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Cedro Huerter

Cedro Huerter
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Unknown

Mentor(s): Tharon Jivler, Xin Okata

Species: Ubese


Cedro was born on a small ship, and was taken care of by the only two people there with him, his parents. Giannis, his father, was the one who raised the boy for most of his life, while his mother, Shadiare, continued to work daily to provide for the family. Giannis, and Shadiare both worked as bounty hunters, in which they constantly needed to move around. While his parents agreed that his mother was better at their job, his father would nurture, and teach Cedro day by day. Whether it was the basic language, Ubese culture, or even how to react in a dangerous situation, due to his parents job. It was drilled into the child to always listen to them in order to stay safe, and be prepared for any situation.

Regardless of how dangerous life was for the trio, they always found a way to make-do. With some time off, their income began to grow low. The two adults figured that if they started to take bigger jobs, they’d have more time for their child, due to bigger amounts of pay. Shadiare assured her husband that she could handle the next job alone, after speaking to their contact and being persuaded into thinking it was a simple retrieval job. They landed their ship in a grassy area, somewhat covered by trees in the night on a planet unknown to Cedro. The child gave his mother a warm embrace before she set out.

Giannis smiled behind his helmet, before pulling his son back, informing him that he should probably get some rest. Unfortunately, that wasn’t easy for Cedro, especially knowing that one of his parents were out and about. After some hours go by, worry starts to grow within the two males at the ship. A call is made to the ship, and Giannis moved swiftly to answer it. After a few moments pass, Cedro’s father quickly moves to grab his blaster, informing his son to sit tight, and that he’s going to help his mother.

Of course, Cedro couldn’t do that, he could not leave his parents in such a situation. He reached for a small utility belt his parents got him, and grabbed one of their spare blasters before following his father at a distance. Fortunately, there was no danger as the child watched his father carrying Shadiare back to their ship. Though, there was another man walking beside them, someone Cedro had never seen before.

Giannis motioned his son back towards the ship, scolding him on the way for ignoring his orders. Once they returned, Giannis began tending to his wife’s wounds, while speaking to the man they allowed upon their ship. Cedro calmly stared the man down, eyeing his robe and odd clothing. The robed man explained to the two adults that he could take their son, and train him, as it would be a safer environment for him than his current one. Although their culture severely clashed with the robed mans ideals, they eventually gave in realizing their care for their sons life was greater than their belief in their own culture.

The next day, Cedro’s parents prepared for their sons leave, packing his belongings, and speaking to the watchmen to assure their child would be safe, and that they’d be able to see him in the future. Before they had their final goodbyes, Giannis handed Cedro one of his old helmets, something to remember his roots. With that, they gave their final embraces, and Cedro was sent off with the Watchman.