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Axem Keigoku

Axem Keigoku
Jedi Master - Former High Councilor

Homeworld: Raxus Prime

Mentor(s): Kamisama Hi

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Aku Amukasa, Mike Havok, Eon Wolf, Ezekiel Namoyu, Corinth Alkorda, Saama Baalb, Ctathos Ederoi, Kishon Sanria


Axem is old, yet wise; sometimes grumpy, but always full of energy. Axem has seen and learned much along his path which is why so many Jedi look to him for either answers or just a good story. He is a powerful figure amongst Jedi and will remain so… for his dedication to the ways of the Jedi can never be forgotten.


Axem Keigoku was born, well let’s just say at least a 100 years after the Fall of the Empire. He had lived long and somewhat painful years through his career with in the Jedi Order. Native from Raxus Prime, young Keigoku was working, tag-along mom and dad, in the dusty junk piles, for the account of the Jawa clan Meeku.

The Meeku were quite interested in many metals and ship components that was gathered in kilometer high piles. Through his search, young boy Axem found, surprisingly covered, locked and protected by a shiny metal box, with an open on the side. Through the open, the lad could barely see some of the metal and furniture that were adorning a metal tube.

As he picked it up, and started looking at it, the Jawas blitz the little one. Taking away his strange prize. As Axem was arguing over its belonging, a strange shadow appeared from in between two junk piles. The man said, with a deep and hoarse voice to hand him the precious item. The Jawas, frightened by the tall clocked man, handed over the item, to Axem’s sorrow.

The Man stepped forward, knelt before Axem, head hunched to hide his face in his cloak, saying the item would be his, if he was to follow him. Axem didn’t fully understood at the time. His parents rushed at him, trying to drive away the strange man. Igh Keigoku, proud and head strong, started yelled at the apparently lonely man. In a desperate effort to drive the man away, Igh threw a rock at the menacing character, to only see it bounce off, as the cloaked figure raised his hand. After a warning from the deep voiced alien, Igh realized what it was all about.

Igh then turned toward to Axem, with the most sad face the kid had ever seen, and prayed his son to follow the man, and without looking back. In shared cries from his mother and young Keigoku, both didn’t understood Igh’s pray. Igh knew, by searching his feeling, and using the little Force abilities he discovered himself, though too tale for Jedi training, that Axem was indeed strong in the Force. As well, with the help of the man’s demonstration, that he was a man of good.

Farewell to the Keigoku’ and a nice boy, the man finally introduced himself. Presented as Kamisama Hi, Jedi Knight, he also vowed to protect Axem with is own life, were the need be. Igh and his wife, Ort’A watched their son walk away, and as instructed his father, without looking back. Then a ship engine shredded the skies into deep space.

The next days were pains to Axem. Being separated from his parents, at somewhat a high state to beginning Jedi training, Kamisama did all he was able to calm the youngster, as far as his training would allow him, he could give the young Jedi hopeful the rest he needed before he would be sent before the Council.

As he arrived on the planet, many people bowed down the mysterious man that took him away from his family. They bowed, but in respect, not in fear, as he was used to bow to the Meek, but in fear, at the end of their stunning blasters. Everyone seemed healthy and calm within the polished walls of the buildings. Also, to Axem’s young eyes surprise, everyone wore apparently same clothing: tan and earth tone tunics with a darker brown cloak over. Also, everyone had a metallic tube hanging from their belt.

Kamisama took him where others were talking and drinking some strange juice in thermo plastic glasses. As Axem stood there, lonely and quite afraid, being in a strange place with strange persons, a young boy came to him.

He introduced himself as Kinem Zrael, and he was to become a Jedi too. He was not wearing the tunics like the others, but seemed a joyful and yet serene young boy. Axem judged, by the height of the boy, that Kinem was not much older than him. They talked long, Axem relating his past to newly found friend Kinem and so did he. As Kinem was talking, Kamisama was welcomed back by the two, Master by Kinem, Sir by Axem.

Kamisama then instructed Kinem to take Axem to the Lobby, where Master Humungus Zle was to await him already. Kinem bowed to Hi, and took Axem by the wrist to drive him around the building, elevators and stairs, until they reached a grand hall, where many went and go, still wearing the tunics Axem saw earlier.

Though, one was much different, in size, look and feeling around him. Through Axem’s eyes, he was glowing. He notified that to his friend, only to be mocked at a little. Though, Axem knew what he was seeing : the true identity. Axem had this ability for years, and could see through skin, body and mind, to evaluate one’s true self : being bad or good.

He knew the quite ugly character was a good person. Kinem brought him closer, this time without having to hold him by the wrist, to the Master. Kinem then did presentations, first started by the Master, also member of the Wise Jedi Council. Then followed with young Axem. Humungus smiled and thanked Kinem, who then left them in a fast bow.

Humungus then talked, with a nosy voice, about the Force, the Jedi and the Order. He also claimed Axem being strong in it. That he was offering him a possibility: to become one. As he talked, they walked up to a lounge, he then saluted another tunic-ed person. The stranger then gave him a pile of clothing to the tall Master, who then passed it on Axem. Dragging his apparently new possession, Axem listened to the wise Humungus, with large, marveled-filed eyes.

Then, they reached back the room he was first with Kinem, to find it empty. Humungus instructed him to change clothe, he’d be waiting here. Axem stepped inside a smaller room, and changed, to found out, surprisingly, that he was to have an earth tone tunic himself!

As he stood in the automatic doorway, Humungus smiled again and head bowed the young Keigoku. Of his nosy voice, he congratulated him, as he called him Initiate.

He then asked him to follow him, to be showed around a bit more. Then, the newly Jedi initiate was to see many training grounds, people jumping tremendous heights, pushing objects without touching them, swinging glowing stick of green and blue colors. Axem couldn’t believe his eyes, of the organization, but especially of no-one being threatened by a blaster, or wearing hand cuff with chains to limit their movement.

