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Blavek Araven

Blavek Araven
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Uvena Prime

Mentor(s): Rash Loist, Shimi Zaki

Species: Shistavanen

Padawan(s): Z'phos


Now a Jedi Knight, Blavek Araven advances even more so through life experience and development of himself through the Force. Being a well rounded Jedi and an exceptional practitioner of the Lightsaber Arts and with advanced skills in Stealth and Force Sense, he maintains his humble attitude and thirst for knowledge, while realizing he must now set an example for his Padawan and future Jedi Knights to come.


Blavek Araven was a Shistavanen born on the tropical/desert planet Uvena Prime, located in the Outer-Rim Territories, Seswenna Sector and Uvena System of the Galaxy. Like most Shistavanen, Blavek was born into a pack of well respected hunters and killers, feeding on the lush creatures of their home world while living reclusive and isolationist lives from the rest of the Galaxy. His family consisted of his father, Reshk Araven, a high ranking member of the pack in which their family had lived and traveled with for many years. Mother Bren Araven and his younger cub siblings Sirul and Saavok Araven. Unlike most Shistavanen, Blavek at a very young age was never that keen to get started with hunting as he was a mainly a peaceful child and rarely carried the aggressive natures that the majority of Shistavanen population did. Regardless, his father Reshk Araven was keen to get him started as it would been seen as disrespectful and weak of Blavek to not carry this Shistavanen trait. 

Throughout his years as a young Cub, his fathers word was always final and therefore he had no choice but to follow what he said. At first, Blavek was not a very good hunter, and it seemed he would be a let down to the Araven name. His father being a very strict male and well respected Shistavanen among the pack did not want this to happen. He began training Blavek, using harsh methods to better the young cubs ability to hunt and soon he began to improve. Due to the lack of formal education found on Uvena, and unless you lived in one of the few cities, most of Blavek’s early teachings were done from home, with the occasional trip into more populated area’s for cycles at a time to learn basic skills. 

With the birth of his brother cubs, he had developed a greater hunger for the hunt and needed to set an example to his younger brothers. Blavek was never given the chance to do so however, because at the age of nine a visiting Jedi from one of the various Temples, Academies and Praxeums scattered around the galaxy would mean a Shistavanen cub, or possibly more, would be taken away from the pack. It was rare to see Jedi visiting Uvena Prime for any matters other than taking cubs away, and it was uncommon to see a visit from one more than once a decade. This was the second visit however in the last ten years, and Blavek was alive to see a young cub friend of his, Rhen Accur, be taken away for training in the Jedi Arts. This devastated Blavek and meant he had developed a keen sense of hate against the Jedi for taking away one of his friends. 

The Jedi Knight, who’s name was not being shared but was soon being referred to as ‘Glowlander’ began spending a few days with the pack. This caused unsettlement and many Shistavanen didn’t like the idea, but everyone tended to ignore it and accept that he was their for a purpose and would soon be gone. Blavek began taking particular interest in him, although his father told him to stay away. He often followed him around without the Jedi knowing and examined him, trying to figure out who he would take next. Blavek was certain it wouldn’t be him as the Jedi had yet to confront him at all and showed no interest in young Blavek. 

A few more days passed and Blavek began ignoring the Jedi and focusing on his hunting skills and basic education. Reshk, Blavek’s father, was starting to notice how Blavek’s hunting skills had improved vastly since the Jedi’s arrival and saw in him his true nature which was beginning to bud. His senses were increasing at incredible rates and Blavek rarely missed a hunt within his limitations. 

It came to the day of the Jedi Knights departure, and the pack as a whole was slightly confused that he had not chosen any one cub yet. Blavek was happy to see him go, but it wasn’t over yet. The Jedi Knight approached Blavek and told him he would be the one that would be going back with him to the Dantooine Enclave. This shocked Blavek and his family, and even the pack as a whole. His parents were very reluctant to let him go, and Blavek even more to go. The Jedi life was not something he wished to peruse, yet he felt that he needed to for some reason or another. Something, was telling him so. 

With an emotional send off, Blavek at the age of ten went with the Jedi. During the trip back to Dantooine he quickly began showing interest in ’Glowlander’ but they rarely talked. Blavek wasn’t sure what to feel. He wasn’t scared, for this was what his father taught him not to feel. Fear. He was angry at the Jedi for choosing him, yet accepted and liked the idea that he was special. The Jedi Knight informed him that he had been sent a message by the Jedi Council of Dantooine to visit the Yavin IV Academy. He didn’t say why, but informed Blavek that they would be staying there for a few days. Blavek had little choice to rebel but did try, saying that he already didn’t like this Jedi stuff and asked to return him to Uvena Prime. 

Arriving on Yavin IV, Blavek was immediately reminded of his home world and began to feel mixed emotions, mostly wishing he could go home. He was fascinated by the Jedi Academy though and spent a lot of his time following others around, unaware to them of course. He made no friends in the few days they were there, but he did spend a lot of time with the Jedi Knight who he was beginning to become quite fond of. It was decided on the last day of their stay, that Blavek would remain on Yavin IV due to the lack of Jedi residing at the Yavin Academy, especially considering the size of the other Temples around the galaxy. Blavek was not bothered and soon began preparing for his life as a Jedi on his newly founded home.

