JEDI HoloNet

Declan Norris


Homeworld: Chandrila

Species: Human


Declan Norris was born into a farming family on the rural planet of Chandrila. He was raised in a small, unnamed town. His family made ends meet by selling produce from animals and plants. Home was always a nice place for Declan to return to.

Declan was a boy of many hobbies; he was especially fond of table games such as dejarik and the more leisurely pazaak, and his more athletic pastimes often included running.

Declan was easygoing and fun-loving by nature; very confident and sure of his own abilities. Declan was a stubborn boy, to an unusual extent. He had an arrogance at his core, stemming from his own perceived competence.

The local community was tightly knit. Declan began to be scorned by the people he thought were his friends. The shift was sudden to him and he did not understand why it had happened. He became lonely and thought perhaps he could have remedied the situation, but he never was much of a talker. He was generally cagey and would not even open up to his family, opting to keep to himself.

Declan exhibited a possible connection to the Force as a child, displaying minor feats such as slightly enhanced physical capabilities in dire situations, and unusually complex instances of problem-solving and intellect for an individual of his age.

Fittingly, his Force-sensitivity manifested itself for the first time in a board game, when he managed to beat his father in Dejarik with no prior practice. Eventually, he caught the eyes of his family members, and then those of the Watchmen of the Jedi Praxeum on Rannon.

He would enter the Jedi Praxeum of the foreign world of Rannon with shaky confidence, unresolved anxieties, shame, homesickness, a nasty temper, a nightmarish mouth and a gargantuan need to prove himself to others as well as himself.