At one point, Axem and Humungus entered another room, where other kids were sitting, staring at a standing man. He was talking about a battle, apparently, but Axem wasn’t sure enough. Humungus apologize to interrupt the Master, and then introduced Axem, new Initiate and to begin training. The Master greeted the young boy and asked him to sit on the soft mat. He was then looked at by the other kids, but not judged. He was welcome, silently but warmly, by the other students.

The Master then resumed his course for Axem, and then pursued. He was talking about the Beast Wars of Onderon, where the Jedi Knights were to defeat the Sith, at-least to their belief of the time.

After the class, Kinem caught up with Axem, seeing they both had a brand new tunic, they went visiting the Temple. They found out more and more Jedi there, of various specie and age. Some old, as Kinem said, are Masters, and that they must bow to them. Axem understood it was the sign of respect he saw when others met Kamisama in the Hangar earlier.

They reached their room, as luckily they were sharing the room. As the light deemed, they knew it was bed time for them, and another day was to come into becoming Jedi. While resting, Axem’s last thought were where was Kamisama, and his rusty metal box he found a few days ago on Raxus. While thinking, Axem soon passed away in a deep sleep.

As Axem painfully awoke, Kinem was already dressed, and jumping on Axem’s bed unit. Even though the night was filled with thoughts and ‘what if’ in Axem’s head, he knew he was in the right place, somewhere he would be able to call home soon. Kinem then urged the lad to get up, and quickly dress, as they would miss the breakfast with the others. As they ran through the halls, shoving other Jedi, who then laughed at the clumsiness of the younger student, one was less joyful at their kid-plays. The Jedi then looked at the two, with a more severe sight. He then said to be careful, as haste is a dangerous game. The kids didn’t fully understood, but replied with a proud ‘yes Master!’ to continue their run to the tables not much further.

After the launch, Master Novi then called all his students into the soft matted room they were yesterday. Novi then went through the thousands of years the order stood. To finally reach the Jedi Purge; where one of their own, Anakin Skywalker, has had killed many, close to extinction of the Jedi. Axem also heard of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Mace Windu and the famous Master Yoda. It was from then that Axem made the vow to become the one who would know the history of the Order best. Novi gave a good impression to the lad, seeing him as an endless source of knowledge. Once the mid-30’s Master dismissed the class, Axem went to him, asking where he could learn more about the past Jedi, like Yoda. Novi gave him indications to the Archives, but also warned him, as true, Knowledge is important to the Jedi, through time and years. Nothing will be learned in haste. Axem replied with the ‘becoming-habit’ ‘yes Master’ and ran out of the room.

Humungus then entered the room, saluting his Jedi friend, Novi. The two then discussed about the eagerness in Axem. As he was to be quite strong, though, full of haste and headstrong. Novi was already concerned about him, though Humungus hadn’t lost faith him. Zle then reassured Novi that Axem will not be such an easy pray to the Dark Side, as Novi apparently feared.

After 5 years of teaching by Novi, Axem knew mostly all the history of the Order, back and forth. Though, he was not as efficient as others with the Light saber or the Force. In fact, he was way behind the others, especially Kinem, who grew strong in the arts of Swordsmanship, impressing one Master after the other. As Kinem just did an exercise, he went sitting next to his friend, Axem. Asking him to put aside his books and datapads, and to focus more on a Jedi’s training than reading. Master Novi was over listening to the conversation, when Axem told Kinem about the Precept : There is no Ignorance; there is Knowledge. Kinem froze there, surprised by the answer, as well as Novi, who then realized that Axem was indeed progressing, though in the matters that would serve him best.

After the Class, Novi asked Axem to stay in class a little longer. A few minutes later, Humungus and Kamisama would enter the room. They turned back to Axem, whispering, so Axem could not hear the conversation. Growing impatient, Axem started to kick the floor. As he was doing it over and over, at one point, Novi rubbed his ankle with the top of his foot. Axem noticed that, and swung his foot even harder, so hard that Novi would flinch. In a low pain scream, the three looked at Axem, wondering. Scratching his head, Axem looked at the Masters and apologized… Humungus, laughing at Novi – or at the situation, Axem couldn’t tell – giving a few taps on his shoulder, saying he was right after all. Humungus then stepped forward Axem, kneeling to him, saying that now, he wouldn’t be taught by Novi. Axem asked why he couldn’t still be with Novi, as Humungus explained him he was trained enough to go on and learn out of class. He then reassured Axem that he wouldn’t be alone; Kamisama, his former Padawan, would be with him, as his Mentor. Axem then looked at the reptilian man. His seven-foot tall height was an impressive matter to Axem, though, using his innate talents, knew again that Hi was a good person, and agreed with yet again a ‘yes Master’ to Humungus’ request. Humungus then smiled, as he stood, he asked Knight Hi to take his newly titled Padawan, Axem Keigoku, to his now private room.

As the newly formed pair walked through the halls, from the Initiate level up to the Padawan’s, Axem asked what would happen of Kinem. Kamisama seemed to try smile, but even Axem wasn’t sure. He then explained that young Zrael wasn’t yet ready to be trained one-on-one. Though, that he would, in time. Axem smiled, knowing his friend was talented, in the Force and in many other things.

