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Ber-til Keztor

Ber-til Keztor
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Cerea

Mentor(s): Alexandria Xy'mo

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Estelwen Rha, Eden Zuriel


It was on Cerea, in the Mid Rim, that a newborn baby exhaled his first cry. Son to Nico Keztor, who spent a childhood that was common; not one single anomaly among the many mysteries of the galaxy around them. However, he had indeed been born sensitive to the Force, like his father before him. Although, there was nothing that could ever point out to such conclusion during his early years.

Time passed and soon, came a moment of division in the youngling’s life as one day, he followed his dad into a spacecraft. The piece of machinery was unlike anything he had ever seen and received in his tiny hands a fancy cube that he would later treasure. Those were the last moments of recollection Ber-til would ever have of his elderly figure before he was left off to be taken care of to an old woman whose horns that constellated her skull spoke pages of her species.

But the man left with one final request to the woman for his child: for him to be brought to the Jedi when he would be old enough so that he could initiate his training. Years flew by, together with the craft that the child had followed the older woman on several planets with little memories of his former home. A little journey that was only cut short once they hit the destination of Dantooine; for the lady to respect his old friend’s request. A decision that Ber-til ‘excitedly’ agreed to, almost, with the slightest hope that he would get to see his predecessor again.

Ber-til Keztor was initiated officially in the Dantooine facility and there he followed a training regimen. Truly an experience he wasn’t mentally prepared for, at first, but the more he looked into it— the more was he caught by the teachings and morals of the Order and began to develop a sense of dedication to what he was growing into, to the extent where any trace of his early motif for his interest in the Order was lost and now only came to his interest to learn more about the Jedi.

Knight Alexandrìa Xy’mo had an eye for the youngling and took him on as her newly-appointed Padawan. Ber-til personally followed her advice, but also looked into a field that had him concerned at first when he had only later learned about the duality of the Force.

After an incident that nearly cost him an eye against a Force-empowered beast, the young man decided to approach his mentor into ways to resist and fight the Dark Side and before he realized it: he made it his focus of field as, later on, once promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight, worked with the Council of First Knowledge as a shadow.

But only a few years later, an outcome drifted his moments on Dantooine short and made him request a transfer to the Rannon Praxeum after he was granted access to several records of his parent’s life thanks to the artifact he led him the last time both met were anywhere close to each other.

Ber-til Keztor left Dantooine after having received due permission and flew off in direction of the Rannon system, with little to no expectations or hopes, but rather, interested to learn and experience the branch of the Jedi Order that his ancestor described as a family.