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Caerith Lhot

Caerith Lhot
Jedi Knight - Former High Councilor

Homeworld: Belsavis

Mentor(s): Tiber Reman, Tayyk Ozk'euun

Species: Cathar

Padawan(s): Anya, Rewen, Emma Vilume


‘Cold and calculating’ would be the Cathar’s reputation if it were up to him.

A man of few words, preferring actions over them, Caerith has gone through most of his life with his attention focused into his training. His mindset established from a young age, Caerith has evolved mainly in ability and experience throughout the years. Often absent, on assignments, he makes sure that whenever he is present at the Temple he is guiding the new generations into a proper and disciplined path. Making sure they are properly equipped and ready for whatever the Galaxy might throw their way; in the same way that he is.


Few survived the devastating battle of Cathar. Even fewer survived the harsh years to come, in mourning and hiding, an event that brought the Cathar species near to extinction. Yet, in the following centuries, the remaining population rose again and rebuilt a portion of its former glory. Though, some left, in an attempt to find a better future, migrating other places of the Galaxy. One of the many that succeeded this attempt, were the Kald Nivis.

Kald Nivis was a Cathar subspecies that came into existence after many generations of the very first Cathar nomads who inhabited the Planet Belsavis. After years of evolution, those Cathar adapted a white and ice-colored fur, as well as a high resistance to low temperatures and cold environments, in order to survive the harsh and cold Belsavis planet. The Kald Nivis are a group of tribes, living in high elevated caves inside the craters of the planet. They are exceptional hunters, which help them have a decent trading relationship with few species inhabiting Belsavis; trading mostly furs and skins. Also, the resources of Belsavis planet allowed them to evolve craftsmanship like mineral refining, wood sculpting and ice-smithing (which is used to make melee weapons and resilient buildings). Despite their trading relationships with some species of Belsavis, Kald Nivis are enclosed people, keeping their contact with others minimal.

Caerith was a Cathar born in Kald Nivis. He was born in one of the coldest days of Belsavis planet. And despite their resistance, some of the babies did not survive the first week. But he, did.
Caerith was born in a family of hunters. Both his father, Namu, and his mother, Culona, were two of the best predators of the area. He also had two sisters; Ninyx and Calush.

Despite their wild and fierce blood, Cathar has a strong and warm bond with their family. And taking in accord that his parents, who were among the best, had expectations from their children; they were neither strict, not pressing toward him. So, Caerith had some decent and caring years of his life till now.

The lifespan of a Cathar is a little shorter than most races. However, they grow up at a fast pace, which doesn’t leave much time for relaxing, especially in an environment like Belsavis. Caerith had started undergoing the basic training by the age of five, and by the age of six he was taken out at his first hunt tutorial, with a guardian, who was his mother.

Caerith knew hunting was in his blood. The fierce instinct of a predator was inside him, and he had to follow it for the rest of his life. But something felt wrong. Every time he watched a game die, every time he set his eyes upon a lifeless animal, which was breathing and running freely a mere second ago, something was breaking inside of him. He couldn’t understand what or why this was happening. He was supposed to be born a predator. It might have been the young of his age, or his kind heart. He couldn’t know. And that uneasy feeling was stronger when he had to bring down his first prey.

It wasn’t long after Caerith took his first blood. He was six years old now, and he had to be ready by the age of nine, in order to undergo the trial of the hunt, in order to become a full-fledged hunter when he comes of age. The number of preys in his log was increasing, and so did the burden in his heart. But he never hesitated, he did what he was tutored and instructed by his parents and his tribe. It was ironical how the warm and lovely family atmosphere back at the tribe, changed so swiftly out in the wilds.
Lost in those thoughts, he advanced forward, increasing the distance between him and his guardian. But luck is not always by your side. At that moment, the worst moment that something like that could happen in those two years Caerith is going out hunting, he became the prey. A large, native beast, far beyond his capabilities, cornered Caerith in mere seconds, ready to claim its price. His mother dashed toward him, but it was obvious she wouldn’t make it in time. And indeed, Caerith would not be alive by now. He closed his eyes in fear and acceptance and extended his arms in front of him, as a last resort of protection. That was the moment when he felt that warm and peaceful feeling inside him, running in his veins. A loud sound of something heavy falling on the ice and fast-paced steps running away made Caerith open hesitantly his eyes. He saw the beast disappearing between the rocks, as it ran away. He learned with great surprise, from his own mother, that he pushed the beast away when it leaped on him. And not with his hands nor with his weapon, but with an invisible mean, which was the Force.

His parents knew stories and tales about it, and they passed that knowledge to Caerith. And two days after that event, a woman appeared at their tribe, wearing robes under her thick-furred cloak, and a metallic tube hanging on her belt, a lightsaber. She made it clear now that Caerith had the Force inside of him, and she was meant to take him with her. Terrified yet determined, Caerith followed the lady to that unknown adventure that was unfolding ahead of him.