The next day, they would be training, but not datapads, holobooks or old text tablets in the Archives. Axem was put into a cold and strange room, which he never saw. Kamisama, seeing through a thick glass, talked with a com link with Axem. He instructed him to follow his feeling, and use them wisely. Axem breath deeply, and calmly. As he heard a buzzing noise, he tilted, but stayed mostly unmoved. Axem closed his eyes, fetching his feelings, and his senses. As he heard the buzzing coming closer, he would draw his blueish blade, and pare the incoming lasers. A congratulation was heard in his com link, has more lasers were shot. Axem pared them quite easily, even though, a few went through his defenses

Training continued for hours, days, weeks and months, until Axem could control, and pare mostly all lasers ; the only one going through were the ones that wouldn’t hit him. Impressed by the innate talents of young lad, Knight Hi was to give his day to his Apprentice. Axem thanked in a bow his Master, and ran out to the Padawan lounge. He would relax and read more holobooks.

A year passed like this, where Axem was to train at the temple with Kamisama, mostly his Force abilities and sabering skills. One day though, something was different. After the training, Axem went by the Archives, took a holobook on Nico Diath, a Jedi Master of the Clone Wars time. He was heading to the Padawan lounge, sat at his favorite spot and started reviewing the Jedi’s history. Yet he had learned a thing, a familiar voice was heard, “Still having the nose in a holobook, huh Axem?”. As the Padawan rose his head from his reading, he saw his friend, Kinem Zrael standing in the Doorway with a bright smile. Axem threw the book on the table and rushed to Kinem. Happy to meet his friend again, Keigoku asked since when he was a Padawan. Kinem then proudly said that Humungus was now training him. The news were great, for the two.

Later on, they would often spare in friendly challenges, either on Force talents or in saber combat. Until one day, Kamisama arrived at the Padawan Lounge, requested Axem to follow him immediately. He then saluted his friend and followed his Master.

Before the Council, a first for Axem, he recognized Humungus, leading the discussion, he told Kamisama of a trouble around a space station over Bespin. There were whereabouts that a smuggling team was more or less in agreement of the newly finished mining station, since that would cut their profits. Humungus requested the duo to reach the station and insure its security. Ending teenager Axem was both excited by the mission, even though somewhat scared. Kamisama told him to get rest for the day, as they were leaving early the next morning.

Axem had a sleepless night. Turning and shaking in bed, he had flashes, nightmares. He was sweeting a lot, but passed the night. The next morning, Kamisama opened the door, shoved his hand over a console to lit the lights, waking up Axem. In a haste, the teen then put on his tunic and robe, replaced his Braid carefully. Kamisama stepped behind him, saying in a small laugh that he was too worried about his braid. As he took a razor, 18 years old Axem was wondering what his master was meaning. With a swift move, Kamisama shaved Axem’s head, and quite perfectly. “There! Much better, he said. Axem touched his now bald head, unsure of the feeling : happiness or sadness, though he kept on.

They jumped in their respective Z-95 head hunters and went full throttle toward the stars. Axem, being very intense in his readings, learned to fly quite early, though, had still some difficulties handling the Hyperdrive. Kamisama transmitted the coordinates, and they soon jumped in Hyperspace.

As they reached the system, they noticed laser discharge near Bespin. They sped up to reach the gas planet as fast as possible. Through communicator, Kamisama instructed Axem to land on the platform and prepare the ‘ground’ defenses of the station. He then blasted off into the fight, taking down 3 fighters.

“Be careful Master…”

”I will, now GO!”

As Axem reached the hangar, he was greeted by a Captain. He then reported a quite impressive resume of the waging battle outside. Many troops were lost already, and a quarter of the Gun Turrets were destroyed. Though, apparently an already lost battle, Axem took in charge the defenses of the gun stations. He instructed them to forget about the fighters, and ensure the destruction of the transport. As the Captain objected, Axem reassured by saying his Master was in the sky, taking the fighters down. The battle ensued, and many transports where lost. A handful where remaining, when Axem received a static-filled transmission on his com link.

“Axem! Get in your ship! I can’t take much more…” was all that could be heard, when another gun turret was blown up by a friendly ship crashing into it. Axem froze, seeing his last nightmares, becoming true, before his eyes. The Captain recalled Axem to reality in a hateful manner, though, Axem didn’t took attention to it. He ran back to the hangar, and launched into battle himself. Coordinating both Space and on platform sides, Axem’s mind was everywhere. Taking a few fighters away, Axem’s lust was more and more omnipresent. He wasn’t fighting strategically anymore, it was… something else. Each ship destroyed was to bring more and more anger to him, until only a few remained, calling for surrender. The Captain then took over Axem’s command and authorized them for landing to be arrested. If they had fled, Axem was granted right to destroy them. They landed and surrendered. Axem reached the hanger, meeting with the Captain, which thanked him for saving the platform. He also gave sympathy to him for the lost of his Master. On this, one of the smuggler then started to bolster in a comic-o-proud way to another how he was the one to take out the Jedi out of the sky. Axem overheard it and went, in a stiff walk, toward the pilot. He grabbed him by the throat, asking him if this claim was true. The Smuggled plead Axem to let go, while the guards would do nothing. As Axem was drawing his blade, ready to abandon himself to the Dark Side, by killing the smuggler, a deep and hoarse voice was heard “Do not… not this way….” Axem let go, and the Smuggler feel on the metallic floor, chocking and coughing. Axem turned around and went into his private quarters until the next ‘day’.

The Captain went to see the young Jedi, asking him what made him let go of the pilot. Apparently, Axem was the only one who heard the voice. The Officer then admitted that he would have killed the “scumbag” on the spot were he Axem. With an empty sight, Axem looked at the decorated military, with a deep voice, filled with sorrow and anger “A Jedi knows better than revenge… that is why I let him go…” The Captain then turned away from Axem, feeling sorry for him and quite ashamed of his earlier reply, and stepped out the room.

Axem then packed his ship, entered the coordinates to the Temple, and blasted out of the sky. Once he arrived at the Temple, Humungus was to greet him in the hangar. The Council authorized a Mourning day for all related to Kamisama, from Initiate Teacher, to his Padawan and his former Master.

