JEDI HoloNet

Dexen Cass

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Pantora

Species: Pantoran

Padawan(s): Bluma


An accomplished diplomat, Dexen Cass is reputed to embody the ideals of the Jedi Order in always seeking a non-violent solution to a difficult conflict. And he’s usually successful. Dexen Cass was officially recognized not only by the Jedi Order, but by the Galaxy at large, for his prowess at representing the Order’s ideals after his participation in a negotiation summit on Svivren that was organized for the purpose of bringing peace to the Outer Rim during conflict with mysterious Galactic invaders.


Dexen was born on Pantora in 379 ABY – He spent most of his life living inside of the jedi temple on Ossus. Arriving when he was only six years old.

Dexen thought of Ossus as a family. He had a tight knit group of friends, Particularly two he spent most of his days with – One, an ithorian Jhiv Ozaflid, and a Sullustan, Vul Webbs. Dexen, Vul, and Jhiv were known for making light of the worst situations, always pulling practical jokes or finding a way to make others laugh. They’d spend a lot of their time in the cantina, cracking jokes, drinking ruby bliels, and occasionally playing Sabacc with their own homemade sets of cards. Dexen won most of their games of Sabacc – Seeming to have a somewhat natural affinity for the game of chance.

He would always watch closely to the games of holochess being played in the cantina from young age challengers would come and go, and he would observe quietly. From padawans to knights to masters. Dexen grew to have a love of games – his friends telling him stories of how legendary smugglers would play games for massive rewards – this somewhat intrigued Dexen as he began to learn more about most of these games, but his favorite ended up being the rather ancient card game of Sabacc. Dexen would attempt to play others aside from his friends, always bringing a collection of his own homebuilt cards for his opponents to choose from.

The first game he had played outside of his friends was with a Korunnai Jedi Master named Master Gridlu. Dexen Smirked, laying his cards on the table. “Pure Sabacc,” Dexen said with a smug smirk as he evaluated the Master’s expression, as he too laid his cards out. “I Believe this is what you’d call an Idiot’s Array?” Dexen was absolutely floored. In shock, even. “How did you do that? I’ve never seen an idiot’s array in my life!” Dexen exclaimed. – Master Gridlu simply smiled and excused himself from the table – But not before asking Dexen to join him the next day in the training rooms.

The following day Dexen would get dressed, affix his lightsaber hilt to his waist and make his way to the training rooms to meet with Master Gridlu – The two became very close over the next few years, Master Gridlu was responsible for teaching him most of the things he had learned – while humoring his snarky attitude and love of games. Most of their training sessions would typically end with a game Of Dejarik – or Sabacc. And just when Dexen felt that he had Master Gridlu cornered.. He beat all odds and pulled off a miraculous win in some way or another. Master Gridlu once again smirked and simply stated that Dexen’s strategy of protecting his pawns with N’gok was far too obvious, Dexen grinned and conceded the game. Dexen would take something new out of each game from then on – very rarely even being able to defeat Master Gridlu in one of their usual post-training games.

Months passed and Dexen would look forward to each training session he had with Master Gridlu – occasionally bringing his group of friends with him to train with – Master Gridlu however had something important to discuss with Dexen that day, and pulled him aside in order to talk to him. Master Gridlu informed Dexen of his new direction – he was to be transferred to the Rannon Praxeum by order of the Jedi Council of Ossus. Feeling that it would be the correct decision for him moving forward. Dexen was visibly upset by this – and took it the best that he could. But not before Master Gridlu offered him a set of Sabacc cards that he had printed for the Young Pantoran.

He accepted the cards, it softened the blow just enough for him to be able to say goodbye to his friends and pack his things – he left the next morning. Boarding the shuttle for the Rannon Flotilla, as Master Gridlu and his group of friends saw him off.