JEDI HoloNet

Cecilio Ventus

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Alpheridies

Mentor(s): Ranni Mala*, Joran Fayara

Species: Miraluka


As an Alpheridies-born Miraluka child, it would seem obvious that Ventus would find himself inducted into the Order given his and his race’s natural affinity for the Force, though he wasn’t immediately drawn in to their embrace. He was orphaned, but not by the loss of his parents. As a toddler, Ventus was taken to Coruscant with his father Cecilio to attend a GBA line-up between Welterweight journeyman Galen Sol and Jara’ta Kal. In the midst of all the confusion, the toddler escaped the sight of his parents and wandered into the crowd, lost amidst feet and cheering. As the bout came to a close and Galen descended from the ring back to the locker room, the confused and frightened Ventus had found his way into the brightly lit corridor, and Galen took him in.

Too young to remember his parents faces or names, Ventus fell under Galen’s care as he traveled the rim and core worlds, setting his growing eyes on various archaeological digs and historical sights throughout his childhood, eventually acquiring his father’s wanderlust. He did not inherit the major interest in archaeology as Galen did, but looked up to his adoptive father for his bravery in and out of the boxing ring, following his journey up the ladder of the GBA until he earned the Core Worlds Championship Belt, and became an icon.

Despite having left the Jedi Order some decades earlier, the guilty conscience plaguing Galen’s mind resulted in a final and conscious decision to put Ventus under the watchful eyes of the Jedi Order. Ventus had only grown enough to see his father as a super hero of sorts, admiring the brutal, bloody sport with youthful vigor, but not oblivious to the fact that, as he faced the Jedi Temple on Alpheridies, he was being released to a world far different than he’d expected. Granted the express permission to visit once per cycle, Galen returned to the academy to witness the growth and tutelage of Ventus as he rose from a hopeful to an initiate and began nurturing the inherent sensitivity in himself.

During all this time, Ventus learned the fundamentals of lightsaber combat and defense, telekinesis, leaping and other such abilities that coincided with the natural “sense” already present. He posed no issues to the Jedi, always a friendly, calm and accepting person toward others, though lacking in wisdom as children always do without experiencing hardship. The initiate trials came and, with Galen appearing less and less in Ventus’ life, he gradually let go of his attachment to his adoptive father and was named a Padawan at the age of 12 under Ranni Mala, a Mirialan Jedi Knight. Their tenure as a duo was short, though, when Ranni was diagnosed only two years later with some severe cancer and, as a result, was hospitalized and left Ventus’ training unfinished.

Seeing the Rannon Praxeum as an open and available source of tutoring on an environment with so much green and fresh air, the Alpheridies Academy planned for Ventus’ transfer, and Galen volunteered to bring him, and with the Alpheridies Council’s permission, they boarded Galen’s ship and set off across the galaxy toward the peaceful, green haven of the Rannon Praxeum. Along the way, at the age of fifty and after having investigations regarding his status as a boxer and former apprentice to the Jedi, Galen expressed some obvious and telltale signs of brain damage, such as repeating things twice or forgetting what he was doing, blanking out on occasion. The heartbreaking notion was kept under Ventus’ wraps, all up until they landed on Rannon, which by itself was a miracle considering Galen’s forgetful illness.

Mentorless but open-minded, quiet and eager to learn, Ventus was sent off to register himself with the council and, as his adoptive father, Galen stayed to spend more time with him while there was still time, his deteriorating condition ever advancing.