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Dariun Antane

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Tatooine

Mentor(s): Wen-Ordo

Species: Zabrak


Born on the desert planet Tatooine, orphaned by circumstances outside of his control, raised by a sympathetic bartender that often worked the local cantina, unfortunately at the age of 9, the bartender was robbed and murdered, an innocent bystander in a violent bar fight. At that point, Dariun was little more than a common street rat.

As he wandered the streets of Anchorhead like always, he spotted a man offering credits for people brave enough to wager him in a game of cups; where one had to guess where a small item laid down among a group of three cups after they were mixed up. The man took pity on the boy and offered him a free game with the wager being a mere five credits; Dariun accepted and played. The man allowed him to win, then offered Dariun the chance to wager his portion he had won to double his money, which he accepted. The man mixed up the cups, using a number of complicated techniques in an effort to fake out Dariun, but to his surprise, Dariun chose the correct cup.

As the year went by, Dariun often returned to the man, wagering a number of credits for more, and every single time he was able to win, this slowly began to anger the man. One fateful day, the man decided enough was enough, and offered Dariun a hundred credits if Dariun won three times in a row, Dariun accepted and won each time.

Angered and feeling cheated, the man pulled out a blaster, but before a shot was made, a dazzling turquoise beam of light ripped through the air, and in a split second the barrel of the blaster fell to the ground. Dariun looked up and saw the face of a tall brown clad figure, who happened to be of the Vurk species, this hooded figure introduced himself, and explained he was a Jedi Knight who goes by the name of Wen-Ordo. He offered for Dariun to come with him. After a brief explanation of what could happen to him if he accepted, Dariun agreed to accompany him, and journeyed to the planet Rannon to escape his past and forge himself a new story.