While Novi related the quite impressive story of Kamisama, Humungus then looked at Axem;

“We know you were tempted on Bespin, but that you resisted the lure of the Dark side…

“I did not, Master…

“From the Force, we know, from the Foresights of the Council, we know… Do you claim our vision would be clouded?

“No Master. But I’ve felt it inside me…

“Even if you felt the Lure, you have not yet succumbed to it.

“Thank you Master, it was hard to let go” “Kamisama was my Apprentice, like you were his… “I am, yes…

“This mission was meant as Trials to you, upon request of Kamisama.

“Trials, Mater?

“Yes, you were to help a group of people, in a desperate situation, and you succeed.

“I only see failure in this mission, Master…

“Axem, you know better than anyone else… Not because one is no more with us, in our physical world, that he is forever gone… How many past Jedi do you know? How many times have you read over and over the legends of our Order?

“I understand Master… Thank you…

“It is a pleasure… Jedi Knight Keigoku!

With a strange look his face, Axem bowed to Humungus. He wasn’t truly sure he was deserving such a title, but went along with the wish of the Council. A few weeks after the painful lost of his Master, Axem was given task to find himself a Student. He then traveled, as he searched for a Force-sensitive child, he would help many, freeing slaves, resolving feud on a few planets. He finally found one talented in the Force, on the distant planet of Belgaroth, a desolated planet, which history is resumed by gambling, corruption and illicit activities. Though, Axem felt something, through the Force, that this planet was indeed ‘worthy’ of his time searching.

As he sat foot on the landing platform, he realized he was in a long forgotten ghost city. Rust and scattered ship fragments lied around the streets, covered with dust and even rotten corpse. Starting to regret his landing, Axem was thinking that he should go back on another planet. Though, as he turned, a young boy stood there. Both of them were intrigued by each other. Apparently, the child hadn’t seen an off-worlder for years, if not ever. And as for Axem, he was surprised a child so young would live by his own in this place… Looking away and around, Axem search for his parents.

“you search in vain sir…

“Pardon me, ask Keigoku, quite surprised

“You search my parents in vain, sir…

“oh, and where are they?

“They are dead… I think… I am here for years now, living on what I can find…

“Poor boy… let’s get you somewhere you could shower and rest a little…

“This is my home, Sir, it is the best place on the planet, if not in the whole Galaxy…

“What is your name?

“Aku Amakusa, Sir

“and me, Axem Keigoku…


The kid smiled and ran away. He could crawl between junk piles and ruined walls. Loosing quite fast his trail, Axem went back to his ship. Turning on his Holocommunicator, he reached the Council on Coruscant. Requesting a closed channel to Humungus’ quarters, he was soon linked by the automatic systems of the Temple and could then speak with the aging Master.

Keigoku notified the Council of a strange boy, living on his own in the desolated city of Belgaroth. Master Zle instructed him to bring back the child, whether or not he is Force-sensitive. At worse, he would be placed in an orphanage until adulthood. After agreement, Axem shut the transmitter and started looking for the child yet again.

He opened himself to the Force, and It guided him through the streets, even out of the city. In the desert plains, with a few brushes of grass here and there, Axem walked hours, until he reached a puddle of water. The mustard colored water was surely not comestible, though, Axem had to drank. He took out his bottle from his belt, dive it in the puddle, and take it to his mouth. He then heard a small voice

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you…


“Let me help you

The same kid rose from his crouched position on a not so far rock, walked up to Axem, and put his hand over the bottle. He then shook his head, in a subtle tilt. Then he passed out, falling on the dried-mud ground. Axem then took a sip from the bottle. The Water was cold, fresh and tasted strangely too good. He then realized the boy had healed the water, or something close to that. He made him drank from the bottle, but it did not wake the child. As night was coming, he picked up the boy, and brought him back in the city, up to his ship. He seated him gently into the cockpit, and then climbed in. He then reached Humungus again to tell him he had found the boy and was heading back to the Temple.

At his arrival, Aku was waking up from his faint. Axem looked at him, talking with a soft voice, insuring him he was safe now. Humungus then reached them, along with Master Pann Ther, another member of the Council. The trio discussed the faith of Amakusa, and agreed, that after spending time with Master Ther, he would become Axem’s Padawan.

Years went on, Aku agreed to stay at the Temple, training in becoming a Jedi. To Axem’s sadness, Aku wasn’t as versed as him into history and knowledge of the past, but more on active abilities and swordsmanship. Though, the two went along quite fine. After six years in Master Ther’s hand, Aku became Padawan, under the benevolent wing of Knight Keigoku.

The two part-took on various missions, as the training ways changed since the two decades Axem was himself a Padawan. He was now given various task, in many places around the galaxy, where a Jedi intervention was most needed.

One of these missions was on Coyn, where the native, the Coynites, giant humanoids with a keen sense of battle and a complicated code of honor, had a long-lasting feud among them. The Coynites follows a code, called the En’Tra’Sol, which, in resume, gives the major laws and ways of the people : upon drawing a weapon, one must defeat his opponent or be defeated.

With the automatic transmission of the En’Tra’Sol to incoming ship, the Coynites ensures their ways to be respected and followed, in the penalty of death in the opposite. Axem and Aku were divided, each visiting one of the two waging-war faction. Though, the New Republic was allied with the Coynites, they still see it as not worthy of their respect due to its lack of military ways. Though, they respected the Jedi Order upper most to anything. As they heard of the Jedi deeds, they understood clearly that they would fight till the end. Though, a much generalized skepticism about their peaceful ways were drawing back the authority the Jedi could have on the Coynites.

