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Cynthia Saaryn

Cynthia Saaryn
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Zelos

Mentor(s): Aslyn Denethorn

Species: Zelosian


Cynthia was born on Zelos II into a the political Saaryn family, who had held high political positions for ages. Her father, Dryndan, had followed the path and rose to the position of Senator of Zelos System. Her family then got up and moved to coruscant, only returning to Zelos a couple times each year. Because she was such a young age at the time, she always thought of herself as a coruscanti, and she was constantly trying to fit in with her peers. She lived a pampered and spoiled life. Whatever she asked for, she got it.

On coruscant, her family lived in a lavish penthouse suite in the Senate District. She often spent most of her time in the her greenhouse. She was always studying the plants she had there, and was very commanding to the gardeners her cared for her plants. She studyied extensively on biology, even coming to memorizing several genus’s of plants and animals.

She also attended nearly all of the official balls, fundraisers, and dinners along with her father. She came to know several of her dad’s fellow senators’ children. She was always very proper and reserved in public, and was even coached on how to handle herself, so as not to hurt her dad’s reputation.

Her life carried on in a normal routine of official events, tutoring, trips around the city, and even occassional visits to Zelos II. Her life ended up changing when King Jomyn II, the current monarch of the Zelos system, became unhappy with one of her Dryndan’s votes on a bill on higher Mid-Rim Taxation in order for more funds for the Attrition War, and a very public statement about the corruption of his homeworld. Because it was a mid term year and he had no legal way of getting Dryndan out of the Senate, he conspired with several corrupt officials of the Intelligence agency to frame Dryndan and get him arrested. One of his friends in the agency told him secretly about this conspiracy against him, and he decided that him and his family must leave. He secured him and his wife passage to Naboo, but due to assassains tracking him, he made the hard decision of forcing Cynthia to go to the Jedi temple on Coruscant, in order to save her from his enemies. They said very quick goodbyes, and he told his weeping daughter that the temple would take care of her (little did he know that she was actually force-sensitive though). He then dropped her off there, then hurried to the spaceport.

When Cynthia arrived she was very saddened by the situation, and her new living conditions. She frequently cried about her life, how she missed her family, and how terrible (in her opinion) her new temple life was. After 2 cycles she realized that crying did no good, and started to try to get into the order, genuinely. Eventually she was initiated at coruscant along with her close friend Yun’naaren. They spent all of they’re time together and training. Her friendship with her was the only thing she loved about her new life. But it couldn’t last forever. After 2 1/2 years of training, the high council decided to send some of the initiates to other, smaller temples, to allow for less crowding at the coruscant temple. She spent her last week with her friend, constantly, and eventually saying her goodbyes. She then boarded a shuttle to the Alzoc system, and had much more in store for her there…

  • Initiated on 282.2
  • Apprenticed to Aslyn Denethorn on 287.28