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Cyril Feraan

Cyril Feraan
Jedi Master - Former Council Advisor

Homeworld: Eriadu

Mentor(s): Jamus Kevari

Species: Fondorian

Padawan(s): Nira'kalen'nuruodo, Ian Prine


Cyril Feraan is particularly talented within the field of energy manipulation and has focused most of his studies on obtaining a high level of mastery in the minute aspects of the Force. He is also noted for his sharp wit and curiosity for many things in the Galaxy, which has led to his extensive knowledge in many areas. In addition, he has obtained a solid mastery of the Lightsaber Arts due to his study as a Padawan Learner under the resident Battlemaster, Jamus Kevari.


Cyril Feraan was born on 236.02 ABY on the planet Fondor in the Mid Rim. But when he was just a year old, his parents — two successful professionals — decided to immigrate to Eriadu in the Outer Rim Territories order to advance their careers. As displaced Fondorian immigrants there, Cyril and his family quickly integrated into the diverse population of the planet. As a small boy, Cyril grew up in the city of Phelar and made a few friends of different species in the local neighborhood, though most of his time was regulated to their upper city apartment. There, he received basic lessons from a tutor, which he would continue from age four until eight standard, at which point his parents decided to send him offworld to study elsewhere, in order for him to receive the best education possible.

His parents took time off of their demanding careers to take Cyril around to visit different schooling possibilities in the southern Outer Rim. This continued for a period of several cycles, until they arrived at one of their last stops on this voyage: Bespin. His parents had a meeting with one of the educators at the academy there, so Cyril was left at the Bespin City Archives to entertain himself for the afternoon. It was there that he met a young Human girl named Aldia Crestrunner. With similar interests and nothing better to do, the two became fast friends and spent several hours together going through their favorite holobooks. But Aldia was not alone. Before a long time had passed, Aldia’s guardian came by to collect her — a Jedi Master by the name of Phoe Nhix. Upon meeting Cyril, he instantly recognized his presence in the Force and believed he might have some affinity to train as Jedi. Therefore, Phoe Nhix, who was the Master to the young Jedi apprentice Aldia Crestrunner, remained a little longer at the Archives in order to meet with Cyril’s parents when they returned. Following this meeting, though it was certainly not what they had anticipated coming to Bespin for, they were convinced that leaving Cyril with the Jedi Order was the most logical decision for his future. After a slightly sad goodbye and a quick blood test to confirm Phoe’s suspicions, his parents left him with the two Jedi and returned to Eriadu without their son.

Now a Jedi prospective, Cyril was taken back to the Bespin Temple in order to begin the application process to the Order. Several cycles later, shortly after his ninth birthday, he was confirmed as a Jedi Initiate — although this did not occur on Bespin, for the Order had decided during this time to move back its roots, back to Yavin IV. As a new Jedi Initiate, Cyril made several friends including Galack Alastair, Jude Alkorda, Nivek Tholmai, and Syrena Exan. However, as Cyril matured over the next several years and his interests and personality changed, his friendship with Aldia would wane, especially after several awkward incidents and Aldia’s wavering conflict involving her family. Eventually, Aldia would make the decision to leave the Order entirely, and Cyril would be apprenticed to the newly Knighted Jamus Kevari.

As Master and Padawan, the pair would develop a friendship and trust of one another that would never disintegrate as Kevari put young Cyril through a series a trials and tribulations that would trouble even. Though it nearly broke him, the intensity of his Master’s training made him stronger and more capable as the years went on. Cyril’s ability to handle himself in the face of great calamity was highlighted during his first full mission with his Master, which was assigned by the Jedi Council during the Commonwealth Secessionary War in 249 ABY. Cyril was sent with his Master to engage a group of “rebellious” Jedi on Dantooine who had pledged allegiance to the Commonwealth, rather than follow the other enclaves down the treacherous path of working with the Alliance. The Jedi Knight and his student coordinated their landing with Alliance forces and arrived at the gates of the Enclave with an ultimatum: rejoin the Alliance or face the just consequences of the law. Refusing to bend to this sort of tyranny, the Dantooine Jedi initially pretended to surrender to the Alliance forces in order to make them let their guard down. They proceeded to then launch a sneak attack and were able to make quick progress before the Alliance could reorganize themselves.