As Axem talked with the chieftain of the En’Isc tribe, Aku, on his side, was dealing with the eager En’Exo tribe. A member of the ‘Isc tribe had fallen insulted a member of the other, and from the laws prescribed by the En’Tra’Sol, they were to combat to prove both superiority and their claim. Though, Ral’Sol, from the ‘Isc tribe realized after a long confrontation that both opponent were of equal strength. Upon realizing that, he then stopped battling. To Hy’Ord, from the ‘Exo tribe, then called Ra’Sol an Af’Harl, which is the utter most insult to say on Coyn. Through question and resolving the case, Axem put himself in a potentially dangerous situation. He tried explain the pointlessness of the conflict, and that peace might be a better option than an endless feud On that, the ‘Isc thought Axem was actually agreeing to the ‘Exo claim of Ra’Sol being an Af’Harl. On that, the Chieftain took up his vibrosword. By the En’Tra’Sol he was to confront Axem.

Axem, firstly, stayed calmed as the 8 foot tall monster rushed at him with his blade. As he was to hit, Axem jumped over and kicked the back of his head. Surprised by the swift acrobatics, the tribe leader swung again at Axem, for him to dodge it again. Seeing the Jedi would not draw his weapon, he called for others to attack Axem.

On the other side of the plain, Aku senses the disturbance surrounding his Master. He apologized to the Chieftain and jumped on a speederbike to zip through the lands to reach his master. The conflict continued, as Axem dodged, parried, and even used the attacks of one to boost his jumping or to parry one another. As Aku slammed open the door, his saber in hand, the Coynites rushed at him, seeing he had drawn his weapon. From a wave of the hand, the young Jedi knocked three of the monsters into walls, as Axem was pulling the remaining four, making them fall on their back.

As they all got up, they realized they were no match for the Jedi, especially together. The Chieftain put aside his sword, and listened some more to Axem’s words. After a long talk, Axem had convinced the ‘Isc clan to talk to the ‘Exo tribe, before other conflict would engage. But as Axem stepped out of the Chieftain’s hovel, Hy’Ord came about and pushed his luck. Ra’Sol picked up his blade and rushed at the ‘Exo member.

Aku looked, dazed, at his mentor, clearly looking for both action and answers. Axem then looked at his Padawan;

“ we have to let them go by their ways…

“But master…

“Let them do their ways… we can’t decide which one is worthy of life…

“yes Master…

“Prepare yourself though…

The Conflict was long, and seemed draining the two fighters. At a point, a perfect movement balance and precise timing from Hy’Ord had reason of Ra’Sol. As the Jedi looked over the battle, they knew they would have to intervene again soon. Indeed, as was Hy’Ord preparing to slay Ra’Sol. At this point, Aku jumped in, igniting his saber to parry the would-have-been final blow.

Then Axem took parole ;

“Coynites! Followers of the En’Tra’Sol! Ra’Sol was defeated, as Axem waved his hand, he fought well, but deserve life…

Hy’Ord repeated Axem’s word, and the crowd cheered over the ‘Exo victory. Aku shut his saber, and placed it back on his belt. Axem walked toward him, knowing he would have to answer questions.

“Master, why have you done this?

“Because both party had to live…


“As Jedi, we are protectors of life and Peace

“But the Isc clan will surely get their revenge, no?

“The En’Tra’Sol, their code of conduct, ask of them respect. Ra’Sol was defeated, the matter is settled. I used the Force to convinced Hy’Ord to not kill someone pointlessly…

“I understand…

The next day, Aku meet Axem by the Council chamber. He was talking with Master Ther and Zle. The three greeted and bowed to Aku. Then, they entered the chamber. Humungus was again leading the discussion. They had studied and looked over Aku’s training for the past years. Master Zle admitted to have spoken with both Axem and the Coyn authorities, and that their intervention was one of the best one done on this planet so far. Upon such good result, Axem was granted the Honorific title of Jedi Master, to his own surprise, and Aku was now a full fledge Jedi Knight.

After being granted Master, Axem became more active into the management of the Order, now sitting next to his old friend Humungus in the Jedi Council. A year after his promotion, Axem was eagerly surprised to see another old face sitting in the Council chamber : Padawanhood classmate Kinem Zrael had finally caught up on Axem and became a member of the Council as well.

In between meetings, Axem would continue to train many students into the ways of the Force. With each student, Keigoku would perfect his own-creation Form, Tentou, an ancient Jedi word for Counter. While perfecting his Form, a new Apprentice was assigned to him, Dijek Coretuu, a human boy, though with a foreign language. Due to Axem deep studies of the past and the galaxy, he was the only one available Master that would actually understand Dijek. Coretuu wasn’t training for long though, as his language barrier became more than an issue, for himself. Lonely and often miss understood, from what he could speak and understand of Basic, he decided to leave the order on his own call. Though, the Council kept a close eye, knowing Master Keigoku’s way of training, he could have become a threat to the Order and those around him.

Dijek vanished in the history of the Order, though not of Axem’s mind. A good friend none the less, but yet, as he was being younger, full of haste and headstrong. Axem knew, and still hold, that one day, Dijek would return to end his training.

When Axem reached 32 years old, he was requested to create a new academy with a handful of Jedi Knights somewhere else in the galaxy. Due to the Historical background, Axem selected Dantooine as his Academy. Workers repaired the ruined Enclave of the old Academy, that was destroyed by Darth Malak’s fleet some 4,000 years prior to then.

Along side with Master Erue and Knight Vos Desu, Axem was to bring a newly formed Academy among the others in the Galaxy. He was now the one who would give the classes of History to the young minds, while Erue would over see the sabering arts and Vos, the Force usage and meditation. While in the classes, Axem meet young Jarin Komiya and Kyros Smia. While Jarin showed an eager to learn from History, even requesting advanced classes in private, Axem then requested young Jarin to skip the elementary training, and become his Padawan. Through reluctances from the Council, formed of Master Erue and Desu, they both agreed Axem to train young Komiya. He was the youngest Padawan among the Order, which didn’t helped the relations with other initiate, Ryn Yuo. Indeed, lust of power and haste in training resulted having Ryn to wait before being trained further more.

