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Diyana Ampho

Homeworld: Pantora

Species: Pantoran


Born on 296.21 on the far-flung moon of Pantora, Diyana Ampho was identified as a Force Sensitive a few days after her birth through the standardized tests. Within the cycle, she was passed onto the Acquisition Division and taken to Coruscant. There, she was raised within the Jedi Temple, knowing nothing of the life she had been taken from beyond the words of the holorecords.

Passing smoothly through the ranks of the Order, Diyana was Knighted on 332.04 and was offered the choice to stay in her home at the Coruscant temple or to transfer to one of the smaller enclaves in the Galaxy. Tired of the bustling humdrum, she transferred to the Ilum temple and sanctuary and adopted the quiet routine of meditation and scholarship with a newfound enthusiasm.

With the news of Courscant’s decline reaching Ilum and as the Order balances on the brink, Diyana is forcibly transferred to the isolated Yavin IV branch on the other side of the Galaxy.