However, with the quick leadership of Kevari and the GA Commander on site, the Dantooine Jedi were soon driven back inside the Temple walls, where an all-out battle soon broke out. In the chaos of combat, Kevari managed to shield his Padawan from the initial brunt of attacks, but soon enough, the two would become separated in the midst of combat. Now alone with just a few GA troopers at his side, Cyril would slowly work his way into the innards of the Temple, just barely escaping episodes with several Knights who were nearby. With these episodes behind him, Cyril would end up in the Student dormitories, which were mostly evacuated by this time. However, several Padawans remained, and while the GA forces fought against some of them, Cyril ended up dueling one girl in particular, slightly older than him, perhaps fifteen or sixteen. She was a formidable opponent, but distracted by the sounds of her peers crying out around her and the blaster bolts flying through the air, Cyril was able to gain the upper hand and took her life with a sudden stroke of his blade when her defense broke. Stunned for a moment, it was only the screaming of a fellow Alliance trooper that broke him from his stupor and forced him to move on. But it was not long before he would be forced to take life again. A Jedi Knight had just knocked down several of the GA men with the Force and was advancing on one of them to take his life. Cyril did not hesitate and leapt at him from behind, decapitating him swiftly with the Sai Cha maneuver as he had been taught by his Master. However, Cyril was saved from having to participate further in the brutality of war by the conclusion of the battle. With the decimation of their numbers and little chance of prevailing against the combined forces of the Alliance, the remaining Knights and Masters surrendered themselves, instructing all the remaining younglings to flee or hide. However, this was once again a trap; the Alliance forces had not learned their lesson the first time and the Dantooine Jedi were able to escape into the countryside, taking with them the rest of the Jedi who were still alive. The badly disorganized Alliance forces did not pursue them, for they had not the strength or the numbers to do so.

This experience both greatly humbled and changed Cyril. Though he was thirteen, he was no longer a child but something else, his innocence taken away by the events that had transpired. And so with these events behind him, Cyril continued his training through to the age of twenty-one. During these years under his Master’s tutelage, he slowly adopted the ways of his Master, both of them growing in wisdom and experience from their experiences together. They visited many places around the Galaxy and embarked on several more missions throughout the course of Cyril’s apprenticeship. He picked up on certain skills in particular: though he started his training intending to follow the path of the Sentinel, he discovered through much time and deliberation that his true interests involved meditation, philosophy, and the Force. However, by the time he reached adulthood, he had also mastered Shii-Cho to an exceptional degree between the instruction provided from Lightsaber Arts class and his private sessions with Kevari.

Though Cyril was approaching the age at which Knighthood would normally be considered for one of his ability level, the Force had other plans in mind for him. At age twenty-one, he felt drawn to leave the Temple for other regions of the Galaxy, in order to find greater personal fulfillment in his life and better himself away from Temple life. Embarking on this quest, Cyril soon found himself on Simaril, an isolated planet in the Core. Though his initial time was peaceful and intriguing as he trained alone there, spending his spare time studying the ancient ruins on the planet, the course of events would soon change as Cyril came upon a smuggling operation that was using the isolation of Simaril as the perfect base for their operations. Using his skills obtained as an apprentice, he was able to infiltrate this group’s facility and disrupt their operations, in the process capturing. Though this took many cycles to accomplish, for he had brought almost no equipment at all to Simaril, he was able to coordinate his efforts with local authorities and together they brought the criminal group to justice. Cyril spent several more cycles testifying against these hardened criminals in court before returning home to the Jedi Temple. But it was not to Yavin IV that he went, for once again the Order had decided to move its location. Now, the Order resided in the far Outer Rim on the oceanic world of Mon Calamari, home to the Mon Calamari and Quarren species.

Reestablishing himself as a full-time Jedi at this new Temple, Cyril spent many of his days during the course of the next year helping younger students and continuing to train himself. Though he had previously been the Padawan Learner of Jamus Kevari, during his absence, the Council had elected to release him from his apprenticeship upon the recommendation of his former Master. However, he was not yet granted the title of Jedi Knight. During this waiting period, Cyril did his best to keep occupied, most notably becoming the first student to be permitted to instruct a class, for he had become the teaching aide to Jedi Knight Alkur Tekeil, teacher of Social Studies at the time.

