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Bo Iiln

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Dorin

Species: Kel Dor

Padawan(s): Xel Damar, Maia Rimora, Evanin Dawnstar, Durindfire


Bo has studied many applications of Tutaminis and has become proficient at energy negation. While his skills in burst telekinesis are not efficiently developed he is versed in sustained telekinesis and is able to levitate and manipulate objects of various sizes. His telepathic skills are mediocre – he struggles with projective telepathy at times, but is able to sustain effective mental barriers and is able to influence the minds of others when necessary. Otherwise, he is capable in the abilities of Mechu-Deru and can manipulate electrical currents at a microscopic level.


Bo is known for his skills as a Jedi Investigator, specifically his abilities in disguise and deception and has a knack for working as an “inside man”.


Bo Iiln was born in 301 ABY in the city of Dor’shan on the planet Dorin. His mother was a Baran Do sage while his father a successful and rather influential sales representative for a company that specialized in the exportation of advanced technologies. Bo’s force sensitivity was discovered at an early age. The Baran Do contemplated training him, but further meditation lead to the conclusion that his future would better served in the Jedi Order. After much discussion, it was decided that he should be taken to Coruscant for training. In 307 ABY, Bo was initiated in to the Jedi Order.

Bo’s early training was fairly standard, and he studied various aspects of the Force, the lightsaber arts, and Jedi culture. While he was eager to learn, he often preferred more practical approaches to his training. Thus, he rarely spent more time than he had to in the archives or writing a report and was often perceived as unmotivated and lazy by his peers. Regardless, Jedi Master Ralaron Mulloc apprenticed Bo in 310 ABY, and together they focused on advancing the young Kel Dor’s training. Master Mulloc served the Jedi Order as an Investigator and was often away from the temple, leaving the Kel Dor to train on his own for weeks at a time. Early in his training while Master Mulloc was away Bo was encouraged to study the Jedi culture in great detail, especially the Jedi Code. Over time, he eventually grew proficient at a variety of Force-related techniques including sustained telekinesis, augmentation, and tutaminis.

Much to Bo’s surprise, Master Mulloc announced that he was taking on a second Padawan, a human by the name of Aris Moranea after about two years of training Bo alone. Initially Bo was skeptical and unsure of how to react, but he slowly began warming up to the human female. The two began training together in all aspects of their Jedi training. Indubitably, when their peers found one, the other was close by. A bond began forming between the two both emotionally and through the Force. They were known to spend an exceptional amount of time alone while Master Mulloc was away.

When not studying Jedi-related topics, Bo was known for his technological prowess. From an early age, he understood basic aspects electrical and mechanic engineering and pursued the topics further as he grew older. Eventually, he began studying circuitry, design, and internal structures of many elements of technology including blasters, droids, and various electrical systems. When Bo began designing his lightsaber towards the end of his training, he modified his hilt to include several technological advancements. Early in to his Knighthood, he began combining his interest in technology with his experience in Force theory and began discovering the technique called Mechu-Deru. Furthermore, he studied with various Masters to learn how to manipulate the Force in such a way that he could manipulate electrical currents in machinery and even sentient beings.

Eventually, in the year 325 ABY, Bo was deemed fit for Knighthood by Master Mulloc and the Jedi Council and was promoted to Jedi Knight after passing a series of gruesome trials involving a menacing mercenary gang that threatened stability in a city not too far from the capital of Coruscant. A year later, Aris was knighted. Still, their relationship deepened and eventually they professed feelings for each other. Though difficult at first, they began accepting the reality of their situation and the conflicts that it presented with Jedi culture. Their relationship was a secret and they accepted that their duty as Jedi came first. But it soon became clear that it was not as easy as they imagined.

Bo and Aris travelled together to answer a distress signal received by the Order from a transport ship carrying important government officials from the planet of Serenno. It was ambushed by a group of mercenaries seeking to hold the officials for ransom. When the two Jedi Knights arrived, they worked together to take the ship back, but failed when Aris was captured. The mercenary tortured her and added her to the ransom lift they were offering the Republic. Blinded by his passion and emotions, Bo attacked the mercenaries in an attempt to save Aris. During his attempt, the mercenaries executed Aris and many of the prisoners before the Jedi Knight was able to defeat them and take control of the ship. When Bo was able to recollect himself, he returned the government officials to Serenno and went in to a self-proclaimed exile.

In the year 329 ABY, Bo returned to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and went before the Council to answer for his actions.

329.19 – Knight Iiln submitted a request to transfer to another branch of the Order and departed Coruscant for Alzoc III.
329.31 – Knight Iiln took on Evanin Dawnstar has his first Padawan Learner.
330.14 – Knight Iiln took a second Padawan, a young Kel Dor named Xel Damar. Not too long afterwards, however, Padawan Damar left Alzoc III to pursue a career in archaeology at the Jedi Temple on Ossus.
331.10 – At the request of Bo’s former master, the young Maia Rimora was transferred to the Yavin IV enclave under the care of Knight Iiln.