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Deija Quor

Deija Quor
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Zeltros

Mentor(s): Aslyn Denethorn

Species: Zeltron


Hello! My name is Deija Quor. I’m six years old, have dark purple hair with the eyes to match, ten fingers and toes, and really big eyes. I’m also, “destructively clumsy and annoyingly gullible.” That’s what my sister says, anyway. She used to say how my eyes never would fit my face, too. She was always so mean to me! Even meaner still, she loved it when I would lose a baby tooth so she can make fun of the empty space in my smile. I even have one right now! She’s just jealous she wasn’t blessed with my adorable dimples.

Anyway, I really don’t understand why she is mean about that stuff, because all the workers at the casino don’t seem to mind one bit. See, my Mama and Papa own the biggest casino chain on the planet Zeltros. Weird thing is…they’ve never really acted like they want me around much. I mean, they do all kinds of stuff with my big sis. Since she’s so much older than me, they even hired a special tutor to teach her all about business and politics and stuff. I know: boring, right? It made me sad sometimes that I wasn’t allowed to spend time with Mama and Papa like she was, but I never stayed sad for long. I’d spend hours running around the place, ducking in and out of the stools and tables playing hide-and-seek with my friends. Sometimes I would even sneak into their business meetings just to feel a little bit closer to them.

That’s actually how I ended up here – on this ship headed through space with this nice Jedi. One night I was tryin’ to be sneaky in a meeting again, hiding under a box next to Papa’s desk. I poked a hole through so I could see Papa and Mama. They were frowning, which they did to me all the time, but it was weird seeing them frown at other folks that weren’t me. Then this BIG HUGE BUG crawled under my hidey spot and I jumped up and screamed and ran and jumped into Papa’s lap! He shoved me off real quick, ‘course, and said some mean things about how I wasn’t supposed to be there, but lucky for me one of the weird men at the meeting just so happened to be a Jedi! He also looked a lot like my sister’s tutor, but I kept that thought in my brain. The next thing I knew he was testing my blood: I must have some pretty smart blood, ’cause it passed all this tests and now I’m headed to meet you!