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Baelin Raddyx

Baelin Raddyx
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Simus Cnydaria

Species: Human


Baelin Raddyx was born to Ebon and Natonya Raddyx, in the High District on Courscant. Ebon Raddyx, chairman of the galaxy-wide Raddyx Corporation, was an icon on Coruscant and throughout the galaxy for the direction he’d led his company in, in the time after he succeeded his father.

Shortly after Baelin turned one he was joined by his little brother, Zarthan. As they grew, the boys were close but had fundamentally different personalities. It became painfully obvious that Zarthan was Ebon’s favorite. While Baelin struggled to impress their father Zarthan always seemed to be his father’s son. Often this would upset Baelin, as well as make him jealous. However as Baelin grew up, he begin to manifest certain qualities, and while nothing extremely noteworthy was revealed he often deduced things from situations that were rather hard to justify in retrospect, even though he was nearly always right. He also had an amazing knack for knowing when his brother misbehaved, often setting traps to capture him in the act and expose him to their mother.

Ebon soon became personally interested in him and took him to Coruscant’s Jedi Temple for processing and testing. He was soon verified to be Force Sensitive and on Baelin’s sixth birthday Ebon brought him to his chambers.

“Boy, you have presented this family with a rare opportunity. It is clear to me now that you were never meant to run this company.” After staring him down with his hook nose he continued, “No, you were made for greater things. Perhaps, even grander than I ever imagined for you. The time for childish indecisiveness is over. You may be young, but remember this always: You are a Raddyx, and you are an heir to the most powerful family empire the galaxy has ever known and ever will know! So now for the sake of investment I shall relinquish my custody of you. Into the care of the Jedi Temple. Learn a Jedi’s power. Learn their art, and you will be the most influential Raddyx the galaxy has ever known. It is your destiny to bring this company forward with the Jedi.”

Without another word he dismissed Baelin and he was whisked away by his handler, and was transported to Coruscant.

After initial processing the Council decided that having the son of a multi-billionaire at their most publicly known temple was probably a bad idea, and so they decided to ship him to the Yavin IV Praxeum.

During his time at the temple as a hopeful he was quite the troublemaker, trying to bribe Knights into letting him sleep in their quarters, insulting anybody he came across and demanding respect and awe from everybody. However, it soon became apparent that the Jedi were not like other people, and his money seemed to have no effect on them.

So there he remained at the Yavin IV temple, learning diplomacy and ethics, history and theory, and all the while he knew he was close to initiation. Then one day the council summoned Baelin to their chambers. He was so excited he could hardly stand it! It was what he had been waiting for.

“Baelin Raddyx,” Master Nivek Tholmai began, “we wanted to inform you that your Father has requested temporary custody of you.”

Baelin was confused-“But why?”

“That is for you and him to discuss. Since you are not an initiate of our Order as of yet, however, we do not have the power to deny him his wish and regardless, it may perhaps be a good thing in the meantime considering the situation.”

What situation??

Less than a cycle later Baelin stood before the closed casket of his little brother, Zarthan. The media was in a frenzy, as Zarthan seemed to have contracted some incredibly rare disease. Baelin had never been more devastated in his life.

A year and a half later, Ebon woke Baelin in the night hurriedly, which was odd in and of itself because he generally never ventured into that wing of the manor. “You’re going back to the Jedi, boy, hurry up-the shuttle leaves momentarily.” He drug Baelin outside, and handed him off to his bodyguard, Shimi. Before he let loose however, he placed an object in his hand. “Take this with you wherever you go, Baelin. Never lose this, it is your legacy.” Opening his palm he saw the Raddyx signet ring. Nodding dumbly at his father he fastened his harness and the shuttle flew off.

He returned to the Yavin IV Praxeum, reuniting with new and old friends, this time his outlook seemed to be alot different. Baelin applied himself to his hopeful duties, learning theory and history, and playing with the other children as well.

