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Ctathos Ederoi

Ctathos Ederoi
Jedi Master - Former Council Advisor

Homeworld: Ziost

Mentor(s): Axem Keigoku

Species: Paetulian

Padawan(s): Utho Astrocan, Jamus Kevari, Aayla Vigil, Yon Vash, Aslyn Denethorn


Ctathos has extraordinary lightsaber talent, matched with equal knowledge of ethics and Force abilities. These combined with his overall uniqueness, his strength and wisdom influences the Jedi Order for the better.


On the planet of Ziost, a cold and icy planet where life is all but easy, Ctathos was found in a small village by an elderly scholar. Taking the abandoned child under his caring wing, the elderly man would become his legitimate adoptive father. Through lessons of life, helped by Ziost’s harsh climate, Ctathos’s father would teach him in the ways of compassion and wisdom.

The day came when the two left Ziost and traveled to many core systems in search of unique knowledge. In their travel toward the stars of the Galaxy they were stranded on a remote backwater planet, that of Tatooine – the exact opposite of Ziost. Aging, and quite shocked by the harsh nature of the desert planet, Ctathos’s adoptive father would fade away, breathing his last.

In a desperate attempt to save himself from potential starvation, Ctathos became a road-thief. Hiding in the shadowy corners of Mos Espa, he would steal from merchants, travelers, and the like… until one day, a nice looking man, rich in appearance, tempted Ctathos. Pulling his old-fashioned tricks, and aided by his youth, Ctathos grabbed the man’s pouch.

Running hard back to his roof-less ‘home’, Ctathos examined his prize. It was then that he heard a deep voice, not mad, but striking still. “I think that is mine.”

Young Ederoi jumped out of fright, unsure of the man’s intentions. He walked forward to meet the man and give back his pouch. “I never said you had to give it back…” the man stated.

Realizing that the boy did not fully understand, the man crouched to Ctathos’s height. With a more serene, calm voice, the man said, “You may accompany me if you wish, to the Temple of the Jedi.”

As they both left the Desert planet, Ctathos would follow his newfound friend back to the Jedi Temple. As the duo arrived, Ctathos was met by the Jedi Council, where he would recognize the now familiar face of Axem Keigoku. But also he would meet new people active in the Jedi Order at the time.

After much discussion, and Axem’s insight on the young boy, the Council agreed to Initiate him, the first step in a greater life as a Jedi.

Ctathos settled down at the Yavin Academy and began his training as a Jedi Initiate. There he met many more members of the Jedi Order including lifetime friends Hal Raykin and Gabe Alkorda.

Not being a very outgoing or aggressively friendly person, Ctathos felt rather alienated by his lack of involvement. Determined to be at home, Ctathos made it his goal to befriend his fellow Jedi.
Of those he met, Ctathos spent an extra amount of time with Gabe Alkorda and Hal Raykin. Ctathos admired many traits that he found in both his friends and at times wished he was stronger in those areas.

After a few years as an Initiate, a rather long time in that era, Ctathos was chosen as an apprentice to Master Axem Keigoku. Ctathos was thrilled, as he admired Master Axem very much.

For four years and a day Master Keigoku trained Ctathos. Ctathos, while excelling in the saber arts, had trouble applying lessons in other areas. During the years of training, Master Keigoku taught Ctathos innumerous invaluable lessons that he continues to apply to this day.

The day came when Master Keigoku summoned Ctathos to the audience chamber, in the presence of the council. In this session the Council relieved Master Keigoku of his obligations as Ctathos’s master. Stricken and shocked, Ctathos was at first very bewildered. Master Keigoku’s explanation later eased his mind.

Ctathos’s time without a Master was a great trial of his patience and humility. Knowing his own limits and expectations, Ctathos continued to learn all he could from the Masters of that time. After a long year Ctathos’s diligence began to show positive fruit in the influence of others.

During the later years under Master Keigoku Ctathos became good friends with the Knight-Apprentice pair of Phoe Nhix and Soh Raun. Ctathos respected their relationship immensely and enjoyed talking with both quite often. Although not the most verbal relationship, Ctathos and Soh communicated with their sabers. Their sparring matches would turn into a lasting friendship between the two.

