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Dace Terrik

Homeworld: Ossus

Mentor(s): Saelen Heren

Species: Kiffar


Dace discovered an inherent ability in precognition. This helps him both on ground and space combat. In addition, he is a known Makashi and Djem So enthusiast.


Dace is known to be an energetic, perceptive, lively person. Despite his grim, dark past, he still makes an effort to make others laugh. As a Jedi, he takes great pride in the instruction of flight. Rarely he is out on the field. He does not enjoy field work, but is not afraid of it. He would rather spend most of his time at the Ossus Jedi Temple.


Dace, born on the planet of Ossus was recognized as a Force-sensitive by his Kiffar parents, the flamboyant Jedi couple Olen and Kalia of the clan Terrik, who were stationed at the Ossus Jedi Temple. He was reviewed by the Ossus Council for training at the age of four.

He was initiated and began preliminary training. Some years past and Dace was anxious to find out who would be his mentor. Dace barely showed interest in lightsaber or Force study. This held him back. Not many Jedi bothered to look at him as a possible apprentice because of it. Eventually a young Jedi Knight by the name Sealen Heren, who transferred from the Ilum Temple, assumed the role of the Ace Commander. Dace and Sealen bonded over their love of spaceships. Not long after Master Heren’s arrival did he apprentice Dace.

It was a time of tension in the galaxy. The New Empire and Republic were on the verge of war. Not long after, the second coming of the “One Sith” came about and incited the “Imperium War”. The Jedi Order was nearly destroyed by the Great Galactic Plague. The plague took the lives of his parents, which made him inconsolable for several days. ¬†Nonetheless, the Jedi were not physically involved. At least ¬†until the day of 337.29 ABY, the Battle of Arkania. Many Temples, Enclaves, and other Jedi facilities were abandoned.

Most of the Jedi relocated uncomfortably to the Ossus Jedi Temple. Despite the grim air of the Ossus Temple, Dace did not let the despair get the best of him. He carried on with his training. Dace, instead, assumed an administrative role, as a Padawan, within the flight department as Wing Master. He routinely patrolled Ossus and nearby systems with a small group of aspiring Aces known as the “Hawks”, with him as the leader of the squadron. In addition, he continued Jedi training under Master Heren.

Jedi from the Ossus Temple, upon order of the High Council, were deployed to the Battle of Bastion in an attempt to rescue to the Imperial royal family. Dace lead the “Hawks” into the fray. The battle was extremely bloody, but the mission was successful. Many Jedi, “Hawks”, Republic, and Imperial soldiers were killed. His mentor, Saelen Heren, among them. Dace was impacted heavily by the death of some of his friends and his mentor, Master Heren. He felt he lost a third parent.

Several weeks after the Battle of Bastion, when he had time to re-cooperate and meditate, did the Ossus Jedi Council request his presence. After a short report of the Battle of Bastion, the Ossus Jedi Council declared him a Jedi Knight. Dace was completely stunned by his promotion. It did not take him long to assume the role of Ace Commander in honor of his late mentor’s legacy.

320.03 ABY – Dace Terrik is born on the planet Ossus.
325.11 ABY – Dace Terrik is initiated.
328.15 ABY – Dace Terrik is promoted to Novice Padawan.
332.20 ABY – Dace Terrik is apprenticed to Sealen Heren.
339.06 ABY – Sealen Heren is killed at the Battle of Bastion.
342.10 ABY – Dace Terrik is granted the rank of Jedi Knight.
345.17 ABY – Dace Terrik is granted the role of Ace Commander of the Ossus Jedi Temple.

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