duty.

It was Master Don’roq’s service in the Attrition Wars that defined him as a man, where he showed outstanding bravery as a frontline hospital doctor. Master Don’roq was among the few Jedi whose hospital tended to both side’s injured, for they were all sons and daughters of the Force in his eyes.

Master Don’roq trained over twenty-two padawans during his time in the Order, himself knighted in 276 ABY. Each one owes their wisdom and sense of duty to his guidance. During the Great Plague, Master Don’roq took up the role as local councillor in the temple of Ossus. It is there that he would spend the rest of his life. He led the Praxeum’s defence during an assault by the Sith Imperium, later doing much to aid the order’s recovery following the decimation of the Great Plague and Imperium Wars.

In 361 ABY, the Jedi Order chose Master Don’roq to lead them. It was there that he was faced with the most serious challenge of his lifetime: the rebuilding of the Jedi Order. Over the next 37 years, Grandmaster Don’roq gave himself tirelessly to his duty. The threat of ‘the Void’, an anomaly in the Force whose agents had begun kidnapping would-be Jedi children, showed the two defining qualities of the Grandmaster: bravery and compassion. The Jedi had struggled with much sacrifice to combat the threat of the Void, finally rescuing all but two of the stolen children.

In 397 ABY, Grandmaster Don’roq led a strike team of the Jedi’s finest into the heart of the Void, killing its master and freeing the galaxy from its plague. But it was from this battle that he was injured grievously. For some time the Grandmaster’s body fought bravely, but a fever would take him in the night. He became one with the Force surrounded by friends and those who loved him, not only for the man that he was, but the compassion he had shown the Order.

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