The time came when Ctathos was once again called into the council audience chamber. To his surprise his fellow apprentice Soh Raun was also called with him. After a brief speech and recognition, Ctathos and Soh were knighted together.

It came as quite a culture shock, being thrown into the duties of a knight so suddenly. Yet Ctathos was well prepared from his training with Master Keigoku. Despite being knighted, Ctathos still sought Master Keigoku for wisdom in dealings with guests and other Jedi. It would turn out to be an unprecedented blessing to have the wisdom of ages so easily available.

After some time Ctathos became interested in training an apprentice. The temple was blossoming with life and Ctathos wanted to make sure that his apprentice would be able to take the difficult training ahead of him or her. After some research and many dealings with the force, Ctathos took a young Iktotchi for his first padawan.

The young Iktotchi, Utho Astrocan, proved to be an amazing learner. His willingness to endure the strenuous and trying teaching methods of Ctathos was a great asset to his advancement as a Jedi.

Ctathos spent the next season of his life training Utho in the ways of the Jedi, often pairing up with other Knights to provide more dynamic exercises. Then the time came when the force had called Ctathos elsewhere, continuing the search that he had left on Tatooine when his father had died.

As Ctathos began his preparations Master Keigoku confronted him regarding his purposes and plans. The conversation led to a decision for Ctathos to depart quicker than he had planned.

Ctathos didn’t want to leave his apprentice behind, but knew it was selfish to put his own life above that of his apprentice. After a quick conversation with his friend Soh Raun, Utho’s apprenticeship was transferred from Ctathos to Master Raun for completion.

After saying goodbye to the rest of the Order, Ctathos informed them that his journeys would take approximately a decade. Sad to go, Ctathos departed from the temple.

During his years of travel Ctathos briefly visited the temple, sometimes in disguise, to check in on his family and brethren in the Order. He was amazed to see the growth in the Order both in person and in wisdom. Witnessing the return of former Masters brought a great hope to the heart of Ctathos.

Ctathos underwent innumerous changes during his time travelling the universe. Many cannot be explained in words, merely that the force had changed him. Upon his first return even his best of friends could not recognize him by speech, merely appearance.

Ending his travels, Ctathos returned to the Order to once again expand the reach of the Jedi Order and to continue along the path which the force has chosen for him. In finding this path Ctathos spent some time without a Padawan. Unsure as to whether or not he was ever to take on, Ctathos meditated on the dilemma.

After some time Ctathos approached the High Council and requested he be assigned an apprentice. Unable to find a match himself, Ctathos sought the wisdom of the Council on an apprentice.

It had happened that Jamus Kevari had recently been dismissed from under Alkaiser Aruladan’s tutorship. This was the choice of the Council, agreed upon by all parties. Jamus Kevari would become Ctathos’s second apprentice, but first to go through the entire training.

Ctathos laid down the foundation of his philosophy and teaching methods to Jamus upon their first meeting. Despite the contrasting philosophy between Ctathos and Alkaiser, Jamus adjusted quickly to his new Master.

Ctathos trained Jamus for many years before beginning any real physical training with the young man. Jamus had more potential in Ctathos’s eyes than anyone he had ever met. Ctathos knew that in order for Jamus to realize his potential in lightsaber arts, he must go through painstaking training.

It happened during this time that Jedi Knight Alkaiser Aruladan fell on his own lightsaber and ceased to exist in the universe. To Ctathos, this was not much of a shock nor a grievance. He knew from his friends philosophy that the only path in head of him was death, and thus Ctathos did not mourn at the news.

During this period the Council recognized Ctathos and appointed him to the Voice Council for a term. Ctathos was honored by this and determined to do all he could to help the Order.

While maintaining his duties on the Voice Council, Ctathos continued to train Jamus Kevari in the ways of the Jedi. The two undertook many missions related to The Black Sun Organization in an attempt to unfold their plan. With the initial misison to Columus a success, Ctathos began placing increasingly difficult tasks in front of Jamus.

The final mission the master-apprentice pair went on was to Coruscant to investigate the relations between Galactic Alliance diplomats and The Black Sun. After evading heavy fire and preparing for departure, Jamus was terminally injured by a hidden assailant. Immediately dispatching the assailant, Ctathos searched for the nearest medical transport in order to ensure Jamus’s life.

