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Homeworld: Mutanda

Species: Mashi Horansi


Born in the far reaches of the galaxy, in the outer rim, this young litter had become cherished and cared for very closely by his parents. Growing in a very tight and secured culture, it was a difficult childhood for Cess’Ki, the young Horansi. Not in a manner of friendship or loyalty, more on his behavior against the system. Punished a countless number of times for his trickery, games and childlike attitude, he had become known amongst his village of dens and huts for performing this behavior amongst the people. Though many times the village had attempted to banish Cess’Ki, though baring in mind he was merely a kitten, it had no affect to the tight structure of laws in there part of the forests. His parents were given plenty of warnings, though strongly bonded with there litter, they did what they must to sustain themselves within the village grounds for as long as possible. With the potential risk of banishment of there family being at a high risk, they could not take any further chances, knowing that a banish is not simply a leave of the village, it is seen as a disgrace across there whole species. Cess’Ki however did not care of such, infact he had no idea of the actions he takes could potentially unfold into, and with this he harassed, robbed and disgraced the village further. His behavior became to an unbearable state, his parents left hopeless as there words of lecture never surpassed the mind of there litter. Their relation had shrunk greatly, Cess’Ki would take regular trips out and would not return for days, though when he would, it would be with somebodies credits or a crowd behind him with steel raised. It was always his family that had to stand and simmer down the crowd of angered sentients to then return the goods. Though getting the goods from Cess’Ki was no easy task, especially with his childlike attitude, he would torment and tease his family, though himself acknowledging it as fun, it would be seen as different on the outside. Many years of these acts, and Cess’Ki did not improve. Infact he grew worse.

As he was reaching adulthood, it was seen as a tradition to graduate the litters, especially in the Horansi Mashi subspecies, their beliefs were very strict and firm. Though… with Cess’Ki, he never received his. It was denied by the village elders, with his final warning this also brought banishment. Cess’Ki was forced from the village, his name was dishonored and all morales stripped. He left the village alone, as his family did not follow. Bathed in warmth and comfort from his family, it eventually grew strong on his mind at how living his life without them would be difficult. Infact impossible to this young cat. It was deadly wildlife out in the wilderness, although the species known as a keen hunter had become the hunted as he was to young to take down prey. His attentions turned to thieving from the villages nearby, though fighting or even robbing for food became a struggle, leading to Cess’Ki shrinking in strength.Though his species was worshipped by the Horansi and gifted, his presence in many other areas of the planet did not aid him, as words of banishment spread easy across the culture. He was simply shamed and sent away by the security or the Kasa, infact beaten on many occasions. He was caught regularly attempting to thief from the huts, it was not long until there was an adequate bounty on his head. The species of Horansi, being very good hunters and game players, always enjoyed the challenged, making Cess’Ki’s escape highly impossible, though his kind being an almost impossible one to find, it was not one that could do such from his own kind, common sense came by instinct to Cess’Ki, where he had made his way to the nearest shuttleport, more in fear and panic, his awareness was amongst the distances as he traveled. It was however not long until he was find, but not from a bounty hunter, infact it was from his own village elders. Within traditions all members born in a village of Mashi was seen as a relative, in bond by the belief. Though banished and denied by them, they still had pity and hope in many individuals. It was then where Cess’Ki was aided off-world where his family had removed the bounty on his departure. A very lucky escape for the Horansi.

Cess’Ki had many decisions to make as he landed on Ilum, though a very odd location to be, he did not have a decision in what location he wished to be. Infact the Horansi had slept through most parts of the trip. He stepped out of the shuttle and made his way onwards, where he had came close to rumors rumors of the crystals, used by many Jedi. It was obvious this Horansi did not have second thoughts when he had decided to make his way using all his senses to seek out such crystals, in obvious hopes to make wealth of such. It was then, when the Horansi had came confronted with the caves that hold some of the crystals that Jedi seek to this very day. Though as he had approached his presence was felt by a nearby Jedi and his fellow Padawan who was inside the caves at this current moment. Though the Horansi unaware he took his mind elsewhere to a nearby crystal, his eyes reflected the glow as he had become mesmerized by such for many moments of seconds. An old croaky voice came up behind the Horansi’s shoulder where he spoke.

Jedi: ”Not to be afraid, young feline,”

Cess’Ki instantly replied with an audible hiss as he was shot from his feet in reaction to the approach of the voice, his ears darting back and claws withdrawing. The Jedi spoke further, dismissing the instincts of the Horansi.

Jedi: ”Beautiful, isn’t it?”.

It took much time for the Horansi to calm, though over time the feline had gave two firm nods in response, where he had leaned foreword, hand plants on the crystals core as his head pokes over towards the Jedi.

Jedi: ”What brings you here, feline?”

Cess’Ki pats the crystal core twice, his tail swinging with anxiety and curiosity as he speaks: ”Name.. no feline, Cess’Ki.. name..; I like dish.. glowing thiing. I have?”

He had responded, from they’re the Jedi had requested the Horansi to follow, where they had then preceded across the caves, a tour of many sorts though more lectures. Each passing step the feline became comfortable, where his interests laid with questions on questions. After much discussion the topic ranged from the Crystals of Ilum to Tayyk’s past, where sympathy was somewhat shown from the Jedi, as hope also glimpsed. He was taken to the temple to be examined and tested. Fortunately for Tayyk, he made it into the Initiation period, though this was simply by his midi-chlorian count and potential of force sensitivity. His true behavior was shrunk and hidden by a calm state as he entered an unknown territory to himself. It was until Cess’Ki became comfortable in the home of Ilum, that he began his mischievous ways. Though progressing in the arts of the force as an initiate, he also had progressed in the arts of discipline as he was fairly known within that department for his behavior breaching to many points, some even extending to the Horansi breaching into the Security Ward and using the public comm-links to broadcast messages across into the hallways of the temple, mostly containing poor jokes though within Cess’Ki’s eyes was seen as a game. Cess’Ki’s behavior became so excessive to the temple that he was never taken on by a Master. For such his behavior mainly sprung for entertainment. Due to Cess’Ki becoming fairly well held with the force and adopting it to his abilities with stealth, it was fairly obvious the Feline needed a pairing immediately before his behavior became unbearable, or further yet, uncontrollable, and knowing that Ilum had no place for Cess’Ki though before such transfer to the corps it has appeared elsewhere had instead accepted the Horansi’s challenge, he was transferred after serving five years at the Ilum Temple. Alzoc III was his next destination, as they approved his transfer in hopes to secure his path once more after reviewing his history.