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Davro Rivir

Davro Rivir
Jedi Knight - Former Voice Councilor

Homeworld: Cerea

Mentor(s): Unknown

Species: Cerean

Padawan(s): Kero Zen


True to his Cerean heritage, Davro represent stability and wisdom expected from a Zwei’do – and Jedi as well. Strong in the Force, which powers his abilities in the handling of his finely crafted lightsaber, Davro surpasses most in that area.


Born native to the lush green planet of Cerea, and discovered in his early youth to be sensitive to the Zwei, the Cerean term for the Force. He was raised by the Zwei’do, the local yet ‘primitive’ Order of Jedi-like traditions on Cera, from the age of 3 and has no memory of his life before this. Like any true Jedi of the Old Republic, his ties to his family were broken early. Within the Zwei’do, Davro was brought up on the ways of their ancestors. But as many youths do, Davro was not satisfied with the bits and pieces of Zwei’do history that were incomplete, due to the Jedi Purge at the Empire’s rise. He abandoned his life with the Zwei’do and went out in search of others who might know more of it.

Davro spent years wandering the galaxy in search of anything that resembled the way of Zwei’do. His travels revealed much about the galaxy to the young Zwei’do. Having spent his entire life up until now on the Technology forbidden world of Cerea, there were a great many wonders that he saw. Eventually, he heard of something that reminded him much of his own brotherhood, the Jedi. Rivir followed his teachings in the Zwei and let it guide him. By doing so, his senses led him to the planet of Dantooine. The Jedi he discovered there met him with great friendship. For over a year, he remained among them, though did not became one.

They became as his brothers of the Zwei’do once were. Many thought Rivir would join the Jedi, but having left Cerea, he craved to see more of the galaxy. To explore and see the many wonders it had to offer, and continue his search for knowledge of the Zwei’do.

For 10 years, Davro Rivir wandered the galaxy. After these many years had past, Rivir had found a young Kel’dor, named Saama Baalb, alone on the world of Dorin. He sensed a very powerful connection to the Force through this youngling. He took it upon himself to look after him, and teach him to use the gift he was given. He was soon realized that this youngster was in need of more than Rivir could offer.

Because of this, he decided to take the youngling to the Jedi Order. When Davro did this, the Order accepted the young Saama. But, also requested that he remain as well and join the Order. Reluctant as he was, Rivir was older, wiser and more experienced than he was before. And so decided to stay.

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