When he was on Coruscant, Baelin often would sneak about the estate into restricted areas, teaching himself how to slice certain terminals and areas. This became a natural talent of his, and wasn’t exactly something that went away. A mischievous boy, Baelin often tried to slice several terminals at the Temple, although it was too well protected for him to garner access to. One notable time was when he attempted to slice the council lift so that he could get a look inside the council chambers, setting off the alarms about the temple. He ran off, unsure as to if anybody knew who did it.

During his time as a youngling Baelin developed quite the reputation for acting goofy and clownish, and making himself always seem stupid when he was not. When he was older this would come to bite him in the butt, and rightly so. He was often loud and rambunctious, even after he stopped ordering people around.

Regardless, there came a day when he was summoned to the council chambers with Eugen Darkrider, and there they were both initiated into the Jedi Order.

Now a Jedi Initiate, Baelin put alot of time into learning about the Force, particularly meditating. It became a normal routine for him to almost daily pull Master Vigil aside for a lesson on the Force. Truth be told he found himself oddly drawn to her, and as he grew so did his affection for her.

Soon however things took a turn for the worse with the War, and the Order was ordered to evacuate the temple and move off Alliance space. The day they were set to make their exodus, however, the temple was laid waste to by a legion of Mandalorians. The students all were ferried out safely, and the Knights, save for Master Tholmai and a Mandalorian by the name of Low-Vultan Hesko, who Baelin had formed an affection for, and was devastated by yet another loss.

The Temple became a migrant fleet, taking refuge in several different areas. They would soon find themselves taking shelter in the old palace of Jabba the Hutt, which was oddly enough still standing.

However, they were often attacked by Tusken Raiders, and soon it drove them to needing to move quickly again. Baelin, in the heat of the crisis, contacted his father, and with the help of Jedi Knight Rash Loist, convinced him to allow them to stay at the Raddyx Corp facility located there on Tatooine.


After years of migrating, the fleet finally settled on an encampment on Alzoc III. It was there that he was taken as a padawan by Jedi Knight Simus Cnydaria. The two had developed a close relationship even at the temple, and Baelin knew the moment he saw him he was his Master.

A few years previously Baelin had begun to hear a voice inside his head. Something soothing, loving and helpful, but a voice nonetheless. It coaxed him into practicing techniques with the Force, nothing dark, just simpler and more uncommon, things he couldn’t possibly know about at his level-though simple most padawans grow older before learning these techniques on controlling the Force.

The council was notified and he was spoken to by Mater Vigil, but the voice seemed to go away on its own, not to be heard again for a long long time.

Soon the new temple was constructed and the Jedi finally had a temple to call their own again. It was here that Baelin would spend most of his life training and learning the Force.

Over the course of his Training Baelin discovered that he had exceptional sensory abilities, as well as a connection to the Cosmic Force that seemed to feed his intuitive side. Over the course of his life in fact he recalled having multiple visions, albeit not terribly often but not sparingly either. Baelin attributed this as well to his connection to the Cosmic, convinced that it wasn’t really that special, and was simply a result of his extended self training in meditation and the sensory.

Indeed, Baelin’s skills in the Force became well-rounded throughout his training thanks to his Master, but none of these compared to his sensory skills, which he spent years crafting techniques to train himself.

Baelin’s weaknesses keep him balanced though-and he has many. His diplomacy skills are atrocious, he’s often found himself making a situation worse when he speaks. Likewise, he isn’t very skilled with a lightsaber or ranged weapon. He is very prideful by nature, and though he strives to contain his pride it does sometimes get the best of him.

And though he has many flaws, Baelin is still established in many things. He is a servant at heart, and always prepares breakfast for the entire temple in the mornings. Some Masters recall him taking food around the camps while the fleet was on the run. He is a scholar, always seeking to increase his knowledge of one thing or another. He’s a techie, with extensive training in slicing and programming, and while he has some mechanical skills they don’t compare to other students’ skills with the craft and often defers to them when in need of assistance. And more recently, he has become very humble, intending not to lose sight over what is important in the face of small trivialities.

And while Baelin is still just a padawan, with every step he takes he gets closer to his goal of becoming a great Jedi.