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Barric Plutan


Homeworld: Kiffu

Species: Kiffar


On 319.23 ABY, Barric Plutan was born on Kiffu to a Kiffar prison guard named Reento Plutan and to a Kiffar Housewife Merava Plutan. The Plutan’s are a Kiffar Clan which has been loyal to it’s chief, Tavil Plutan, who’s been leading the clan for more than 30 years.

Barric would never step into the footsteps of his father by becoming a prison guard. He would never live his life so boring, he would say. He always seeks for adventure. He always seeks for knowledge. The curiosity of Barric drives him into many dangers, which one day should’ve been almost his doom.

He became ill. The doctors at the local hospital would try to analogize the threat housing in Barric’s body. But while Barric was lying ill, the doctors found out something very strange. Midi-chlorians were wandering around through Barric’s cells, which gave a clear sight to everyone. His fate has determined and so, Barric’s future became clear to everyone.

‘Farewell’ was never easy to Barric. He hugged his parents with a broken heart, tears dropping on the ground whilst his mother tried to comfort him. Barric said ,”I will see you again, Dad … and Mom.” His father answered ,”Yes, you will. When you arrive at the Jedi Temple.” Then Barric entered the shuttle and headed for the Jedi Temple on the fourth moon of Yavin.