Though, with Jarin at his side, Axem was again to leave the Temple and go out for Jedi deeds on various world. After Keigoku gave Jarin the basics of being a Jedi, and also of using his innate talents, the two were sent across the stars.

Through their Deeds for the New Republic, Axem and Jarin had good times, especially on Dantooine, perfecting the Tentou Form in the plains. Though, at some point, Axem was badly bruised by his growing-strong apprentice. While being healed in a bacta tank, Jarin would stay all day, watching over his wounded Master. Though, he knew perfectly Axem wouldn’t hold grudge, he couldn’t help himself, and oversaw the healing. Axem, unconscious, was so only in surface. His mind was lit and well aware. While in such trance-like status, Axem was able to reach a deeper connection with the Force, allowing him to view glimpse and hear words from his old Mentor : Kamisama.

To all suddenly, Axem woke up from his comma, wreaking the tank, flooding the medical center of the Academy, to Jarin’s fastest woke up call he ever had. Axem, coughing and retaking his breath, told Jarin that he was fine, and that he knows he didn’t intentionally wounded him;

“I know master… but I’m sorry still… I shouldn’t …

“You used an open I gave you upon my own decision, you used it. you passed a test I set up, Jarin

Axem walked to the table, and dried himself before putting on his black and blue tunic. As he is done attaching his obi, he turned to Jarin;

“I must go… Master Desu will ensure your training from now on…

“But master…

“Jarin, I have something to do on my own… please understand this…

“Yes Master, said he with a disappointed voice

The next day, Erue, Vos and Jarin where in the hangar, watching Axem preparing his ship for take off.

“I promise I’ll be back Masters…

“You have something to check by yourself, and that alone, Master Keigoku, we understand, said Erue

“May the Force be with you, Axem, said Master Desu

“We will see each other soon enough! Said Axem, as the cockpit closed to cut the last few words

The ship then rose from the platform and blasted over the grassy plains of Dantooine. To Jarin’s sorrow, who thought his Master has had abandoned him, he then looked up, in a swift rise of his head, only to hear a familiar voice

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back! As a small whitish dot was fading in the blue of the sky.

Vos didn’t trained Jarin much, seeing how Keigoku put attention to Jarin’s training. After a few weeks, Jarin was brought in front of the Council, where Master Shimi Zaki and Dixo Xan were filling the new chairs aside Erue and Vos. They all agreed that, upon loosing his Master, and his quite formidable skills, Jarin was fully trained as a Jedi. Erue pronounced the words, as early-20’s Komiya knelt before the Master, “Congratulations, Jedi Knight Jarin Komiya”.

Nothing was heard from Axem, for close to five years, until he would return to Dantooine. Axem as yet to give details of his lone quest that lasted five years. Through speculation, meditation, and lurking in the history, a handful of Jedi knew already what the quest was all about. Even though Axem never confirmed the goal, he never denied any hypothesis provided by his fellow brothers. He would simply answer “Trust the Force; it will tell you…” before grinning and walking away.

After settling back at the Temple, Master Keigoku undergo retraining alone in the far gardens of the Temple. Though ‘alone’ he was, closing to a much powerful ally, his connection to the Force and those one with it grew. And this growth allowed Axem to foresee a strange event and disturbance in the Force.

Far out in the depth of the galaxy, there was turmoil rising – a new threat was about to be borne. If not dealt with, it could plunge the New Republic, strong yet fragile, into a newer darkness.

Keigoku walked up to the Council, in special session, reveal his visions of the Future to master Shimi Zaki, Dixo Xan and Erue. After little debate, Axem was sent with his first-hand view of the matter, to the distant world of Wroona, a watery planet.

Upon his landing, Axem was greeted, as expected, by the Wroonians. Pride and strong, they are accustomed to respect, and ask nothing less. Though Axem knew of their type and behaved in their fashion. There were reports about a strange man lurking the streets, and apparently, children disappearances had risen since reports of the man came in.

With this little where abouts, Axem began his searches. Following mostly on the Force, he would eventually caught up with a familiar face. He stumbled in a cantina near the main market place. After a quick scouting of the place, Axem took seat. After a short while, a hooded man slowly walked in, as if he didn’t wanted much attention. Walking down the stairs to the main level, the man stopped, and looked directly in Axem’s direction. Though he could not see his face, Axem clearly saw both his intention and fear. A familiar feeling filled Axem’s perception. Something out of the Past returned.

The man turned and left the cantina. Axem smirked while he drank his Wro-juice. Once he had done, he picked up his cloak and walked away from the cantina. Once outside, as he put on his cloak slowly, a voice was heard. Again familiar, Axem wasn’t surprised of the boldness of the character.

I’d expected you to find me, said the man

You didn’t hide that well, replied Axem

In a slight anger, the man shouted Always so sure of yourself, eh!

Axem started to walk away from the man, sensing he wasn’t much of a threat to him. The man, thinking Axem was playing him, frustrated. In a flash, both men were cloak-less, and bashing lightsabers.

Always that blunt? Axem mocked

In a shout, the man pursued attack, for only Axem to block and parry the blows efficiently. While he wouldn’t attack his opponent, he instead used techniques taught by Master Desu to reverse the energy used by the attacker back to him, forcing many retreats and back steps.

After a short time, the man understood Axem’s unwillingness to combat, but he also knew that Keigoku would have been an issue in upcoming events. Thus, he tried to use Force Lightnings on Axem, a bold move to finish it, once and for all. Sensing the deception of the younger man, Axem leaped forward, above the blueish arcs of electricity coming out of the man’s hands.

