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Dixo Xan

Dixo Xan
Jedi Master

Homeworld: Sembla

Mentor(s): Erue

Species: Vurk

Padawan(s): Kyros Smia, Alduar Ouli, Alanya Sgall, Kavar Starkiller, Zekii Abrak, Yulia Cera


Having been raised in the typical tribal and nomadic ways of the Vurk, Dixo had an unusual place amongst Jedi. Because of his background, Dixo had incredible physical and mental strength. In fact, the only weakness of this powerful Jedi appeared to be his rash aggressiveness and his quick judgment of people. But do not be fooled, Dixo’s connection with the Force was strong and no doubt allowed him to excel to incredible heights in the Jedi Order.

The words written by Jedi Master Erue almost a hundred years ago still holds true. Having reached a considerable age for a Jedi, Dixo’s main weakness is still his rash judgement and lack of patience with those around him. A Jedi master of great age Dixo has trained along some of the greatest Jedi of his time. Whereas younger generations seem to view the force as a science to be dissected and charted, Dixo remains orthodox, prefering to serve the will of the force rather than breaking it down in particles and molecules. Having studied under one of the greatest swordsmen in the history of the Order, Dixo is an excellent duelist. A master of Makashi very few could hold their own against Dixo in his prime.


Dixo Xan’s childhood was pretty much the same as most Vurks on Sembla. His father, a farmer, was a common man and his family was the same. Dixo admired his father and his older brother as any young Vurk would do.

Dixo’s discovery of his connection to the Force came about when he and his older brother were playing in the fields. Dixo’s brother began to tease him and call him a sissy, which was fairly typical “older brother” taunting. Of course Dixo became angry and as he did, he picked up a stone and threw it at his brother. The stone powerfully hit Dixo’s brother in the belly and most likely did not feel very nice. Feeling the pain, Dixo’s brother became angry and decided to act in kind. He picked up the same stone and threw it back at Dixo. At about an inch away from Dixo’s face, the stone was stopped and dropped heavily to the ground. Apparently this young Vurk was able to stop the stone.

Continuously Dixo performed these ‘magical’ things and soon he became a concern for the other Vurks in his tribe. Fear and aggression overwhelmed many of the Vurks so much that they decided to to take him to the Capitol of Sembla to be tested. They needed to know if he was sick or possessed as they feared for other youngsters. Dixo’s father took Dixo to the hospital in the Capitol, but could not stay with him as he needed to get back to his farming and taking care of Dixo’s older brother. Dixo was frightened of course at being alone, but something inside him told him that he was going to be alright.

Dixo’s dormitory where he stayed during his ‘tests’ was simple, yet comfortable. Dixo was the only one there, so he had much time to think and be by himself. One evening a strange youngster came and sat on the bed next to Dixo’s. “hello” said the strange boy. “My name is Shimi Zaki. I am a padawan learner at the Jedi academy on Coruscant.” Dixo was quite confused as he had never heard of Coruscant, nor anything about a Jedi Academy. The following morning, Dixo awoke to find the dormitory as empty as it was the day before. However, he glanced towards the doorway and saw a strange man standing next to Shimi, with his back turned to him. The man was older, maybe 35-40. He had a relaxed face with an elegant beard that looked quite good on him. His clothes were similar to Shimi’s, however he wore a dark brown robe. He definitely looked important, thought Dixo.

As the man talked to Shimi, Dixo could barely hear the whispering voices. He did, however, hear things like “force sensitive” and “strong with the force.” When Dixo heard the man say “should be tested” he became a bit nervous. However, there was something comforting and exciting about Shimi and Dixo could sense the same feelings about this strange man.

After a few moments, the man turned around and approached Dixo. “Greetings young one, I am Jedi Master Erue. I have come from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to meet you.” Dixo was very nervous, but listened to the mans questions. He asked about many things as who were his forefathers and why Dixo thought he was in this hospital. Master Erue then asked if Dixo had experienced visions or had done things that he could not explain. Dixo answered these questions honestly and was feeling good at being in the spotlight.

