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Bomat Vreld

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Tatooine

Mentor(s): Tiber Reman

Species: Shistavanen


Bomat’s parents met on Uvena Prime where they served as devout and highly skilled scouts for Uvena System Constabulary. They worked closely with the most sophisticated technology the Shistavanen and Sullustan had to offer. After years of service, they moved back to his mother’s home planet, where they had their litter of pups.

Bomat was born on Tatooine alongside his other siblings, and had rejoined with his mother’s colony. He spent most days with fellow younglings wandering in packs deep within the forests either hunting during the day or howling into the night. Bomat seemed to always have the most heightened senses among the pack of little predators.

Once the colony determined the pup may be Force sensitive, his parents decided that Bomat should not stay in this system alone, and agreed that his uses can be of greater value elsewhere. After discussions with USC, it had been arranged for Bomat to leave the Uvena System and meet a Jedi Watchmen in the more accessible Eriadu System.

They travel to Ossus where Bomat is introduced to the Order. It did not take long for the wolfchild to condone to his Shistavanen ways and continued his early years at the academy under strict solitude. It was a concern that his lack of social interaction would impede his learning experience, thus a transfer was arranged.