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Homeworld: Ryloth

Species: Twi'lek


Ch’sei’Afan spent most of her life aboard a light freighter, never settling in one place for too long and always on the move between Ryloth and other planets. Her father, Silais’Afan refused to admit to Ch’Sei but he and his Nautolan business partner, Tin Minda, were smugglers by trade.

Ch’sei was always wise that there was more to her father’s business than he let on to, but she knew not to ask questions in which she wouldn’t like the answers. The places they would load and unload at were unsavory, and her father would always warn her to stay in the ship, where it was safe. For the most part, Ch’sei always abided by this, except for some occasions where she had no other choice but to stay with her father’s questionable associates. She’d learned quickly to be quiet, observant, and most important as to keep a stiff upper lip and show no weakness.

Ch’sei was always close to her father as they’d bond between their destinations, as he would maintain the ship’s engines and systems. She would watch him work while he told her stories about the adventures he had on the worlds they would land on through a careful filter. He was always kind-hearted, creative, and loving towards his daughter. Ch’sei grew a curiosity for the ship and its design over time as her father encouraged this.

The ship’s pilot and her father’s partner was someone Ch’sei always look to as a second father figure. Tin Minda was a jolly individual who had a great sense of humor and a knack for avoiding details. He would let her sit up front in the cockpit and tell her a little about the ship to humor her curiosity.

From a young age, Ch’sei believed that her mother died giving birth, but this was not true. Seku Afan, her mother, was sold into legal contract slavery shortly after Ch’sei was born. Because of this, her father was never the same. When Ch’sei was two years old, her father took her and boarded a smuggling ship. Blinded by the pain of losing his wife, he set out to rescue as many slaves as he could under the guise of a courier of contraband and people. This operation lasted years as he gained allies and contacts to help rescue as many people as possible. He never told Ch’sei what was truly going on, explaining they were traders. He had hoped she would never have to know the truth.

The last time Ch’sei saw either her father or Tin Minda, they had landed at a fuel station in Ryloth when officers stormed the station and soon the ship. The officers separated her from her guardians as they removed half a dozen Twi’Leks frozen in carbonite in addition to several illegal caged animals. While the Rylorian government tried to figure out what to do with her, a Jedi investigator interrogated her. She immediately was cleared of any knowledge of the crimes transpassed. After being discovered as force sensitive, she was shipped on the next transport to Rannon without a second thought.