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Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Dexen Cass

Species: Zelosian


Bluma is the youngest child to Irit Nurit, the primary wife of Aritz Nurit. Aritz is an older Zelosian noble who was a member of the Galactic Senate to represent Zelos II when he was younger. The Nurit family holds great political influence in the Middle Rim due to their long and heavy roots through several systems. Within the Core Worlds, they are more so known for their wealth due to amassing a large amount of property on Coruscant and Naboo. Unfortunately, Bluma was born very late into the life of Aritz Nurit. At the point in which she was born, she had several older siblings all lined up for the inheritance from tertiary, or secondary, wives. As such, Bluma’s birth shifted the inheritance rights in a major way due to her being the only child of the primary wife.

As a result of this, Bluma’s mother attempted to protect her from her siblings who all desperately wanted either the family’s wealth or political legacy. Whenever Bluma met her siblings, all she was met with was hostility. To make matters worse, the young girl had a trait only known to her father’s family. Zelosians of her father’s lineage possessed plant-like hair with flowers that bloomed in accordance to their emotions. This rare trait was unknowingly due to the family being partially descendants of the Sylphe race. Bluma was the only sibling who inherited this trait from her father, further marking her as the proper heir to the family.

When Bluma was six there was an attempted kidnapping. They never caught the ones responsible. However, it only furthered her mother’s protective grasp on the girl. She was raised in relative solitude. She had tutors to educate her. The only times Bluma was allowed out on her own was within the family’s garden. It was there that someone attempted to take the young heiress’ life. This attempt is what allowed the girl to learn she was sensitive with the force. She felt a pull to hide in a part of the garden and avoided the assailants sent by her eldest half brother.

After that, Bluma’s mother didn’t want to risk her life and tried getting the girl to denounce her claim to the family’s legacy. However, due to her young age, it couldn’t be recognized. Furthermore, her father himself wanted her to succeed the family due to her inherited the family’s flora like hair. This led to Bluma’s mother taking the girl to the Ossus Temple against her father’s wishes. She would have rather her daughter be able to live as a Jedi than die as an heiress.

Bluma entered the Ossus temple at the age of nine. Due to her sheltered life, the girl struggled to fit in with the other kids. She pushed herself to be overly agreeable in order to get along with everyone. Her gullible and sheltered nature made her a prime target for older initiates and padawans to play tricks on her to get her in trouble or use her to carry their things for them. In short, she was bullied. Bluma was eventually initiated at the age of ten. However, she continued to be used by her so-called friends. They’d take advantage of her dislike of violence to force her into spars when masters weren’t looking and beat her to look good in front of their peers.

Eventually the situation was discovered by the masters of the temple. Not wishing to ruin the futures of the young initiates who partook in this, it was decided Bluma would be sent to Rannon to separate her from the instigators.