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Daegon Evera

Daegon Evera
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Corulag

Mentor(s): Polin Raynald*, Nulla Zil

Species: Human


Born on the surface of Corulag in 374.22 ABY, Daegon had an aptitude for being a clutz, coming out with bumps and bruises along his head and body, simply just because he didn’t necessarily look where he was going, having a light hearted and somewhat flamboyant nature, earned him an almost humorous but fun approach with his school peers (albeit with what relative time he had with them and further one with other student peers of the Force), a casual lack of care in a sense as to his general surroundings, his constant bumps and knocks from quickly trying to walk or in a semi skipping semi jogging fashion, moving along to an imaginary beat in his quirky head and… At the same time not paying attention to the length of his cloak and tripping head first into Tayyk Oz’keuun and proceeding to follow up with a jolt of fright and bolt purely out of embarrassment and fright.

Despite such clumsiness, his induction to the Order on Dantooine was received with a more upbeat nature than some children, having a casual distaste for general work from his home with school and his mother’s stern almost militaristic nature being a Republic Officer, the freedom of the Jedi Order, offered him a change of pace. A pace that he dove in head first to and ran into a brick wall kind of way. Joking aside, Daegon’s change of pace came to him with a small frantic change, given the semi-familiar strict nature of the Jedi conduct around their small enclave, the quiet lifestyle than the city he came from, still having the occasional look back in thought of his swoop racer father, watching the next race he might be in during his down time, he himself being a fan of the adrenaline rush you’d get from ripping through the air in a swoop bike.

What was the most difficult to adapt to was the work ethic, trying his best to slither out of homework or drills, even how to properly care for his robes. His ineptitude for Tutaminis met with often frustration and groans, but it wasn’t to say other areas were particularly bad either. His physical figure often getting in the exercise and lean nature from his daily routine of listening to music and mucking about until he sweats. His combative nature somewhat coming with a slight touch of his usual charm in that he’s rather playful with his opponents.

With time, Daegon caught the peculiar attention of Jedi Knight Polin Raynald. Under Polin’s tutelage, Daegon certainly felt the struggle of adapting further to the jedi doctrines, with his master trying to find perhaos more interesting ways to get him to understand. Taking up his father’s interest in speeders, he followed for the Ace department, focusing towards mechanics and engineering, tuning and testing new subroutines and systems for the range of fighters, occupying his time through there, finding his way of meditation improving and semi managing to stabilise his quirky hyperized mind into a little more of a calmer state, sating that adventurous nature a little. During his apprenticeship, Dae’ often found it a little bit of a clash with his fellow sibling, Zer’kon, with both their ‘smart ass’ remarks coming to be a little argumentative at the best of times, their working capability together seemed to be fluent, but through time, the two seemed to get slightly distant.

Through this distanced occurrence, Dae discovered after one of his training sessions with other students in the enclave that Master Raynald had been slain, by none other than Zer’kon himself, gutted by the event, Daegon seemed almost lost for guidance, but never faltered a cheery smile, figuring that perhaps a change of location may benefit Padawan Evera, he is currently to be transferred to the Rannon Praxeum, Seeking out Jedi Knight Rhuacca with information pertaining to Zer’kon’s location offering to help the jedi that he had heard were present at his masters fall.

374.22 ABY – Born to parents Milena & Krow Evera
376.12 ABY – Initiated into the Order on Dantooine
384.24 ABY – Promoted to the rank of Padawan and apprenticed to Jedi Knight Polin Raynald