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Jedi Master

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Aeon Xarbon, Shimi Zaki

Species: Chiss

Padawan(s): Imil Ucindus, Kiwron Tirladdik, Shakk'aven


With his lack of ability in healing being made up for in his ability to feel and shape the more minute Force strands, Azra’elre’nim is adept in the manipulation and channeling of Force energy into and through both himself and others. He is also fluent in a number of languages including Basic, Mando’a, Cheunh along with the ancient Sith dialect.


One of the most dedicated scholars of his time and known for his study of more ‘exotic’ fields, ranging from the ancient history of the Jedi Order to the language of the ancient Sith race and their culture. He was believed to have left the Order and joined the Mandalorians in their efforts against Coalition forces, only to return a few years later with relics of the Order recovered from Ossus and Dantooine. His contacts among his former clan are extensive but very much unknown by others. A known and highly dedicated practitioner of the ancient lightsaber form of Makashi, using a traditional curved-hilt lightsaber in its implementation.


Azra’elre’nim grew up in the lowly sub-levels of Coruscants Southern-most industrial district. Never sure of who his parents were or where he came from he was taken in and raised by one of the smaller gangs that roamed the lower levels of the industrial district.

Once he was old enough he immersed himself in the lifestyle and traditions of his adopting gang. Due to his Chiss heritage though the other members of the gang regarded him with a hushed suspicion due to the Chiss as a people being little known of. Azra’elre’nim was content to sit in the ‘middle-ranks’ of the gang, being of little ambition, which puzzled most of the other members.

At the age of 14 his gang fell into conflict with one of the larger gangs that occupied the district and the group was all but taken down or absorbed into its rival. He spent the next two years of his life moving between the gangs and small organisations in the district trying to earn the credits to get off-world. When he was finally able to see the upper levels of Coruscant he realised just how little he knew and resolved never to return to Coruscant.

Leaving on a small freighter heading in the direction of the Unknown Regions he met a fellow Chiss, Miith’elsa’eoulra, onboard, the first of his kinsmen he’d ever encountered. It was from him he learned that his parents had been cast out of the Ascendancy for breaking military tradition and that his father had served in the CEDF. Afterwards he took to wearing black as a mark of respect and honour for his unknown father and his service in the CEDF. The freighter was attacked by pirates however and the freighter was forced to make an emergency landing on the nearest inhabited planet, Mandalore.

Azra’elre’nim spent the next three years of his life living among the Mandalorians in Keldabe City, gradually gaining acceptance among them and eventually their respect after defeating a young Mandalorian in a fight (although more due to luck than skill).

After this he came to participate in a couple of ‘hostile excursions’ into the wilderness of Mandalore as part of a hunting party. After a particularly fierce hunt and as a token of appreciation for saving his sons life, the commander he served under granted him a sizeable fragment of ancient Mandalorian armour forged from Beskar.

At 19 Azra’elre’nim left Mandalore after becoming involved with a young Mandalorian woman. Involvement with a Mandalorian woman meant joining the clans, which he wasnt prepared to do, despite the fact the Mandalorians had been more of a family to him than anyone.

After leaving Mandalore he found himself on Tatooine, where he found work as a freight hauler for several months, transporting cargo between Mos Eisley and the ancient port of Anchorhead. On Tatooine Azra’elre’nim encountered a Jedi who told him of a recently established ‘outpost’ on Mon Calamari. Azra’elre’nim spent the next week pondering why the Jedi had told him of the new ‘outpost’ in the Mon Cal system. Finally overcome by curiosity and his desire to learn more of the galaxy Azra’elre’nim set out in search of the Jedi ‘outpost’ he’d been told about.

Azra’elre’nim proceeded to spend the next several cycles on the planet of Mon Calamari (Dac) as a Hopeful, one of those applying for training in the ways of the Jedi. During his time on Mon Calamari he became familiar and indeed friends with a small number of the other Hopefuls at the time, namely Atrux Nuro, Sared Kilvan and later, Ommar. Most of the days on Mon Calamari were spent in the science lab with Atrux or even Tel Koth, working on any one of a number of small projects. His fondness for the science lab later became eclipsed however by a deep-seated love for lengthy sessions in the academy’s expansive archives.

Shortly after the Orders relocation to a formerly used temple on the fourth moon of the gas giant Yavin, Azra’elre’nim was initiated into the Jedi Order and spent the next six years of his life learning the basic principles and disciplines of the Jedi, the Force and indeed the galaxy as a whole. It was during this period that he developed a fascination for galactic history and ancient Jedi history in particular. His lengthy sessions spent in the archives continued through his Initiate years, his interests lying more in the mysteries and theories surrounding the Force rather than its practical applications.

Only a few cycles into his sixth year as part of the Order, Azra’elre’nim was taken as the Padawan Learner of Knight Aeon Xarbon. Practically, this apprenticeship proved shortlived however as after only a few cycles Knight Xarbon was absent from temple activities for an undisclosed length of time. Azra’elre’nim spent the next three years of his student life continuing his studies of Jedi history and other disciplines either in class or from a number of the temples Masters. It was during this period that he was granted the position of a Jedi Archivist by the newly Knighted Aslyn Denethorn, further deepening his interest and commitment in the temples archives. Azra’elre’nim also jokingly became the unofficial student tour-guide of the Temple, introducing newcomers to the academy grounds. After three years of his masters absense, Azra’elre’nim became the Padawan Learner of Jedi Master Shimi Zaki.

After less than a year studying as Master Zaki’s apprentice, Azra’elre’nim was joined by Sebastin Creed, studying under Master Zaki as Padawan brothers. It quickly became apparent early in their training that they got on remarkably well and their individual abilities complimented each other greatly and the pair spent the next several years working with their Master on a number of assignments and training regimes.

In 276.26ABY, Azra’elre’nim was sent along with Master Zaki and his Padawan brother to attempt to mediate the growing military trouble on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. With Master Zaki being taken ill on the journey, Azra’elre’nim and Sebastin found themselves having to handle the negotiations themselves, negotiations that ultimately fell apart.

During the latter years of his training under Master Zaki, Azra’elre’nim began work on his own lightsaber, deciding to fashion a hilt of the age-old classical Makashi design from the ancient piece of Beskar he had been granted during his teenage years on Mandalore. Perhaps to reflect his scholarly disposition, he labelled the finished lightsaber ‘Saarai,’ meaning ‘Truth’ in the ancient Sith language. In the year 279.03ABY the council of the Jedi academy on Yavin Four granted Azra’elre’nim the title of Jedi Knight, alongside his Padawan Brother Sebastin Creed and fellow Padawan Kenta.

Continually trying to maintain a cool and detached disposition in order to avoid bias among his current and former peers, Azra’elre’nim persists in his studies and research with continued enthusiasm.