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Ciril Larisi

Ciril Larisi
Adept - Adept

Homeworld: Devaron

Species: Devaronian


Ciril Larisi is a Devaronian Force-sensitive male born on 339.21. Hailing from Devaron in the core colonies, his parents managed a small tech business in a busy region of the system. Here, Ciril developed his knowledge of mechanics, often making use of his time tinkering with objects. One day, Ciril wasn’t paying attention while putting away tools in the workshop. One of the electro-spanners he put away fell, with the electrical cable still attached, it pulled a large generator unit down with it; crushing and fracturing a bone in Ciril’s leg. The medical facility, limited with medical supplies; explained it would take 8 weeks to heal such a major fracture. Week after week, Ciril went in for checkups; only for the doctor to discover the progress of the healing was ahead of projections each time. Ciril’s body had healed his leg three weeks ahead of the healing projections placed by the doctors. In confusion, they performed a blood test to determine why this had happened. The blood tests revealed an interesting circumstance.

His parents were decided. Unlike the majority of Devaronians; Ciril’s parents subscribed to the desire of growing into greatness; and recognized the Jedi Order. They believed if a child is force-sensitive, they belong with the Jedi. They contacted the local government agency. One of the diplomats had a relationship with a man who often checked up on the younger generations of the system; a Watchman of sorts. The diplomat informed the Watchman of the situation regarding Ciril, and handed him the blood test. Ciril was offered a decision to choose a life away from home; to become a Jedi.

Ciril went with the Watchman, along with his parent’s guidance; and began his journey to become a Jedi.