But luckily for Cyril, this waiting game would not last forever. In 258 ABY, he was sent alongside Master Phoe Nhix to investigate a situation involving a suspicious artifact located in a famous Galactic museum. The two Jedi would uncover a dangerous secret there: it was unmistakable that the engravings on the artifact were written in the Sith language. It was in fact a Sith holocron. However, while they were there, a break-in occurred and a group of armed thugs entered the museum, led by what was apparently a dark Jedi (though he would later be revealed as a Sith warrior working for the new Sith Lord, Darth Rishi). Working together with security personnel at the museum, Phoe and Cyril were able to thwart the attack and protect all of the artifacts there. In the aftermath of the battle, they were able to convince the museum director that it was dangerous to keep the artifact in the museum because of the attention it attracted, and they were able to take it back to the Jedi Temple for further investigation. Upon return to Mon Calamari, the Jedi Council conferred together and granted him the rank of Jedi Knight.

As a Jedi Knight, he spent most of his first year like any other Knight: teaching class, training students in their spare time, and continuing to learn more himself. It was around this time that Cyril discovered his strength at energy manipulation and within just a few years, he became extremely proficient at skills such as Force Slow, Meld, Tapas, and even Absorption. He also developed rudimentary healing skills, though he would never progress to the level of a Jedi Healer. In 259 ABY, Cyril made the decision to take on his first Padawan Learner, and requested to train one of the Jedi Initiates, a young Chiss teenager named Nira’kalen’nuruodo.

During the conflict with the Sith during the 260s ABY, Cyril would play a part helping the effort against Darth Rishi both through work in numerous small missions and his research skills as a Jedi Consular. This continued until the conclusion of the war in late 266 ABY, when the Alliance attacked Rishi’s fleet and a Jedi strike team with numerous Knights and Masters, including Cyril, was sent to end the war by defeating Rishi and his Sith Apprentice aboard his flagship. However, Cyril’s direct involvement in the events that occurred inside the vessel was not to be, for he was separated from the rest of the strike team during the space battle and was unable to arrive in time to assist with the operation. Instead, he elected to help Alliance fighters using his moderate piloting skills to aid in the destruction of several other critical Sith positions.

The battles of the Sith War did not deter him from continuing to train his Padawan Learner, however, and he continued to impart all of his knowledge and wisdom upon his young pupil as Akalenn became an adult, in order that he would one day be ready to hold the title of Jedi Knight as well. But this would also be a difficult time for Cyril: three different times he was lost in action on missions, twice presumed dead, and one time captured by space pirates. However, each time Cyril was able to fight through the situation and managed to escape or procure rescue and return to the Temple, which was moved back to Yavin IV after the unfortunate accident that destroyed the Mon Calamari Temple in 261 ABY.

Eventually, by 270 ABY, his experience as a Jedi Knight led him to be selected to serve on the Jedi Council as a Council Advisor, alongside his former Master, Jamus Kevari. He also taught Meditation and Philosophy during this time as the Temple’s resident instructor. However, both of these duties were cut short when Cyril mysteriously dissapeared with Jamus, leaving but a letter of resignation behind.

During his absence, his Padawan Learner, Nira’kalen’nuruodo, completed the Trials of Knighthood and was deemed a full Jedi Knight in the eyes of the Council.

It was not until 274 ABY that Cyril was seen again, at which time both he and Jamus returned to Yavin IV to resume their lives as Jedi. He was reinstated that year as a Jedi Knight.

Throughout the following years, Cyril kept occupied, preferring to spend most of his time out in the Galaxy on missions for Coruscant in lieu of life as a Temple instructor or taking a personal apprentice, as he had done during the years after he himself was Knighted.

It was finally in 279 ABY that he decided again to find a Padawan Learner, and eventually took the fourteen-year old Ian Prine, a displaced Padawan from Coruscant, to be his apprentice, and began Ian’s training in earnest.

Now, he is not as actively involved in the field with missions as he used to be as a younger Knight, but alongside his new Padawan, he gains experience and develops new insight and abilities, he continues to grow in the ways of the Force…