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Clara Baunes

Clara Baunes
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Kuat

Mentor(s): Kieran Orion

Species: Human


Among the peaceful plains of Kuat, Clara was born onto a well-established farm with her two loving parents. Not long after her birth, Clara’s parents were offered – by a watchman – the chance to send off their daughter to train in the art of Jedism. Only just receiving a child of their own however, they requested a postponement of the offer from which the watchman agreed. From the age of three she was applied an education to the nearest school. Through the years she lived a life like any other healthy child, despite living on a farm. Her family was fairly wealthy and lived comfortably throughout each passing day. Her mother cooked, cleaned and cared for Clara after school, whilst her father proceeded with his agricultural duties.

As Clara aged six years, her mother gave birth to another, and the idea of sending Clara to an Academy nestled in her parent’s minds. However, they thought Clara too young to fathom what opportunity was laid out for her alongside the fact that the watchman hadn’t returned. With such, they agreed to wait a couple more years until her maturity had reached a level of understanding where Clara could decide for herself. In the meantime, her mother would often fascinate Clara with grand stories of the Old Republic and who Jedi were.

By the age of eight, she had learned a fair amount about the world around her. Clara spoke good basic for her age and was a very healthy, young girl. It was at this age that, to her parent’s surprise, the watchman returned to the farm in question of their daughter and her potential. The parents reluctantly allowed the watchman to explain and ask Clara herself whether or not she would want to lead a new life. Upon being asked, Clara welcomed the idea immediately. It was then that her parents warned her that this wasn’t a temporary holiday, but a whole other life – a life that demanded effort, sacrifice, and commitment in which her parents could not be there to hold her hand. After long consideration and explanation, Clara agreed to leave her home to learn to be someone her parents could be proud of, and so set off with the watchman to potentially start her new life.