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Darael Febri


Homeworld: Corellia

Species: Human


Darael Febri was born and raised on Corellia by a single mother who worked as a Computer Expert at CorSec. It is unknown what happened to his father. He lived just outside the city of Coronet. He went to school and did the things a normal child would do. During school, he befriended a human male named Sailan Karan. Both of them were shy, yet adventurous. They met when they were six and stayed friends until they were both 10 years old.

When Darael had just turned 10 and his mother was working late one day, he and Sailan went walking around the city. After a while, they found themselves in Treasure Ship Row and a gang noticed them. They tried running away, but they were not fast enough and after a couple of minutes, the gang caught up to them.

Fearing for his life, Darael accidentally force pushed one of the criminals, and although it wasn’t very strong, it was enough to knock over the gang member it hit and it left the rest of the gang stunned as to what had just happened. The two children were able to escape.

However, an undercover CorSec member had been watching and was able to relay the information on what happened to Darael’s mother. She then contacted a friend of hers who was a Jedi, leading to the Jedi knowing of another Force-sensitive child.