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Dev Kai

Dev Kai
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Thyferra

Mentor(s): Via Ru Pon*

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Keth Flynn


His father was a consultant and executive partner of a bacta sales firm. His cruiser was attacked by pirates for their stock there were no survivors. Young Dev, sensed his parents death through the force and revealed this to caretaker who didn’t believe it until sadly it was too late which was how his connection became open and equally, was how the Jedi, Via Ru Pon, found him.

Master, Via Ru Pon sensed Dev through the force and upon meeting him in person performed a standard blood test and physical scan where his midichlorian count was discovered. The Jedi Order convinced his guardian to allow him to be trained as a Jedi.

He began his training at the Dantooine enclave under the teaching of the masters there and specifically his master, Via Ru Pon a consular and the mystic strong in the ways of the force. After Passing his initiation trials and earning the position of Padawan he was recruited by Master Pon who intended to train him as a mystic and consular.

Little known to her that the Force had other plans for Dev, as it acted through him in a way that was more physical equally giving him ease in training over things like telekinesis, enhanced strength or toughness and relentless reflex.

As a Padawan, Dev was as you would expect from most young people. Made the common mistakes of pride and impatience from time to time but nothing that wasn’t eventually corrected by the wisdom and guidance of Master Pon. His training with the advanced Jedi arts was slow and labored like most junior to senior padawan, but, it had become quickly obvious that Dev strengths lied in battle. His training with a light saber quickly advanced and over time Telekinesis came naturally to him with little effort.

Dev, had a passion inside him for the investigations based training they would hold, with inflitration tactics and stealth excercises. Mental training of observation body language is something that came easily as well. As he grew into his mid teens, he slowly became somewhat of a recluse even in the enclave, as he trained as a man obsessed. For hours on end he would run through the simulated challenges and programs shaving seconds off his final time each round. Eventually his ability in combat couldn’t be debated by any one, as he took a more active role with his mentor helping with trade and land disputes on Dantooine and assisting Via and the council. It was through this that Dev found an understanding in Diplomacy and relations with the outside world.

Eventually, the little boy who lost his parents became a strong, young Jedi with the Force as his ally, his missions and actions on behalf of the Jedi council earned him his place in the Order fully as he was Knighted under Master Pon and the council of Dantooine.

Shortly after this Via, became ill. Though the order tried to find a way to prolong her life it was simply her time and she died of health complications. On her death bed, she professed to her last apprentice that the time for hidden consideration of the galaxy had passed, that he was to travel out without the help of the Jedi order and find out what the galaxy was about.

To learn languages and to gain an appreciation of life that is harder to find suck living in the enclave. With one last gentle hug Via Ru Pon was dead, though her teachings and lessons not forgoten. Fair play, the difference between peace and calm, Justice not Vengenance, true kindness, how to plot your movements and more importantly, how to draw heavily and properly off the force for maximum result.

After the death of, Via Ru Pon, Dev set out from the academy on Dantooine to travel the worlds upon advisement of his old master in an effort to learn the customs and traditions beyond his understanding. Her instructions were that once well travelled to return to the service of the Jedi Order and complete his training.

Dev, travelled the world of the galaxy for the next Seven years eventually bringing him to the outer rim again. When trying to secure transport in the outer rim his ship sustained damage and the cruiser was forced to Land and repair on the Alzoc 3 system. Knowing about the academy there and sensing them in the Force, Dev Kai, set out to discover the temple and it’s inhabitants to once again serve the Jedi order as a guardian of peace.