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Corinth Alkorda

Corinth Alkorda
Jedi Master - Former High Councilor

Homeworld: Corellia

Mentor(s): Axem Keigoku

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Cookanaka, Kero Zen, Bram Philipi, Jude Alkorda, Nivek Tholmai, Aknaross Myotis, Sasha Raven, Lena Aleksandrovna


Corinth’s lineage bars him from exerting telekinetic powers, unless he absorbs a great deal of Force energy beforehand through his talent in Force absorption. Corinth also holds great proficiency in creating a physical barrier through the Force, and just like his ancestors in the Halcyon family line, he has mastered the power of Force Illusion.


Corinth Alkorda was born on Corellia to Duran and Mira Alkorda. Duran and Mira were both employed by CorSec, the Corellian Security Force, at the time of his birth.

Since his parents were so deeply involved in CorSec, Corinth was mostly raised by Roisha, a friend of his parents. When he was almost thirteen years old, his parents, investigating a rumor of spice smuggling, accidentally burst into the middle of a cult meeting and were killed. After investigating who the two CorSec officers were, the cult soon discovered Corinth. Roisha, knowing that Corinth would be killed if the cult found him, quickly took him to the Coronet Starport and bought them passage on a shuttle to Coruscant.

Soon after leaving Corellia, the shuttle came under attack from the cult members. Lasers blasting, the cult members began to board the shuttle. The captain of the shuttle, panicking, slammed the control down to make the jump to hyperspace. Since the cult ship was still attached to Corellian shuttle, it was forced into hyperspace as well.

Stunned and surprised by the unexpected jump to light speed, the cultists quickly began to board their own ship. Knowing full well that once the cultists ship was detached it would blast them to pieces, the captain of the Corellian shuttle steered the ship to the left and destroyed the cultist’s ship on the walls of the hyperspace tunnel. The resulting explosion forced the shuttle out of hyperspace, spiraling down toward a densely forested planted: Kashyyyk.

When the shuttle crashed into the planet’s surface, the ancient trees were so strong that the shuttle didn’t even hit the forest floor. Corinth woke up after a while, not knowing how long he had been unconscious for. He sat up, body aching all over, and began to look around in the wreckage of the shuttle for Roisha. Fueled by his desire to find Roisha, and the thought that he might not find him, Corinth awakened a power within himself that he did not know existed. He began lifting impossibly heavy beams, throwing them to the side only to find passenger after passenger; all dead. No sign of Roisha. Corinth cried Roisha’s name into the deep forest, but no reply came. It was then that Corinth heard something very faint in the night, so faint he couldn’t understand it. Then it became clear to him, it was his name being called. It was Roisha! The voice was too weak to be able to tell who it was, but Corinth knew that it was Roisha. He could feel it. He could sense it.

Climbing down the branches of the giant trees of Kashyyyk, his actions sped through some unknown power, Corinth soon came to the forest floor. Not far from the tree that the shuttle had crashed into he found Roisha, weak, almost ripped in two from the fall through the branches to the forest floor. Corinth could barely feel Roisha’s pulse, and it was fading quickly. Before he had a chance to say anything, Roisha was dead. Corinth fell asleep that night sobbing next to Roisha’s lifeless body.

Those first few weeks were the hardest for Corinth. The Shadowlands were uninhabited, and since he hadn’t yet learned how to bring out his newly discovered power, he couldn’t make it to the heights required to find a Wookiee village. Corinth took advantage of the small amount of light that made it through the trees during the daytime to find things to eat, and a secluded hiding spot for nightfall. He learned to operate with little sleep, for the pitch-black night brought out terrible creatures, unimaginable to the mind. It was his need to survive combined with the dark nights of the Shadowlands that helped him develop his ability to Sense life through the Force. The Force was his savior in the deep, black night.

The mysterious power that now flowed inside of him grew day by day, allowing him to survive the horrible conditions of the Shadowlands. Over the years Corinth developed these powers on his own to aid his survival. Although he was strong enough in body and the Force within a year to make it to the Wookiee treetop villages, he’d grown adept at surviving on the floor and preferred it. He visited the Wookiees often, though, and developed a close bond with them.

One day about four years later, a former member of the Jedi Order named Jergo Alterian came into a village while Corinth was visiting. Hearing Corinth recount a tale of survival, he recognized Corinth’s connection to the Force and spoke with him about training in The Order. After thinking on it for several days, Corinth agreed to let Jergo take him to the Jedi temple on Coruscant.

Arriving at the temple, Corinth was greeted by a member of the High Council, Jedi Master Axem Keigoku. After passing all of the tests for admission, Corinth was accepted as an initiate of the academy. He attended classes daily, learning all he could about the Force. Soon though, discouraged by his slow place of learning telekinesis compared to the other initiates, Corinth stopped going to the classes on the physical Force. Noticing his excessive absences, Axem Keigoku approached Corinth to council him. After a long talk, Master Keigoku agreed to privately tutor Corinth in telekinesis. The two formed a close relationship, and in time Master Keigoku requested to take Corinth under his wing as his Padawan-Learner. Shortly thereafter, Master Keigoku also took fellow student Saama Baalb as his Padawan, and Corinth formed a friendship with him.