Finding a droid controlled medical ship proved troublesome. Jamus had lost a lot of blood and was in need of a blood transfusion. With no other option, Ctathos allowed his blood to be used in the human man. The efforts of Ctathos and the droids saved Jamus’s life, but the blood transfusion had some unexpected side effects. Jamus took on a slightly new appearance due to the blood transfusion. It was rumored that he had become a hybrid of the two species, but further blood tests have proven such claims to be unfounded.

Upon return to the Jedi Temple, Ctathos debriefed the Council on the situation and prepared for his padawan’s trials. Approximately one year later Ctathos had the privilege of knighting his padawan, the first of those he’d taken to be knighted under him.

After Jamus became a Knight, Ctathos found himself without much to do. Without any real desire to train another apprentice, Ctathos began to see if anyone had the potential Jamus had. Unable to locate another astounding student, Ctathos chose Aayla Vigil as his apprentice.

Quite a clash from what Ctathos was used to, Aayla proved to be a slow learner in the moral aspects of the Jedi. Ctathos felt that she would have made a better house-wife than a Jedi. Yet Aayla was determined to become a Jedi, and Ctathos would honor that determination.

Slowly, Ctathos became busy around the galaxy with different meetings and missions that he felt Aayla was not able to accompany him on. His inability to be at the temple often led him to complete his term as a Voice Council member.

Feeling like he was not being productive when he was at the temple, Ctathos requested a sabbatical from the Council, and was granted such. While on his leave, as to not waste Aayla’s time, Ctathos and Phoe Nhix agreed that Phoe would continue Aayla’s training in a similar method.

Nearly three years later Ctathos returned to the Temple to once again take his watch over the students and assist the teachers in their classes. No longer the battle master of the academy, as the position had been inherited by Jamus Kevari, Ctathos began to focus his training on new efforts in the Force, and in the diplomatic enforcement of the Order.

When his time once again became less engaged in activities outside of the Jedi Order, Ctathos noted that his former apprentice Utho Astrocan had left behind Yon Vash. Yon’s training had been neglected and Ctathos knew that someone had to finish the young man’s training. After approaching Soh Raun and discussing the matter (as Ctathos believed it was their duty, as Utho’s mentors, to finish his work), Ctathos took Yon Vash as his apprentice.

Ctathos found Yon to be a very stubborn person, and this was attributed to Yon’s age. Not lacking in patience, Ctathos was more than willing to stick with Yon as long as Yon desired to be a Jedi Knight. Unfortunately, Yon’s determination did not exceed the difficult training Ctathos ensures his Apprentices go through and Yon left the Order.

Many years later Ctathos took Spera Elusido’s former apprentice, Aslyn Denethorn, as his student.  During their training Ctathos was mostly away, busy with Council duties and investigations abroad.  Their brief training was beneficial, but not quite complete.  Ctathos felt that his presence in the Order was becoming obsolete, as the new students moved towards different philosophies than the classical ideas he had always believed in, Ctathos found himself unable to teach anything to the stubborn students.

After speaking with the Council, Ctathos chose to retire from the Order; believing that there was no way to salvage his beliefs in the remnant members.  With Councilors Soh Raun and Jared Quell in tow, Ctathos and his apprentice Aslyn travelled to the planet of Ziost.  Aslyn was unaware of what was about to transpire, but the Councilor’s were there to ensure his continued training and safe return to the temple.

Upon arrival to Ziost Ctathos gave a brief goodbye to Aslyn and spoke privately with the other Councilors.  Then, without further delay, Ctathos walked into the Ziost landscape, disappearing in the snowstorm that had befallen the planet.

His legacy was left in the remnant of the Council and the strength of his students.  A stern teacher, strong ally, and uncontested saberist, Ctathos served the Order well through all of his years.

To this day, Ctathos visits the Temple from time to time. No one is sure of when or if he’ll return or his business in the galaxy; but one thing is certain: Ctathos will not rest until the plague of the hatred is erased from the galaxy.

Thus concludes the story of Ctathos Ederoi, Jedi Master and Council Advisor of the JEDI Order.