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Atrya Vyken


Homeworld: Champala

Species: Chagrian


Atrya Vyken was born into on Champala on 354.10 ABY. One of seven children, Atrya was the only one from her siblings to show an inherent connection to the force. She grew slightly faster than her siblings, learned to read and write faster, had a greater ability to remember details, and could play and run nearly twice as long as the others.

She was raised under a fairly religious household, belief in Aram Acheron was of great importance to in her upbringing, as it was with many Chagrians. It was only a matter of time before she was discovered and brought willingly to the Jedi Temple on Ossus, where she was evaluated and soon after initiated on 365.03 ABY.

She spent the first year of her life as an Initiate learning the basics of Jedi life, the code, and the orders history. Making friends in the order came easy to her, but she soon began to grow restless. She had an itch to explore, to see the other branches of the order. So, just after the anniversary of her initiation, she submitted a request to the Council to transfer to another facility of the council’s choosing. As fate would have it, she would soon be shipped of the the Rannon Praxeum.