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Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Ryloth

Mentor(s): Aranna Vaan

Species: Twi'lek


Ayyagella a white twi’lek born on her homeworld of Ryloth. She had a simple life. Living with her parents, they sheltered her from the world. Most days she would spend playing with her friends as her parents did what they could to get by, her family was not the richest and some would say they were even poor. but what they had was each other, One day while They were eating as a group of people had shown up breaking the door down and beginning to search the house. her father quickly grabbed her mother and headed out the back. Running away from her home she thought of her time she had spent with her family and that some kind of explanation for this. Ayya was terrified. while running she heard a scream coming from behind that she thought came from her mother, as she and her father Dip into an ally way. Time stood still as they sat silently for what felt like forever to little Ayya. once her father believed they were safe he quickly formed lies to calm her down, believing the world to be too harsh for Ayya he did her best to explain a fake situation knowing all too well that her mother was gone. Day’s and weeks pass as they walk the streets not daring to go back home. She and her father spent time and found a new place to stay one that he promised her safety and that nothing would hurt her again, Ayya was happy here there, she had found there was a lot of other twi’lek kids around her age and somewhere older playing. she quickly began playing happily with them for what seemed like forever, this happiness was not to last. After a while, she noticed that she was alone. her father, Gone. scared and panicking she spent the next few days searching around the building but not going too far away. after about a year looking for her mother and father hoping they might return, still believing the lies she was told. A day came where a hooded figure approached her, kneeled, and spoke about how things will get better and that soon she will leave her current conditions. As quick as he appeared he left, Ayya Paid little attention to him and continued living out her days playing with the other kids and fighting over extra food. The day arrived where this man returned and Ayya was told to go with him, Ayya confused, followed him. he spoke to her about friends and how she could have potential that he was looking for, still confused Ayya followed listening silently. They then reached a ship, he instructed Ayya to Listen to those she meets and to get off at the next stop. alone and scared she hesitantly listens to him, Off on a new path in her life.