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Aurem Chiyosa

Adept - Adept

Homeworld: Dantooine

Mentor(s): Wrrladdik

Species: Firrerreo


Aurem Chiyosa was born on the planet of Dantooine to two Antarian Rangers. His mother, Argena, was a skilled sniper and his father, Aereus, was a medic. His parents worked closely with the Temple Guard, assisting in the protection of the Jedi Enclave. It wasn’t long before the Dantooine Jedi identified Aurem as Force-sensitive. But they were hesitant to take him in for training, because they sensed a lot of aggression in the boy, despite having no cruel or dark past to justify it. A Wookiee Jedi Master by the name of Wrrladdik, who worked closely with the family vouched for Aurem, and declared that if Aurem finished the initial training and became a Padawan, he would take him as his Padawan Learner – to teach him how to control his inherent aggression common amongst Aurem’s race.

Aurem’s years as a Jedi Initiate were difficult. Despite excelling in his classes due to his competitive nature, he was extremely arrogant and got into several scrapes with his peers. He couldn’t help himself. As a result Aurem was an outcast and in his down time, instead of hanging out with other Initiates, he went to his father in the medical wing. Aereus taught him the basics of medical treatment and strangely it was therapeutic to Aurem. Every time he helped his father mend a cut, he found himself in a much calmer place. While it didn’t sedate his aggression completely, it helped enough that he was able to get along better with his peers and he completed the initial training with a manageable reputation.

As promised, Wrrladdik took him as his Padawan Learner. The duo traveled the galaxy. Wrrladdik operated as a Jedi Guardian, a Peacekeeper, and so Aurem was under blasterfire a lot and had to know how to use his lightsaber well. But he never gave up on field responsive medicine, continuing to expand his practical skills in this area and learned Force abilities that complimented them. He treated a lot of his and Wrrladdik’s wounds that they suffered on their exploits. Aurem was able to find somewhat of a balance within himself over his many years of training, keeping his irritability at bay.