Landing behind, Axem turned around, place his hilt right next to the man’s neck and ignited the blade. Trapped, and unable to move without having his throat cut by Lightsaber, the man dropped the lightnings and threw his saber away.

Good choice, calmly said Axem

Still having the man’s in jeopardy, Axem contacted the local authority for pick up. As they arrived, they managed to control the culprit and bring him near the custody transport.

YOU FOOL!! You think you have won?! shouted the captive as he pushed away the two Wroonian guards, breaking their lock and freeing himself. Using the Force to retrieve his lightsaber from Axem’s hand, he was menacing the old Jedi Master once more.

Don’t do this… You know better than this…said Axem to reason the man

Don’t lecture me, Keigoku! I’ve done with your pathetic training! Shouted the angry opponent

Yet you have learned NOTHING!


As they rushed at each other with vigor and dedication to their respective standings, Axem was now much more aggressive, using his own-made style of combat, Tentou, he managed to catch the man off guard with a dizzying blow, cutting the man’s forearm. Surprised by the attack, the man ran away using the Force to speed himself. Axem stood there, watching him run, as he always did, as he pulled the fallen’s hilt back to his hand.

The Guards, waking up from the shake, came to Axem, wondering.

Who that was?! Asked the first guard

A Fallen Jedi… I have retrieved his lightsaber, and it will take him much time to build a new one with the little training he has.

Training?! jumped the second guard

He was, once, an Initiate of the Jedi Order. Kensu his is name… Lost he is… and a sad person he has become…

Axem walked away, picking up his cloak on way back to his ship. Back at the Temple, he reported the events to the Council. In his great wisdom, Master Erue posted on the Republic Public boards that Kensu was still on the loose, yet of a lesser threat.

After facing Kensu once more, aging Keigoku would become more distant with the younglings, avoiding personal interest and conflicts, in order to prevent such atrocities. Though renowned for his Mentor abilities, Axem didn’t took any more Padawan Learners into his care. He felt it dangerous for him, the Order and the Padawan himself to be his Apprentice, as Axem’s training fashions were more potent to ‘break-loose’.

Years passed, Axem continued to be a prominent figure among the Council, and taught the newly initiated Jedi into Code interpretation. This is where a new chapter in his life would start, with the meeting of Corinth Alkorda : a young, eager to learn, human from Corellia.

The youngster was quite old to begin Jedi training, and lived his own share of difficulties and trials after a spacecraft crash on the forest-covered world of Kashyyyk. Young Alkorda would survive on his own until he encountered point-marker in his life, Jinnid Alterian.

Jinnid was not a Jedi, on the official terms, that is. Though his connection to the Force was nothing the Council could ever deny. Corinth initiation was all but standard: he met Axem upon entrance of the Temple, then on Coruscant.

Over the next few months, Corinth trained himself at the temple, using the temple as shelter, awaiting the Council’s beckoning. Finally, the day arrived. A Jedi Padawan came and brought Corinth to the Council’s chambers. When he entered the chambers, he was nervous. The Council had waited so long to contact him; he was worried that he had cause disruption. “Do you know why we have called you here, hopeful Corinth Alkorda?” “Yes,” Corinth replied,” I mean…I think so. I believe that you have called me before you so that you might judge me.” Corinth figured that might not have been the best answer, but it was the only one he could think of. Throughout his questioning, Corinth couldn’t help but feel a strong connection between himself and Master Keigoku. But, he cleared his mind and continued with his answers. After a long and difficult process of questioning and probing, he was accepted as an initiate into the Jedi Order. He couldn’t help but feel overjoyed! After that night, he began to study diligently, and to train himself physically and mentally. Every day he grew stronger.

Axem then watched over Corinth, studying his very movements, and patterns in combat, but also his interest in history and interpretation of the Force. Then, sparked the wish to further the teen’s training.

Axem petitioned the Council, requesting young Alkorda as his Padawan Learner; a first in almost a decade. Though reluctant, knowing Keigoku’s ways of training, and his own doubts about his abilities, they agreed to the now 60 years old Jedi Master. As the two were paired, learning not only from one another, but from the Force itself as well, Axem would show Corinth the Path to become a full-fledge member of the Order, a Jedi Knight. It was remarked by the others in the Temple; Axem had never seemed so alive, for so long… It was good to see the chipper and joyful Keigoku return.

Training Corinth was more or less a blessing for Axem, as he always doubted his own abilities as a teacher, even less assurance as a Master of the Order. Though, the duo was one of the most renown of the Order at that time, for their common understanding, teamwork, and flowing friendship was something that could not be seen, but sense through out the Academy, if not Yavin 4 itself.

At one point, Axem left Corinth at the Academy on Coruscant, for him to meet and greet other Jedi of the Capital world. Mostly were Padawans, and one in particular attracted attention of now going-on 20 Corinth, Gabe Timespanner.

The two immediately got along, and walked, talked along the halls of the lengthy Temple of Coruscant. They were in their own world, until a stranger came in. Quite unsure how, the two young Padawans were amazed by the fact that the mercenary had carried guns and various items that were illegal in the Temple.

The stranger then started shouting at Alkorda, so that he could do his job… Uneasy, and frightful, Corinth walked forward the armed man. With a focused look on Corinth, studied him, thinking. Then said

“You ain’t Alkorda… him! That’s Alkorda, and I’m here to finish it…”

Perplexed, Corinth slowly turned toward Gabe, uncertain the man’s call. In a fast-paced evaluation of the situation, Corinth shouted to Gabe to take cover, igniting his blueish blade, ready to defend himself, the Order, but more importantly, Gabe.

After a run through the halls, keeping the Bounty Hunter at bay, Corinth succeeded in talking him out of his ‘duties’ and convinced him to leave the Temple peacefully.

