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Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa

Species: Twi'lek


Darlyna as she was named by her mother, was born on Nar Shaddaa to an exotic dancer and a local thief, she was raised up and taught in the art of robbery and pickpocketing by her father. Due to her short height and childish innocence, Darlyna soon proved herself as a valuable asset to her family.

Known as a child with unnatural amounts of luck, she relied on her technique to easily rob people without taking any consequences after. Making use of her agile movements and short height to get away with it, her victims would believe that a child would not be responsible for the sudden lost of their goods at the hands of an invisible thief.
Joyful, happy, easily impressed and without any kind of worries, Darlyna spent three of her nine years of life acting as a thief, following her own moral code believing that she wasn’t doing anything wrong at all since her actions were helping her family to survive.

Moving to Ryloth once the family “gathered” enough credits to pay the trip and a rather good-looking piece of land, they finally arrived and established their own farm near the capital.

Not even a single year would pass until their new and seemingly peaceful life would be disrupted by the sudden arrival of a hooded figure, claiming that the child should be taken to Rannon, where she would be trained to use her supernatural abilities, “The Force”, just as he called it. Her parents, young and without any kind of education mocked the figure and refused to give her child to an “absolute madman.” After a demonstration of his powers and a brief, yet more detailed explanation, Darlyna went with the man to the capital, where they boarded a shuttle to Rannon.