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Cai Mial


Homeworld: Coruscant

Species: Kaminoan


Cai Mial was born to two esteemed Jedi parents, Ra Mial and Ivel Mial, on the year 361.01. However, by the time he was born, both his parents had retired from the Order. They lived on the top level of Coruscant, where Cai lived in luxury and frequently was taken to dinners with the highest officials of the Republic. His Father soon became a prominent politician, and his mother managed the home.

At the age of 9, Cai became bored one evening. He was sick of playing with his Lightsaber toys, he was sick of the mundane life of being taken to meetings with officials to be shown off by his parents, and he was even starting to grow a little bit bored with the stories his parents told him about the Jedi and their time in the Imperium War. Cai was having odd dreams, and saw a large purple tree in one of them, on the lowest levels of Coruscant.

Cai had never done anything quite so naughty, and he knew how dangerous the lower levels were. But his parents were out, and their fleets of butlers had taken the day off, so he fled his home and began travelling with little knowledge of where to go. He followed the grubbiest looking people, using the transports and sneaking between crowds, until he found himself in what could only be described as a cesspit.

It smelt horrible, it looked horrible, and the people were horrible. But at the very edge of the damp, dingy tunnel, there was the purple tree he had seen in his dream. He had only ever seen the synthetic trees of upper Coruscant, and a beauty like that *had* to be looked at closer. It seemed to be outside an establishment known as the ‘watering hole’, which several men were vomiting outside of.

So he ran up to it. He ran as his little legs could carry him, avoiding the deeper trenches of swampy water and the odd drunkard that had fallen face flat in the filth. He was almost close enough to touch it, before suddenly, he was whisked off his feet and pushed by a running man. Before he knew what was happening, the sound of blaster bolts filled the world, and a whirling current of sounds and noises soon surrounded Cai too. He was dragged to safety by a Jedi known as Bo Iiln.

Cai was so excited, he could hardly speak out of a mixture of fear and excitement. But when he did, he told the nice Jedi all that he had to tell. The Jedi took some blood and did some tests, and when he returned to his home, his parents couldn’t have been prouder. Cai was going to be a Jedi.