  • 253.21 ABY – Blavek was Initiated in the year 253.21 and began his training as a Jedi Initiate straight away. He chose to start following the path of the Jedi Guardian and he acquired a Green Lightsaber Blade upon Initiation.
  • 257.09 ABY – Four years later his basic Jedi training had been completed by his constant attending of classes and additional training from those Masters willing. Throughout these four years he had met many Jedi, and began to become accustomed to Jedi life. He was ready for the next stage, and on 257.09 he was taken by Jedi Knight Rash Loist to become his Padawan.
    Blavek’s training under his new Master started off well. He began building his Lightsaber just a year into his training as a Padawan. On 258.18 he began logging his Lightsaber building progress and by 259.07 he went on his second mission ever with his Master to locate a crystal for his Lightsaber. On this mission he acquired a blue/green lightsaber crystal that would be placed into his Lightsaber on 259.9-15 completing his Lightsaber construction.
    Towards the end of the year 260 Blavek was in the thick of his training, however things were going down hill for him. As he got older he was taking the Jedi training more and more seriously and he began secluding himself from other Jedi, taking the rule against attachment seriously and mainly working on his own. This began to have an effect on his partnership with Jedi Knight Rash Loist.
    At the end of year 261, Blavek Araven’s training came very much to a stand still under his Master, Rash Loist. He was seeing little of him and was beginning to feel as if his Master no longer wanted to train Blavek for reasons he did not understand. He continued to self train himself though during the long periods of time he did not see Rash, and picked up a lot more experience and knowledge during this time.
    The very start of the year 262, Blavek began training in the Dark Side ability Fury under the guidance of Jamus Kevari.
    Blavek’s training picked up again as the year of 262 progressed. He saw a little more of Master Loist and they went on a mission together on the date 262.04. into the Yavin Jungles. Blavek was given the opportunity to Hunt, but things still didn’t feel right between him and his Master. The relationship was tense and this would be the last mission Blavek would go on with Rash Loist
    Somewhere between the dates of 262.10 and 262.20, Blavek became a Masterless Padawan.

  • 262.22 – 263.20 – During this time, Blavek spent a good deal of time training himself. He was of course still attending classes and asking for private lessons from other Masters, but a lot of his time was spent studying in the archives and practicing his physical abilities. He learnt a lot more about himself in this period of time, and he was also continuing to grow as a Jedi in many ways. He began developing a unique Lightsaber Form by the name of Tràkata that was uncommon to Jedi of his day and age. Once again with the aid of Jamus Kevari he began developing what he already knew from the archives and the Battlemaster, into his own style of Tràkata. He continued to work on Fury with Jamus Kevari. Blavek also went on a mission sometime between these dates with Jedi Master Zaki at the call of a distress message only to be ambushed by the Dark Jedi Master Rejok.
  • 263.22 – Blavek Araven was placed under Jedi Master Shimi Zaki.
    Now the Padawan of Jedi Master Shimi Zaki, Blavek began work on many new abilities including the Force ability Protect.

  • 264.04 – On this date Blavek Araven left with Jedi Master Shimi Zaki for the planet Adra-2 to hunt down the Dark Jedi Master Rejok only to get to the base of the Dark Jedi Master with no sign of him, and a lengthy meeting and duel with one of his assailants.
  • 264.11 – Blavek and his Master Shimi Zaki travel into the depths of the jungle on a short mission to develop Blavek’s fury ability. On this mission Blavek learnt how to better control his emotions when faced with devastating scenarios.
  • 264.24 – Blavek Araven and his Master Shimi Zaki travel to Uvena Prime to collect materials for Blavek’s Lightsaber. During this outing, Blavek collected three types of wood to use as the outer casing of his lightsaber, before being faced with the Dark Jedi Apprentice Trilis who escaped leaving Blavek injured.
  • 264.31 – Blavek begins Construction on his Personal Droid, GR-7.
  • 265.05 – Blavek begins Constructing his second Lightsaber using the Gimmer Wood he meditated on and retrieved from Uvena Prime.
  • 265.06 – Master Shimi Zaki and his Padawan Learner Blavek Araven travel to Vanszu and Blavek collects his second Lightsaber Crystal.
  • 265.17 – Blavek completes the construction of his second Lightsaber entitled ‘Sirvok’.
  • 266.21 – Jedi Master Shimi Zaki sends Blavek Araven on his first Solo mission to the planet Nensil.
  • 267.17 – Blavek Araven is sent by his Master to infiltrate the Governor Maylocks ship in hopes of capturing him.
  • 268.10 – Master Zaki sends Blavek Araven to Uvena Prime on an Emergency call to investigate an invasion on a group of small villages at the hands of Governor Maylock
  • 268.12 – After three and a half years of construction, Blavek Araven finished the construction of his droid GR-7.
  • 268.21 – After the Governor of Nensil’s disappearing act for over half a year, Blavek is sent on a solo mission to an uncharted planet in attempt to investigate two crash landed ships. One of which is in Governor Maylocks name.
  • 269.21 – Jedi Master Shimi Zaki sends his Padawan Learner, Blavek Araven, on his final mission to Coruscant in an attempt to put an end to Governor Maylocks ways.
  • 270.01 – With Blavek Araven’s success in the defeat of Governor Maylock, the Jedi Council of Yavin IV pronounce the Shistavanen a Jedi Knight.
  • 270.05 – Blavek Araven is sent on his first mission as a Jedi Knight to the planet of Bakura in an attempt to investigate an attack on a government building in the capital, Salis D’aar.
  • 270.06 – Blavek makes his way to Telos and arrests the offending group responsible for the attacks on Salis D’aar.
  • 270.08/19 – Between these dates Blavek Araven is sent on various missions around the Galaxy.
  • 270.21 – Jedi Knight Blavek Araven takes his first Padawan Learner, Z’phos.
  • 270.26/27 – Blavek Araven travels solo to the planet of Nensil to investigate and aid in the Civil War effort