After Keigoku’s return, Corinth told his Master the eventful evening the two Padawan had. Though satisfied with his actions and lead, Axem was still disappointed, as a true Jedi would have sought the truth, and tried to uncover the man’s identity, yet he had run away, vanishing in the busy streets of the Core world.

After the event, Gabe and Corinth took blood sample examinations, revealing them to be brothers, and upon such knowledge, Gabe took on proudly his actual name, Alkorda.

More of this situation was studied by the Council and they soon agreed that Corinth did what was right, and granted him Jedi Knight. Another Padawan fully trained for Axem is one thing, but an ever lasting friendship was more satisfying to him.

Returning to his calmer life, Axem still sat on the Council, as he visited many world, seeking new talents and eager minds to become Jedi. Though his search was in vain, as all he was looking for naturally came to the Yavin 4 Massassi Temple, where the Order was based.

One particular student attracted the aging Master’s attention, but with reluctance, Axem passed his right to train him, feeling him not ready yet for such progression.

Young Ctathos Ederoi, a teenage Human from the icy world of Ziost, was a talented Jedi Initiated, way beyond his years. Yet, he lacked the fundamental mind assets of a Jedi Padawan, so much that he ended being over looked by mostly all available Jedi Knight and Masters to be taken as a Padawan.

Years passed, and Ctathos finally grew from the inside. Then, Axem Keigoku requested the Council that Ctathos become his Padawan Learner.

After training Corinth in a more friendly manner, he shifted his fashions and became closer to the actual Jedi training he had decades ago with Kamisama. Strict and blunt, Axem tries to break into Ctathos’ mind, as a lightsaber would in mostly anything.

The youngling’s performance are astonishing, but yet, unready for many trials and temptations ahead, Axem is of course sure of his Padawan, and knows that one day, he too will become a true Jedi Knight, peace keeper of the Galaxy.

Years passed, as Ctathos Ederoi was taught by the aging Master, and soon, test after test, the Padawan would surpass his Master’s expectations, and push forward the limits, not only of his knowledge of the Force, but also Axem’s patience.

Often would his young Apprentice be of a too clever type, insubordinate, and arrogant, due to his high-skilled abilities. Remained that Axem knew that Ctathos indeed had potential, and simply had to be shaped up the right way, by the right person : a role he wasn’t too sure to be able to fill, but apparently did.

After 5 years of training, the time had come for them to split up, but not as one would normally expect. Because of Ctathos’ difficulty to bear scolding and his troubles with direct authority, Axem saw no other options but to abandon the Apprentice, feeling him unready and unwilling to learn. The Council agreed, and freed, so they said, of the responsibility of Ederoi’s training.

Though he acted not to show, Ctathos knew all to well he might have pushed the limits of his Masters one too many times over the limit. On Axem’s side, he was concerned about the reaction of others and his now Former-Padawan : this could tip him even further toward the Dark Side, but was a required Trials meant for him.

The Council, formed of Master Phoe Nhix, Master Shimi Zaki and Jedi Knight Spera Elusido, evaluated Ctathos’ coming year, along side his Padawanhood friend, Soh Raun, with the input of Master Keigoku. They longed, but then agreed : Ctathos Ederoi had successfully passed his Trials of Facing Failure.

After that, Axem, as after all Padawan, swore to never take upon another training. Though, all knows Axem’s urge and care for his Padawans and Apprentices, he will certainly take upon another, and a next, and a third one after, until he joins the Force – some claim that he’ll take on Padawans even in After-life.

The Order was changing by that time, thought-dead Master Alkaiser Aruladan returned in an odd fashion, but was reinstated – because of the changes in the ranks of the Jedi, he was reassigned as a Jedi Knight for the time being. Mean while, Jedi Knight Spera Elusido was taking on his First Padawan, Dymon Quintus, a great experience and landmark for all Jedi Knight.

Though the experience was cut short when Dymon and a Hopeful not yet Initiated into the Jedi Ways, Run K’Olsten, turned to the Dark Side. Tempted and pressed by Run’s past, the duo became to one inevitable outcome : Force-Sensitives, or Gifted, had privilege and right to rule and take over what they wanted, as they had the possibility.

At this time, Spera was stationed off world to oversee a Pirate attack on Eriadu, at the crossing of the Hydian Way and Rimma Trade Route, leaving Axem duty to deal with Elusido’s uprising Padawan.

They argued and fought off against the Jedi Master, though quick for his age. Keigoku did not want to harm, even less kill, the two young lost ones, but they forced his hands.

Calling upon back up, to try force them to comply and surrender to the judgment of the Council, Axem was soon joined by Raulos Aquilo and former Jedi Knight Arkallon.

The trio attempted to ease the tension and return to a peaceful solution, where Dymon and Run would surrender ; they had none of it. Defending themselves and to them, a greater good, the Jedi trio defeated the two young Students.

Raulos dropped his saber upon the kill, contemplating in horror his doing. Axem, on his side, sat near the corpse, with a troubled face not many would have seen Axem with. Wondering now, which was most troubling, the death of two students by his hand, or the fact that Jedi blood would be shed on the Academy’s grounds – a first in this Academy’s life.

The news went, and as usual, modified by each person’s point of view and standing, but also of their lust for truth and knowledge. Axem carried on and pursued his ways, and tries now to make the Jedi training a safer heaven for all who vowed their life to the Force.

Passing 70 years old, Axem knows he’s no young lad anymore. His youth had gone, and he also talk a lot, like any old man would. He loves relating other’s deeds, while avoiding his own. Some think that he just like story telling, others think he just forgot his own doing, while a few know clearly that, even though he doesn’t speak much of himself, Axem Keigoku is one resourceful Jedi.

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