JEDI HoloNet


Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Komac

Mentor(s): Kadvarr Tirladdik

Species: Sernpidalian


Darsu Was born to unknown parents on an unknown world. He only remembers his home now on Kowak. He resides in the Zygerrian controlled city, Sclavos. Here he was a slave of Zygerrian clan leader Ghastun. He lived amongst the slave quarters in a shack with others of his age. All slaves are given mandatory military training at the age of 4 for desensitizing and optimal absorbtion. 4 days a week he proved himself when given his aptitude test that all slaves are given at the age of 6 to prove ‘worthiness’ as a soldier which (if passed) allowed the slaves to enter an annual unarmed combat competition. Luckily for Darsu this was the only clan that allowed such oppurtunity for slaves. After 3 matches in the competition, Darsu was finally bested by a wookie slave and broken quite easily. Ghastun was very pleased by the boys efforts and willingness to face a wookie that was physically far stronger than himself. Out of the 23 Children that fought Ghastun only chose 4 to free from slavery. Nameless boys now somewhat free from their chains. Immediately Darsu was moved to the juvenile barracks.

Many varied ages were here. Not just young kids but some early teens. Fighting off bullies was a daily affair and the training was anything but forgiving. The young Sernpidalian was fierce even though he could not always fight off his ‘comrads’. He appeared cold from the outside but had no problem interacting with others. Empathy, while not something he disliked, was lost to him in a sense. All he knew was the harsh training and attitude of the Zygerrians but to him it was a neccessary evil to be strong and capable when the time was nigh. Former slaves were not given the same treatment as the Zygerrian military. They showed their superiority early on by constantly challenging and most times beating the other races in unarmed combat. Darsu admired them dearly. He wanted their will, bravery, and strength. By the age of 8 the Sernpidalian found himself heading out on his first offworld affair. Ghastun was sending his young troops out into the world to learn more of other (weaker) cultures and how to control, trade, or enslave them.

This group had four children recruits and two adult supervisors. For the first time in a long time the atmosphere was differen’t on the luxury vessel. The higher ranks were nicer to the boys and spoke to them as equals. The feasts they had during their travel were fun and loud. Darsu felt closer to his comrades than ever before. A moment of seriousness as they neared their destination. Their captain described the planet Maridun and the main inhabitants. A vast grassland and the Lurmen and the Amani. While the Lurmen were described to them as pacifists and potential pushovers, the Amani were dangerous and unpredictable. It was also explained that they were to learn what they could about their culture, society, habits, etc. And finally they needed to capture two potential slaves preferrably one from each race and without anyone noticing. After several weeks posing as traveling merchants that also board young men to learn the trade they happened upon the tiniest Lurmen village yet. This would be perfect for the group to pick up a slave or two. Soon as they entered and said their greetings they all noticed a robed humanoid who stood out amongst the villagers. He was tall and stern. He seemed to study them all as they entered the center of the village.

They rented a tent for the night and the captains talked about the off-putting male. From what they could gather, they were not entirely comfortable with the plan anymore but would go for it nonetheless once it got very late. One captain watched for the tent that the Mystery man was sleeping in while the children and the other carried out the kidnapping. They all targeted a tent that was setup farthest from the centre of the village and surrounded it.

Darsu proving to be the most silent of the group moved into the tent first and took up position over the child and set his gun to stun. Next came two older Zergerrians and took up position on the two parents. In an instant they were all taken down and they moved their prize out of the tent. The captain decided against a second captive for now and half of them moved out of the village while the rest went back for the supplies they left. Darsu and one zergerrians went back to retrieve the captain on watch duty and they quickly started to pack up their shit. Just as they were about to leave the Mysterious man walked in carrying the captive Lurmen. For a moment they stared at him and he stared right back.

After a short scuffle the man had beaten the group and secured them as he called in a security force. After a day of questioning the zygarrian’s were sent offworld and all the children taken into custody on the planet. For a reason unknown to him Darsu was sent to go with the man who was revealed to be a jedi.