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Chothi Uxaala

Chothi Uxaala

Homeworld: Mirial

Species: Mirialan

Padawan(s): Tal Zem


Born into a large extended family in 309.06 on a remote estate located in the cold tundra of Mirial, Chothi was surrounded by familiar faces throughout her childhood. A waypoint of sorts between two major cities, strangers would stay on the family estate and often would leave as family friends.

With a plethora of siblings following her, Chothi was frequently placed into the role of caregiver. Her education was taught by a multitude of relatives and in turn she would teach her younger brothers and sisters. She relished the role and gained a reputation for being overly strict with her pupils, even when she did not know the material well herself.

One particularly dire Winter season, the routes to and from the estate were nigh impassable, the roads piling high with snow faster than it could be cleared. Despite the food stores, eventually the supplies ran low.

As a few members of her family prepared to leave to retrieve the emergency surplus from a bunker a few klicks south-west from the estate, a stranger who had been staying for a few nights offered to assist. The winds howled like feral hounds and the cold blistered their fingers as the excursion set off and Chothi felt the pit of her stomach drop in fear.

Breaking from the relative warmth of the house, she called to the group, pleading with them all to stay another night, that there were a few more bones to boil into a broth for that evening. Her uncles and aunts scoffed at her outburst, but the stranger heeded her words and convinced the group to postpone until the following day.

That night, a storm unlike any they had seen in years raged around the estate, crushing several of the outhouses. The excursion party would never have returned, that much was clear. The following morning, the snow stopped and the supplies were fetched with ease.

As the long thaw to Spring began, the stranger approached Chothi’s family, weaving stories about her intuition. She had potential, the stranger said, and with the right training on a world called Ossus, it might be realised. Chothi’s parents agreed, though not before the young Mirialan was granted her first two facial tattoos, recognising her bravery and foresight.

Once she was initiated on Ossus, Chothi threw herself into her training, her strict but surprisingly patient nature from teaching her siblings often raising its head. In time, she became a Padawan, then later a Jedi Knight, eventually taking a student of her own.

With the decline of the Jedi Order across the galaxy following the Great Galactic Plague, she redirected her energy into keeping the Jedi presence known, rather than fade into obscurity. When approached by the High Council to assist in the construction and running of a new outpost on Bacrara, she accepted the responsibility, finding as much comfort in the temperate forests as she had back in the tundra of Mirial.