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Cero Rooi

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Umbara

Mentor(s): Eiin Atzeb

Species: Umbaran


Born in the shadow-plains of Umbara in the Ghost Nebula in year 309 ABY, Cero grew up in the upper-caste family of Rooi. With his father Bakke, a commanding figure in the Umbaran military; Cero was always expected to ascend in his fathers footsteps. He was raised with nihilism as the fundamental ideology of his morality. Nihilism will grant success, nihilism will ascend him into greater castes. At a young age, Cero had begun to develop a elementary intuition in sensing the actions of others before they happened. This allowed him to gain a reputation, as he often used this gift to provoke his peers into conflict; only to outsmart them intellectually and instinctively.

Notice began to shine on Cero, when educational officials contacted the government. The Umbaran government at the time had a number of loyalists to the Jedi Order, following warm relations after a resolution from previous galactic conflicts. The Jedi Order assigned a Watchman to the system to inspect Cero for force-sensitivity. He passed each test given to him, and after steady negotiation was submitted into training at the Ossus Temple. In his first few years, he struggled to adjust to the new environment and physical changes of the Ossus environment. This resulted in a poor physical complexion, and an adjusted training schedule. Cero began to train at night in the comfort of the darkness.

As the years went by, he was recognised by a Jedi Knight by the name of Eiin Atzeb. Master Atzeb was a proficient saberist, excelling in aggression forms such as Ataru and Djem So. Cero quickly entered an intensive training regime with his master, picking up acrobatic skills and developing his strength. His Master had a philosophy of developing and building off your strengths. His training develop in accordance with his natural capability to study, manipulate and influence. Morality and ethics were held side by side his intrusive lessons, where he learned the intricate ability to sense and influence others. Cero was Knighted in the presence of the Ossus Council on the year of 331 ABY.