While Dixo was answering some more questions, Dixo’s father entered the room. Master Erue immediately walked up to him and introduced himself. He asked if he could speak with him. Dixo’s father left the room with Master Erue and was gone for quite some time.

Later, Master Erue returned to the room and told Dixo that he was what was called “force sensitive” and that his powers were nothing to be feared but rather something that should be developed. Master Erue explained in basic terms, the Force and it’s importance to the universe. At that point, Master Erue, asked Dixo to travel with him back to Coruscant to be tested by the Jedi High Council. He explained that it was a first step to begin an education about these powers that Dixo displayed.

The very next day, Dixo packed his things and said good bye to his friends and family. He was very nervous but excited as well at the thought of meeting this Council. He arrived at the spaceport and saw Shimi and Master Erue waiting for him. Dixo said good bye to his father once more and they all boarded the ship. While looking down on his old home as the ship exited the atmosphere Dixo became sad. He knew he had some great adventures ahead of him, which comforted him. As he talked more to Shimi, he soon became very excited about seeing this place, Coruscant, and about learning more about the Force in the place that would be Dixo’s home for the next 20 years.

Data is lacking but Dixo is believed to have been Knighted around the age of 20. Attending were Jedi Masters such as Vos Desu, Axem Keigoku and Dixo’s own master, Jedi master Erue

Dixo Xan’s career as a Jedi Knight is long and eventful, altough there is little recorded data of his life and living. What is known is that he trained two apprentices of his own, the Kel-Dor Kyros Smia and the Mon Calamari Alduar, both passing their trials to Knighthood. At some point Dixo was given the title of Jedi Master, and with that a seat on the Jedi Council.

Tracing Dixo’s movements after he left the Jedi Order is impossible. Old Holonet clips and various sources indicates that Dixo went under the alias Nihl, on more than one occasion. The character Nihl is easier to trace, as the name appears in several holo-casts and is tied to many financial transactions. Curiously, the name Nihl has surfaced on atleast one occasion featuring the destruction of a spice syndicate, in a most grotesque manner. Further details are lacking.

Dixo’s career in the reformed Jedi Order has been largely uneventful. Dixo’s name is on a few reports concerning minor incidents, but data suggests Dixo has spent most of his time at the Jedi Temple after his return. Worth noticing is that Dixo took part in Alanya Sgall’s training, taking her as his Padawan learner untill his abrupt depature from the Academy.

Years would pass with no sign of the Vurk Jedi Master, but eventually he did resurface and again was acknowledged an official Jedi Master in the Order. He would spend his time on various projects, and at one point took another Padawan, young Kavar Starkiller. However, the time came when Master Xan decided he should move on, and he announced his resignation from the Order. His current whereabouts and activities are unknown.

The old Jedi master returned as he had many times before. This time a little less towering, more withered and old, but still the same at the core. As time went on the young Mon Calamari Zekii Abrak was apprenticed to master Xan, and soon after the Togruta Yulia Cera joined the two as master Xan’s second apprentice. Years passed and the Vurk Jedi’s advanced age become more and more obvious, at some point master Xan started sporting a walking stick to support him on rainy days. In the late evening it’s not uncommon for dwellers to hear the soft tap of his staff in the distance as master Xan wanders, lost to his own thoughts.

War is inevitable and constant. With Mandalorian forces attacking the Yavin IV Praxeum, Master Xan and the rest of the Jedi escaped the planet to become fugitives, unwanted by the Galactic Alliance. In this conflict the Vurk Jedi remained neutral. Even after the Jedi was accepted back into the GA as an act of desperation on the GA’s side, master Xan and his apprentices refrained from joining the battle. Instead, the pair – Being reduced to just that after the departure of Zekii Abrak – focused on a less obvious conflict. As war wages on between Coalition forces and the joint Mandalorian/Ascendancy effort Dixo and Yulia keeps fighting a silent battle against Adar, a young Teras Kasi bent on destroying the followers of Palawa, the very order that raised him.