JEDI HoloNet

Chiv Bango


Homeworld: Bandomeer

Species: Rodian


According to public records Gumb Bango and Mova Zrip married on the junction station Orbiting Bandomeer. They both were pilot and co pilot of a freighter. On 386.13 ABY they had their first child, a girl they named Tiff. Gumb and Mova took Tiff along on most flights they had, that is until 390.26, when Mova gave birth to Chiv. The cycle before, Mova’s father passed and arrangements were made for her mother to move to the station to live with them and watch Tiff and Chiv as Gumb and Mova worked during the week.

On the morning of 395.4 ABY, Chiv’s father and mother were attacked during a delivery to Rodia. The attack on the company freighter killed his father and left his mother paralyzed from the waist down. Mova retired form freight, took the money from the insurance and settlement out of court to buy the local cantina (The Outer Brim), a set of exo-skeleton leg harnesses in order to walk again and paid for a permanent place of residence on the station.

The Jedi watchmen were dispatched because Chiv’s father and mother had been registered in the archives as just below the admissible range for midichlorian count, and were flagged to have their children tested. Tiff was also just below the admission range, but Chiv’s results granted him permission to visit a temple to be observed.

Chiv was in his second year of holo-schooling and often times helped out his mother at the cantina or his grandmother who came to run the hydroponics around the station. Chiv insisted on helping out with duties around the ship. He was happy to do even small tasks like cleaning off counter tops, mopping or simply setting the tables. He preferred table games to more physical activities and was caught several times defacing the interior plates and floor panels with Rodian graffiti across the station. He manages himself well in small spaces, more than likely a trait of living on an orbital station.