Corinth’s training progressed over the years, and he began to excel at lightsaber combat. Saama and Corinth spent all of their free time sparring with each other, learning from each other’s developing form, and improving each other. In just two years time, Corinth was proficient enough in the Force to be sent on small missions for The Order. One day, Corinth was asked by his Master to settle a dispute between a scientist and a trader on Dathomir. Corinth asked Saama to come along with them, so they boarded an academy ship and left for Dathomir. Landing just outside of the Dathomir research outpost, the two senior padawans quickly surmised that something was not alright. The research post seemed deserted. Corinth and Saama took a look around, and found a scientist hiding in a small storage facility. The scientist told them that a group of Force-sensitive witches, the Night Sisters, had attacked the outpost. The two decided to track down the group of Night Sisters, confident that they would be able to handle anything that came their way.
Saama and Corinth decided to split up, and it didn’t take Corinth very long to track them down. He could see two of the three Night Sisters at the bottom of a hill, sitting around a fire. Corinth sent a quiet message to Saama over his comlink, but Saama’s reply was loud enough for the Night Sisters to hear. Seeing them look up at him, Corinth ran the other way. Unfortunately, the Night Sisters were much quicker than Corinth, and he was forced to defend himself. The weakest of the two fell quickly to Corinth’s lightsaber, and he began to focus on the remaining one. Sparring without ceasing for nearly twenty minutes, both Corinth and the Night Sister were visibly drained. Just as Corinth began to have the upper hand in the fight, the third Night Sister returned.

Now fighting two well-trained Night Sisters, Corinth resolved himself to death. He attempted to telepathically warn Saama to stay away, but he was too drained and his focus was fading fast. Spotting a small opening in the third Night Sister’s defense, Corinth struck and wounded her badly. The second Night Sister, enraged by this, hurled Corinth backward with the Force. Holding him to the ground with her mind, she began to slowly and agonizingly cut off Corinth’s right arm with her lightsaber. Losing consciousness because of the pain, the last thing Corinth saw was Saama leaping over his body and striking down the Night Sister torturing him. His vision faded, and he lost consciousness.

Corinth awoke few days later, submerged in a bacta tank. Saama had struck down the Night Sister holding Corinth, and the other had fled because of her wounds. Saama carried Corinth back to their ship, and flew quickly to the academy for medical care. Now missing his right arm, Corinth was fitted with a mechanical replacement. Feeling that he had been punished enough, Master Keigoku did not reprimand Corinth. The Council soon decided that padawan-learners were no longer allowed to go on missions without the aid of their Master.

Time past quickly at the academy, as it always does. Faces came and went, but there was one new face that stuck out to Corinth: Gabe Timespanner. Gabe was a few years younger than Corinth, but the two connected quickly. Gabe wasn’t much of a challenge to him with a lightsaber, but he was talented at fighting with the Force – something that Corinth never had sparring with Saama. The two trained together often, and Corinth helped Gabe with his lightsaber combat. The two of them came to be very close friends.

From time to time the temple would be left in the hands of the Senior Padawans for safekeeping, most often when the Jedi Masters and Knights attended round table meetings with the Senate. Corinth was strolling through the temple on one such occasion during his Senior Padawanhood when he felt a warning through the Force. He fell to the ground, just in time to see a blaster bolt fly right over his head and into one of the many white pillars in the Great Hall on Coruscant. Corinth quickly jumped up to his feet and looked around the room, but the assailant was nowhere to be seen. Corinth calmly walked over to a wall panel and broadcasted a cryptic message – a message that would signal the students to quickly and calmly make their way toward the dormitory wing. He began to walk through the crowd, discreetly reading the thoughts on the front of the minds of the guests, trying to weed out the attacker. He felt a surge of anger behind him as a man yelled out, “Timespanner!” and fired another bolt at him. The crowd ran frantically and left only Corinth and the attacker at the steps of the Great Hall, next to the entrance to the dormitory wing. “It’s you, Timespanner, it’s you!”, the assailant yelled as he held the small blaster up at Corinth. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, my name is Corinth Alkorda”, he replied. Corinth felt the man’s rage surge up. “Liar! You are Timespanner!”, he shouted, and began to fire shots repeatedly at Corinth. Speeding his actions through the Force, Corinth led the man past the Dormitory wing and into the Council’s chambers, away from the other students. As he opened the door to the Council’s chambers, Corinth saw Gabe hiding inside. Corinth quickly turned around, grabbed his lightsaber from his belt and ignited it in the realization that the man would try to attack Gabe when he came around the corner. The man barreled into the chambers and froze at the sight of the lightsaber. The tables turned, Corinth began to speak to the man calmly, using his talent in manipulation of the mind to aid him. The man resisted for a short while, but Corinth was able to persuade the would-be-assassin through the Force to drop his blaster and leave the Temple. The man ran out the doors, never to be seen again.
Shortly under an hour later the Masters arrived back at the temple. Corinth met with Master Keigoku and detailed everything that had happened. Simultaniously glad and dissapointed in Corinth, Master Keigoku explained that he was proud that Corinth had reacted quickly and calmly in the situation and had protected the other students, but that he would have like Corinth to press further once he had the hold on the man’s mind. Additional information about him would have helped to lead to discovering his identity and motives. At that point, Axem left Corinth with the medical droid for a few tests while he went to relay the day’s events to the entire Council.

As Master Keigoku suspected, the medical droid reported that the blood samples drawn from Corinth and Gabe revealed the two to be brothers. This revelation rang true in Corinth’s heart, and for the first time in so many years, he did not feel alone. Just as Corinth and Gabe began to talk about each other’s past, Corinth was called to an audience in front of the Council.

“Corinth Alkorda, sometimes the Force reveals more than can be seen upon first glance”, Master Shimi Zaki said. He continued, “Although your actions did not reveal much about the aggressor, they revealed much about your character, your talent, and your dedication to the other members of the Jedi Order.” Both Master Zaki and Master Keigoku rose from their seats and ignited their lightsabers in the dimly-lit room. In unison, they declared “By the right of the Council, and the will of the Force” “I, Axem Keigoku”, “I, Shimi Zaki”, “confer upon you the title of Knight of the Jedi Order.”