JEDI HoloNet

Damian Dracovic


Homeworld: Coruscant

Species: Falleen


Due to the fall of Falleen to the Yuuzhan Vong, Damian’s Bloodline had relocated to Coruscant long before his conception. Damian’s parents, unlike most, took a different approach to how they raised their child then most Falleen did. They raised him with care, love, and patience, indulging his passion to learn most things from the time he could read to their last parting. Damian’s name was taken from a Human who had given his life to save them from a thug who had tried to rob them outside their comfy apartment, situated in one of the finest parts of Coruscant that money could afford. Being descended from Falleen of Wealth, Damian lead a happy first years of his life, spending his time being lavished with reading material from his parents to sate his otherwise insatiable urge to learn more things, though due to his young age only a few of them ever stuck with him. This did not, however like most with money, cause him to be spiteful or be crude. His family raised him that money doesn’t make one great; a person’s actions did so. Like Most Falleen he was taught to read, write, and speak in the Falleen Language by his parents, but also due to their living conditions was also taught to speak Galactic Basic so there would be no confusion about talking to those who either didn’t speak the Falleen Language or didn’t have translators around for ease of communication.

Damian’s life turn a drastic turn at age eight rather close to his ninth birthday, when a thief decided to break into his home. Frightened and alone due to his parents having gone to visit a friend in the neighboring room, he ran to the safety of his closet, while the thief attempted to pillage all that he could from the vacant house. Damian tried his hardest not to make a sound, however one of the small robes his parents had purchased that day, had not been hung right and thus came toppling down to the dark floor with a loud ‘bang’. The thief, hearing this, turned his attention to the closet door, ripping it open to reveal the small boy curled up in the corner. Though the boy pleaded for his life, the heartless thief raised his arm, withdrawing a small blaster pistol from the recesses of his clothing. Just as he aimed this gun at Damian, however a loud hiss was heard as a man, with what Damian referred to later as a Glow rod, seemingly appeared from nowhere to save the day. The thief, realizing he was outmatched, raced towards the door in fear. A frightened Damian stumbled from the dark closet out into the open. The thief then began to fire off bolt after bolt , while all the mysterious man seemed to do was deflect these away with the weird glowing thing in his hand. He never attacked, never once made a move to kill, but rather made a quick swishing movement severing the blaster pistol in two, disarming the man.

All seemed to be well and good, until another thief appeared behind the Mysterious man, preparing to fire a surprise shot at point blank range. Without even thinking Damian yelled no, as he instinctively reached out his arm. Something mysterious seemed to happen, the man seeming like the tiny boy had nudged him, which from where he was standing was not a good thing. He was at the top of a set of three, maybe four stairs and that small tiny nudge send him falling to the side and down them. The Mysterious hooded figure soon sliced his gun and had them both in restraints. By this time the door to the apartment was flung open, revealing Damian’s parents who ran to him to check and make sure he was safe. The Mysterious man turned sheathing his mysterious weapon and asked to speak to the parents alone. After about thirty minutes of speaking, the male emerged and said one last thing to them. “Remember where I told you o send him. They can test him and see if what I think is true.” Through the coming weeks, Damian tried desperately to mimic what he had done, but found he never could, believing that what he had done had only been a dream. His appointment with the Doctor fell upon his ninth birthday, where he was ushered into a room while his parents awaited him outside. A blood test was conducted, results being sent through a private channel directly to the Jedi Temple. it took about a week or so before the Mysterious man, who had still yet to reveal himself, visited them to relay the news about his findings. He explained that the child was special and would need special training if the Jedi allowed it. With their consent, and a small tearful goodbye, Damian was ushered to the Jedi Temple to await Initiation. Questions burned in the young Falleen’s mind. Who were these people? What were the Jedi? Why did they take him away? It was then declared, that he be sent to Azolec due to there not being enough room at Coruscant to support having yet another hopeful. It was then the Mysterious male boarded a transport with him and went with him to Alzoc III, to begin his hopeful period, and one day perhaps, be named Jedi.